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PPM Pro Q&As from February 23 2022 Q1 Roadmap Webinar

Question Answer
I am not sure I understand what is the new fin summar functionality, it seems to me it is already available. Can you please give more details of what is changing? Thanks You likely already have the Financial Summary beta feature turned on in your Production environment. But it is still "beta" because we want to finish out a few more capabiities before we turn it on in Production for all of our customers, making it Generally Available or GA.
Will we be able to report on rate history changes for people or roles? Not with Audit History reporting because unfortunately we are not capturing history for people/role rate changes.
We have a legacy report for Executive Status Reporting that is nearly impossible to present in the New Reporting feature.  When I do test the report, scroll bars are created, sizing is impossible to control and autosizing does not work.  Is there any way someone can assist in resolving this as I cannot present Executive Level reports in Powerpoint with scroll bars.  We can chat offline if that is better. Please enter a Support Case so that the Care team can look into this for you. Either there is something that can be configured in the report designer that is just being missed, or else we have a renegade bug we need to squash.
What is the reason to have Dashboard showing under entity and also under organization only when you select org in scope? The entity grid sets the Scope for when you run the report/dashboard or publish the dashboard. The top level navigation areas for Reports and Dashboards are primarily simple access for managing in general and if you run from there, always assumes an organization-wide default scope. You cannot publish from the top level navigation because we wouldn't know what scope to publish at; to publish a dashboard for organization-wide data, you would do so from the Organization/Organization/Dashboards grid.
Will the new ODATA revamp gives you system data such as gate entrance date/time? It should, as it will provide access to all reportable fields (independent of reports and dashboards), including the newest request reportable fields for gate and approver data that Legacy reports didn't have access to.
Odata - can we filter on calculated fields that we can't filter on in reports? The same filter rules that apply today in ad hoc filters and reports will apply with the OData Revamp field selection. Today you can filter on calculated fields provided they do not use a GetChild or GetRelated function and they do not include other calculated fields in their formula. Same will apply with the OData Revamp field filter options.
Will you be adding SSA to resources? That is the current plan, it's one of our Roadmap features.
Will spreadsheet editor replace Bulk Edit? No, Bulk Edit is still a valuable capability in and of itself, so both would co-exist and we do not have plans to deprecate it.
Along with Archiving, do you think projects could be exported "Whole" (ie: attachments, notes, time entries...)? No, archiving is not really an export, it is effectively removing the data from the PPM Pro instance while keeping it in our database in case it needs to be restored in the future. 
What does your trophy symbol on some cards mean? The trophy indicates that a Roadmap feature was a winner from an earlier customer Spigit Roadmap feature challenge…it means it received enough votes and ratings to be added to the Roadmap (the asterisks on the earlier slide listing the planned Roadmap features also indicate the customer Spigit challenge winners).
Could you share what enhancements are being worked on or being planned to be worked on? We will absolutely highlight them in our Release Notes and Release webinars, but the prioritization is fluid, so we won't know which enhancements gets picked up until development is ready to work on it. The enhancement prioritization is based on the WSJF (weighted shortest job first) lean metric, which is calculated based on the development and QA effort, number of customers asking for the enhancement, estimated benefit to all customers of the enhancement, and other factors. Enhancement requests could come in that have or make higher WSJFs than the current top of the list, which is why it is fluid.
With the Rich Text/Image Content feature - will we be able to pull in the timeline (directly from the project entity), or would we have to pull a snapshot of it and insert said stapshot file into a Dashboard? You *could* do that, but it would likely get tedious for you, as you would have to manually update that Timeline snapshot. However we do have the enhancement in our queue (with medium-high WSJF at the moment) to create a Task Timeline report type…it might come in before we get to the Rich Text/Image Content Roadmap feature, which would solve your need more easily.