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Planview Customer Success Center

Stepping into Reports and Dashboards

[In progress!]

Reports and dashboards are essential for getting the most out of PPM Pro, allowing you to:

  • Provide data insights and analysis of:
    • Key performance indicators and statistics
    • Work progress at portfolio, program, project, and other levels
    • Trends and interdependencies
    • Strategic and financial initiatives
    • Incoming work requests, role and people capacity, and other situations that may need balancing
  • Quickly inform and support a diverse set of stakeholders in making decisions
  • Showcase data that reflects your positive impact on the organization
  • Help drive adoption, as your users realize their entered data is both visible to company leaders and critical for driving business decisions


1. Determine what data, really questions needing answers or opportunities needing highlighting or monitoring

  • Who is audience
  • Iterate

2. What visualization is best to use

3. How distributed/accessed