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PPM Pro Q&As from May 2021 Release Webinar

Question Answer
When printing whole dashboard (to PDF format) does it capture all reports? Yes. It will stitch all reports together into one PDF. Each report will be one or more pages in the PDF.

Can we apply "fiscal year" in the filter of the time series report if this setting is activated?

This isn't an issue, I'll use the "between" with proper date range to select the fiscal year as workaround.

We do not yet have the ability to filter to "fiscal year" in the new reporting. Please enter an enhancement request for this functionality.
Resource report is AWESOME !!! Thank you for your feedback Lisa, we think so too!
For new dashboards, what is the number of published dashboards limit, and does this also include legacy dashboard publishes?  We are currently close to our limit on legacy dashboards. There is currently no limit for publishing new dashboards. We may revisit this if we find that there could be potential performance impacts. The publishing limits for legacy publishing are separate from the new dashboard publishing.

Is there any plan to make pdf dashboards to show as one vs a page per tile?

Agree with PDF for dashboards and having option to not put a page break between reports if there is space available on a page

Yes, i think having the project status dashboard render on a single page is what we are looking for.

We've added this to our requirements, timing and technical feasibility TBD.
Is it safe to say that the custom financial fields could be used for metrics tracking? Like # of widgets that were sold... Thinking LeanKit OKRs is the way to go. Please see the following link for more information:
Where could I find more information on what will be included in the LeanKit-PPM Pro 2 GA? We will be demoing this in the June release webinar if all continues to go well and we we hit this target date. Also, if you are a member of the User Experience inner circle, we demo'd it last year and there is a recording you can access (if you are not a member, please feel free to register so you can get access and participate in future feature requirements and design reviews: .
I will be on vacation - will the June 28 / 30 sessions be recorded? Hi Stephen, thank you for your interest. Yes the session will be recorded. Make sure you are registered so you can receive recordings when available.
How can I activate the dashboards (beta) section, hourly published is something I've been waiting for months. Thank you. Hourly publishing is an option when you select a dashboard, choose Manage Publishing, turn on the schedule, and then select the interval - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.
Any changes to OData? No changes yet. We have a roadmap feature 'Revamp OData' likely to be tackled next year.