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Comparing Staffing Baselines to Current Resource Staffing

Note that staffing baselines are independent of project baselines. Staffing baselines can be created when using the Re-Plan feature.

Staffing baselines capture allocations, which allows you to compare baseline information with the current allocations right from the staffing screen.

If the demand for the current staffing record has increased, the variance will be shown as a red value. If the current staffing demand has been reduced, then the difference is shown as a negative value.

For example, in the screenshot below the yellow rows represent the ‘Initial Plan’ baseline view; the remaining rows are the current staffing. You can see that:

  • the demand for the Business Analyst increased by 2 headcount, resulting in a variance of 1.00 (the variance is shown in red because it exceeds the original plan)

  • the demand for a DBA decreased from 2 to 1.5 headcount (variance shown as a negative because it is less than the original plan)

  • one resources wa staffed to the Developer role, accounting for 2 of the headcount, 2 remain (demand is unchanged, partially staffed)


If you have designated a baseline as the Default baseline (by selecting Is Default when you created it or edited it later), then this baseline will be automatically displayed on the Baseline view, in comparison with the current plan. You can compare the current plan to a different baseline by choosing a baseline from the Baselines droplist. 

To compare baseline values to current resource staffing values

  1. Navigate to YourProject/Staffing.
  2. Click the Baseline View icon.
  3. Select the baseline you want to compare from the Baselines droplist.
  4. The baseline view will by highlighted in yellow.