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PPM Pro Q&As from April 2021 Release Webinar

Questions Answers

This may have been answered previously, but curious if there will be any reporting around inventory. Mainly with Reports, Filters, Dashboards. For example, can we run a report that gives me an inventory of reports. Use Case: Auditing and cleanup.

This is on our list of Enhancements to be evaluated/prioritized after GA.
Is there a report that shows when a person published a dashboard? Our PMs need to publish their status report dashboards on a weekly basis. Of course that doesn't always happen, so we manually check to see if they published them. Is there a report that can show published date, published by, published date, etc.? This is on our list of Enhancements to be evaluated/prioritized after GA. For publishing, you can set the Dashboard to publish on a schedule so that you do not miss a publishing date.
Gantt charts, if we choose view by quarters, is there an option to specify what the quarter starts with. Use Case: Our fiscal year does not follow the calendar year. Not yet.  But this is being discussed as a possible enhancement.
For the list and gantt print to pdf does it have the capability to push it to one page.  Before it would put the list on one page and the gantt on a second. Yes, there is an option for Fit to Page and you can choose whether to include the gantt, the list or both.

Has the preview issue where its not showing actual data been fixed?


"For performance reasons, preview will often include dummy data for display.  It is mainly to provide the "look and feel" of the report before running." - is that being fixed though, its creates extra clicks and screens to check if the report is correct.

This is not a defect (nothing to fix), it is as designed. For performance reasons, preview will often include dummy data for display. It is mainly to provide the "look and feel" of the report before running while still providing a snappy and responsive user experience. That is, Preview is to assist with design, not to render the actual report. Please click Save & Run to see the actual data!
I dont see latin text in the preview being shown Whenever possible, the Preview does attempt to show actual data, which is why you didn't see any Lorem Ipsum; it was able to retrieve actual data and/or there wasn't a field with textual dummy data that normally would be shown with Lorem Ipsum. It only shows sample or dummy data when retrieving it would be slow or a performance hit. The goal of the Preview area is to be quick, snappy, and show you as instantly as possible the impact of your design selections.
Are you going to allow to change colors dynamically by a designated value range? Hopefully, starting with the Capacity & Demand report that will be brought in some time after GA. Our goal is to allow report designers to configure the color ranges for the utilization values shown in the report. We'll also see what is possible for other reports and fields going forward.
I forget if you've covered this in the past but can you set default fonts and colors in the admin section to mirror the company brand guidelines? You can do this now for graphical report and the portfolio hierarchy visualizations, allowing them to pull from your company color palette. To do this you can update the Organization Color Palette lookup list colors. We have a to-do for reporting that we hope to get to some time after GA, to allow you to set organization defaults for fonts and such.

would you please show how you changed the display of numerical data...add/remove zeros after the decimal. Thx!


Does that work for a calculated field?

Depending on the report Type and fields, you should be able to change the format in one or two ways: via the Field Options modal accessed by clicking the pencil and paper icon on the Data tab in the selected field data "buckets", and/or, via the Data Values control that may appear within the Display tab Data section.

Unfortunately this does not work for a calculated field, please enter an enhancement request if you would like it too (not sure how feasible it is, but we can see).

How do I get a dashboard on the Home page?


Thank you. We can do this now right, not wait for the release?

When creating the dashboard, you can set the "Scope" of the dashboard to include Home Overview. Once that is set, edit the User record and set the "Home Overview Default Dashboard" field. See the Setting Up Overview Dashboards (Beta) topic for more details. 

This is completely doable now in Sandboxes and if you have new reports and dashboards turned on in Production and do not see Overview options, please Submit a Case and Customer Care will turn the capability on for you.

When Edit Variable Settings, do those modifications "stick" for the next time the dashboard is run?


if we give users the ability to edit variables on dashboards, will those changes only apply to their dashboard session or be saved on the dashboard setup?

They do for the designer and they only impact the report rendered on the dashboard; the original report is not changed if you adjust Variable Settings in the dashboard designer. Viewed dashboards for which a user changes Variable Settings are not sticky for that user; the next time the dashboard is viewed it will still have the Variable Settings specified in the dashboard designer.

Any plans to track the end user viewing counts on dashboards?


Are there any plans to be able to create reports on Reports and Dashboards.  e.g. All Resource Reports created by Sherrill and run in the past year?


Can we report on the dashboard stats?

Report and dashboard statistics, and the ability to report on them, are on our list of Enhancements to be evaluated/prioritized after GA.
Can Dashboard notifications be sent to a group instead of entering a list of e-mails. Yes, today you can create a resource filter that is based on being in a Group and use that within the scheduled publication notification within the 'Notify internal recipients' area. One of the benefits of the Member report Topic and field path shown earlier in the demo is that we should be able to add that capability to the Internal notifications filter logic as well, so you can also send notifications based on Team (which includes Group) membership. This last bit is on our list of enhancements.
Would be nice to repeat the URL above or next to the box where you can substutute text.  Just a thought, as it makes it more obvious. We'll listen for feedback or if you feel very strongly this would help, please enter a Support Case for an enhancement. Right now the URL always appears at the top of the Manage Publishing modal, whether or not it is published on a schedule. Moving it down by the Published URL Display Text when there is no publishing schedule would be odd...we'd kind of like to keep it in a consistent and immediately noticeable location when the Manage Publishing modal opens.
Will the URL ever be able to move from the bottom of an email to the top for a published dashboard? Or give the option on where to put the link? The reason being sometimes there's more text in an email and the link can get lost at the bottom. Please enter a Support Case for an enhancement.
What is the difference between member reports and permission specialties The member topic allows you a higher level view into team membership and group membership as a named user, group, or unit - what you are a team member of and how. The specialty permission is a more granular view for individual permissions - what you can do.
Hi, I wasn’t able to attend the last webinar. Is there a recording I can access? Thank you. Hi! Absolutely, prior webinar recordings can be found from our New Features and Release Notes Page as well as our Planview PPM Pro Customer Webinars page. It usually takes a few days after each webinar to add the recording links, so this April release webinar link should be available on these pages some time the week of April 19th.
can the filter for the multi select be different for different categories? We actually are looking into is showing as a Variable Property from within Available Fields, but we don't have it showing when it is added to Details (so we think we need to add it or correct the Variable Properties). Please stay tuned!
will the resource new features include custom fields that are reportable? Yes, the Resource Self Service Admin (SSA) feature will provide consistent configurable options like the other SSA entities (projects, tasks, and so on), including the ability to create custom or user-defined fields (UDFs) and have them be reportable and filterable.
Will tab names change (i.e. - Beta) when R2D2 becomes generally available? Very astute, yes! When we GA, the pre-GA "Reports (Beta)" and "Dashboards (Beta)" labels will change to "Reports" and "Dashboards" while the pre-GA "Reports" and "Dashboards" labels change to "Reports (Legacy)" and "Dashboards (Legacy)".
Can we invite our users to these reporting & dashboard customer enablement webinars? Absolutely! Once we have the registration pages set up, just have them register too.
Aare there any improvements planned for project management useability ? (e.g. being able to copy and paste tasks in one/two clicks, being able to have parent task status as reactive, importing resource info, autosaving changes, changing default task start dates) Yes, no, maybe :). That's a lot of questions that need details, but I believe you emailed me separately and we have a thread going that hopefully helps.
Is Horizons only for PPM Pro or for Project Place also? Horizons if for all Planview solutions - PPM Pro, Projectplace, LeanKit, Spigit, Enterprise One, and our newest acquisitions too! You can attend whatever sessions interest you the most :). As we get closer and closer, sessions and the agenda will become more fleshed out. Please look into it at (though I believe we just changed the conference name to Accelerate, exciting!).
Can we change the color of the headers in reports?  If we can, how can we do that? This is on our list of Enhancements to be evaluated/prioritized after GA.

what is max number of recipients on the email notication for dashboards? If I use a filter group with 10,000 will it work?


When selecting notification for all IT, is it based from the resource profile unit or other?

For internal recipients, there is no max, so if you use a filter group with 10,000 it *should* work...note that if the resources do not have email addresses in their resource details, they won't be able to receive the notifications (so make sure all 10,000 have email addresses!). For external recipients the max number is around 100 (or however many email addresses you can fit in the text area).

For all IT, it is based on whatever you entered as the internal recipient resource filter could be based on a property of a resource, or a unit, or however you can identify which resources correspond to all IT.

For Reports, a default filter can be applied, and then given the option to change the filter before running or when viewing. Is the same functionality available for Scope? For example, I want this report to default run on a specific Division. However if I don't choose allowing changing scope and prompting user to enter a division, I believe the report defaults to Organization. You can set whether the Scope should be shown and changeable before running and when viewing. but you cannot set a default Scope. This is because the Scope is implicitly set depending upon what grid you run the report from. For example, if you run the report from the Big Data Analysis project's reports grid, the report Scope will be that Big Data Analysis project. If you run a report from the Strategic Work portfolio's reports grid, the report Scope will be that Strategic Work portfolio. And, if you run the report from the Organization reports grid or the top level navigation Reports reports grid, the report scope will be the organization. Note that when you are in the report designer, if you Save & Run it assumes an organization scope because the designer is in its own tab and doesn't have a reference to any one grid.