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Approving Timesheets for Mobile

If you're a timesheet approver, tap the Approvals icon on the home page.


You'll see a list of timesheets waiting your approval. The number in the "To Approve" tab show you the number of timesheets awaiting approval. The "PM Approval" tab lists those entries pending approval by PMs. Once the PM approves a timesheet, the timesheet will move to the "To Approve" tab.

You can bulk approve using the multi-select option, or approve/reject timesheets individually.

Approve One Timesheet

To approve one timesheet at a time, tap the timesheet in the To Approve list, and then click Approve (or Reject).

tap_one.png   approve_one.PNG

Approve All Timesheets

To approve all timesheets in your queue, click Multi-Select and in the next screen click Approve (or Reject).

multi-select.PNG    approve_all.PNG

Approve Some (but not all) Timesheets

To approve some timesheets but not all, click Multi-Select, the click the Deselect All button. Now the select the timesheets you wish to approve (or reject), and click Approve (or Reject).

  multi-select.PNG    de_select.PNG   select_2_only.PNG   


Approving or rejecting timesheets triggers a confirmation dialog where you can add a note and confirm the approval or rejection. When you reject a timesheet, the timesheet owner is sent an email that contains the note.

approve_confirmation.PNG   reject_confirmation.PNG