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Working with the Organization calendars list page

You create and edit Organization calendars on the Admin/Setup/Calendars tab. The tab displays a list of existing calendars.

Note: Users with administrative privileges can create, edit, and delete calendars.

Anatomy of the Organization Calendars List page

Below is a screenshot of the Organization Calendars list page.


Double-click on a calendar to edit it (provided you have appropriate permissions), or view it (if you don't have edit rights).

Using the Actions menu

The Actions menu contains a set of common actions. Select a calendar (click in the row) and choose Actions > your action, or you can right-click on any calendar row and display the Actions menu.

The Actions menu commands are described in the table below:

Actions menu





Brings up the selected calendar in read-only mode.


Makes a copy of the calendar and invokes the editor. By default the field Title is prefixed with "Copy of:" The field is not saved in the database until you click Save.


Deletes the selected calendar; you will be prompted to confirm the delete. This command is available only to users with Admin privileges. You cannot delete a calendar if it is in use.


Displays the names of the calendars that use the selected Organization calendar as a base calendar.


Toggles between making the calendar active or inactive. You can't inactivate a calendar that is currently in use.