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PPM Pro Q&As from June 2021 Release Webinar

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Do we have an initial estimate for how long Reports 1.0 (Legacy) will remain available?  The runway duration. Legacy Reports will still be available for 12 months minimum, and will not be retired before we have a new OData solution.
Will it be possible to report "time series" considering the expenses from Financials? I tried new time series released last month and it wasn't possible with the available time series fields.

Simple project financials are possible now in new reports, but the Financial Summary reporting is still to come as part of that beta. The Time Series capabilities definitely paved the way for the Fin Summary reporting, we *just* need to add it now :).

How can I view the recording of this presentation?

Malika and Marketing will be sending you a link after the webinar once the recording is ready (it usually takes a few days). We will also post the recording link to our Release notes and Customer webinars pages on the Customer Success Center.

Did the update to publishing affect legacy publishing? We recently ran into issue with publishing ODATA from the legacy reporting feature to Power Bi.

Legacy Publishing should not have been affected by any changes in the new Report Publishing.  If you are seeing an issue with OData, please enter a support ticket.

If we never turned on the beta reports/dashboard in production, will we still automatically 'see' the new reports/dashboard functionality after GA release?

Yes and no. Users will need to have permissions. To see the top level navigation links, users will need to either be on a permission profile that has that permission selected or be on a report/dashboard Team tab member. To see entity-level reports and dashboards sections, if they can see Legacy reports and dashboards sections today then they will be able to see new as well.

Will you be adding to the report cookbook the "how to" to create the report to show the number of days (assuming business days) a request is sitting in a specific gate? I will now! I have added it to our list, thanks!
In Sandbox should we now be seeing Dashboard (Beta) Icon automatically or do we have to request it?

Dashboard (Beta) should already be in Sandbox environments. If you have recently requested a sandbox refresh, your production settings may have overwritten this sandbox setting upon refresh. If you are not seeing the tab, please enter a support case and they can re-enable.

I would also appreciate having access to the recording

If you registered for the webinar, you should receive an email with the link in a few days. If for some reason you don't and can't find in the Success Center, please always feel free to reach out to Sherrill ( or Jennifer (

How I can limit the users for certain dashboards? I have tried Team tab on the dashboard and did not provide the expected results.

The Dashboard Team tab is where you would grant access to a particular dashboard. Keep in mind, if there are global permissions on Dashboard>View given to users, that will supersede the granting of individual dashboard access.

If we are already using the integration with LeanKit, do I need to create a new support desk request?  How much of the old configuration will still function?

The V1 integration to LeanKit is very different from the V2 integration since you can do full custom mapping between the systems in V2. You will need to send a request to customer care to enable V2. Keep in mind that enabling the V2 integration will disable the V1 integration. There is currently no migration of fields from V1 to V2, however, there will still be Standard LK Fields in PPM Pro available fields in Setup that you can add to the details forms for each Project Category you want to include in the integration (in V1 the fields were automatically added to Project Details, in V2 you have the ability to choose what is added onto the Project Details).

Will the tab titles change automatically after the release (Reports beta to Reports and Reports to Reports legacy) or do we have to do something. What about the Sandbox? When will that change? I still see the beta designations there.

The labels should automatically be changed after this Friday's Production release, in both production and sandbox environments.

Can I provide access of Dashboard to an Individual user?

I meant Time User

Yes, via the Team tab of a Dashboard (for specific dashboard access). We'll be covering this in our upcoming Enablement sessions.

Time users currently can only view report/dashboard/overview data that they are permitted to see, such as project logs/tasks they are assigned/scheduled to, their time data, and requests. With this upcoming enhancement, they'll be able to view any permitted self-service admin entity‚ but they cannot edit. So they will be able to view reports/dashboards but won't be able to edit them.

Anytime timeline in your roadmap as to when we should expect the financials to be included in the Time Series? We want to do Cashflow reports on Portfolio and using the Financial Summary doesn't work because it's reporting on one project only.


Not yet, we are having a PI Planning session tomorrow to lay out the rest of the reports and dashboard capabilities and the remaining Fin Summary items. We should know more soon and we will do our best to provide timing updates in our next release webinar.

Time users currently can only view report/dashboard/overview data that they are permitted to see, such as project logs/tasks they are assigned/scheduled to, their time data, and requests. With this upcoming enhancement, they'll be able to view any permitted self-service admin entity‚ but they cannot edit. So they will be able to view reports/dashboards but won't be able to edit them.

Plus Financial Summary doesn't allow to export to excel. it would be nice to have that "exporting" functionality. Thanks, we do have an Excel Export function (dev card) we are hoping to include, appreciate the validation and ask.
Can you please also cover "Overview" Dashboard viewer limitation too? I think I just answered this per your other question. Overview dashboards will be covered in our upcoming Enablement sessions, please register for it as it will help provide additional info on Overview and much more! We'll cover enablements at the end of the webinar. Our help topics on the Customer Success Center are also pretty robust with Overview Dashboards, please email Sherrill ( or Jennifer ( if you aren't getting what you need from the doc.
Please send the recording after the completion of the webinar. Thank you. If you registered, you should get the webinar recording after a few days and we will also post to our Release Notes and Customer Webinars pages on the Customer Success Center. If you don't receive for some reason or can't find by next week, please email me (!
Apologize for unrelated question, but client asked me this morning, what ever happened to dependent field logic?  Is that still on a roadmap?

Absolutely still on the Roadmap! We just need to clear the decks of current feature work so we can pick it up‚ likely it will be at the same time as the Resource Self-Service Admin feature or soon after (no target dates yet, but hoping to begin work in Q4 or in 2022 Q1, we'll see).

Can you connect and Issue or Risk to a task and it still show up properly in the Logs? Should be able to. I actually haven't tested that (but will after the webinar :)
Will the integration between Pro and LK also be available for JIRA? If you have JIRA integrated to either Pro or LK today, then sync Pro and LK, it should all work, you'll just want to make sure the card types/categories from your JIRA integration are synced appropriately in Pro-LK.
Any update on Resource Entity Self Service Administration release timing? Still on the Roadmap hopefully for late 2021.
Will the resources on the staffing page be automatically added to the task created from LeanKit and PPM Pro?

If you have allocations on your template project and you have schedules on your template tasks, those will be copied across when initiating project creation from LeanKit. Otherwise, if you are creating new LeanKit tasks, there is no automatic scheduling to the newly created PPM Pro task. Soon you will be able to sync LeanKit card assignees with PPM Pro task assignees (multiple owners).

In the future, assigned resource/task update for the PPM Pro to LeanKit integration, who is the "Task owner"? will we be able to sync scheduled resources? Schedules cannot be synced. Soon you will be able to sync LeanKit card assignees with PPM Pro task assignees (multiple owners). See above ^^.
I know in the last reporting inner circle meeting we discussed 'time summary" reports and Planview was waiting to see if they were needed. Is there a rough timeline of when they might be added?

We are still doing analysis on this. We're hoping to add functionality that will allow you get the same data without the summary views. This is important to allow you to get real-time data, since the summary views are a nightly snapshot in time.

Will the new GA dashboards/reports 2.0 show similar list of template DB/rpts currently in 1.0? The Reports Cookbook and the Dashboards Cookbook both have “recipes” with instructions for how to create some examples depicted there; these recipes are not actual reports/dashboards you can take and tweak, you’ll need to create them (but hopefully it should be so much easier than in Legacy reports and dashboards with many more visualization options!).
Can you provide the actual link to the upcoming reports and dashboard webinars?
How do you know if you are on LeanKit integration V1 or V2? If you currently have an integration, it is V1 (prior to June 18). You cannot have both integration active at the same time. In PPM Pro, if you navigate to Admin/Organization/Info and see the Hostname and Lk Default Board fields, you are in V2.