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PPM Pro Q&As from February 19 2020 Release Webinar

Question Answer
Is the ability to define the sort order of list items within a field on the list of features to be implemented for charts and graphs? Yes, targeted for future release.
How do we turn on beta? Please enter a Customer Care case requesting to turn the new Reports feature on. Please specify if you want it on in sandbox, production, or both.
Can you set permissions to only have the Report beta tab showing to just a set few for now?  (I know the Report (beta) section will still show in Project Sections but will not show across the top as a section. Yes, you can set permissions for no one to see, one or more users, a group of users, and so on.
Does the validation function in calculated fields catch type conflicts? Unfortunately it does not. See the Functions help topic, primarily the table at the top of the page, which now lists the correct data type for the most commonly misconfigured functions.
Is there plans to make PPM Pro backwards compatible with Projectplace? So that whatever changes are made in projectplace it will reflect in PPM Pro? This is planned to be addressed in phase 2 of the Projectplace- PPM Pro integration, targeted for later this year.
Will Time User resources be able to see allocation reports in the future. I have resources that would like to have the option to see their own allocations and keep track. No, the Time user does not have access to this information.
When will the field dependency feature be released? Targeted for late 2020.
I haven't had time to test this in sandbox yet so I apologize for what is probably a bad question, but, will the new reports work with dashboards and dashboards with macros?

We are currently discussing this ask - we do not have dashboards with macros in our initial design. It might be something we can add later, or there might be an alternate way we can implement this. We'll keep you posted.

Does the comment about multiple assignees (on a project log item) matching multiple assignees on Projectplace Cards mean that soon, PP Cards will integrate back to Project Log Items in PPM Pro?

Maybe. We are tentatively planning to have mapping between a Projectplace Card and PPM Pro Project Log category as part of our Phase 2 integration feature, currently on our roadmap for later this year. But it is low priority, as the most common scenario is mapping Projectplace cards to a PPM Pro Task category (can't have both because there is only one card type in Projectplace).

Are there plans to make PPM Pro accessible for people with disabilities?

Currently there is no plan to do additional accessibility work. PPM Pro supports accessibility (conformance to WCAG 2/Section 508 applicable criteria) for its Timesheet user interface area. Other areas of the application are partially accessible.

We are limited in how much we can do based on the UI framework that we use. If you have users who are having accessibility issues, please submit a Support Case with details and we will see what is possible to do.

On Requests, can the Reject option be optional so the admin creating the form determines if the Reject option is allowed?

Please submit an enhancement request and clarify whether you are thinking of a setting on a category, or a permission per user.

How do you feel about changing "Reject" to "Reject and Close" to re-enforce the fact that reject closes the request?

Please enter an enhancement request. We would like to get some more user feedback before we make additional changes to the Reject action. "Close" is not currently a status for requests, and it is easy to confuse with "close the modal". We need to consider localization as well.

Are your approvers repeatedly Rejecting a request that they don't need to reject? Please let us know if this is happening or you are just worried it will happen.

Is there a way to have a rejected request live anywhere else than that (None) column? Since a rejected request is not in the workflow, it will always show in None.
When in June will the plug be pulled on the Legacy Requests? On the scheduled release dates: sandbox 6/12 and production 6/19.
Can you explain the options to transition legacy requests over to the new request area?

Both options involve disabling the New button for legacy requests and analyzing the current request types and developing a plan to create the new request categories.

Option 1 (Legacy Requests are Dead to Me): No need to use legacy data. Just start using the new requests. 

Option 2 (Can't Quite Let Go): You want existing request data moved into new requests. This involves creating one or more reports, exporting to Excel, massaging, importing into new requests.

For a discussion of both options, see Transitioning from Legacy to New Requests.

Is there a Reports Beta training video available?

Update: Here is the video

We are in the process of creating a training video for the functionality in the latest release, and hope to update regularly as new features are added. We will post in release notes when the video is available.

Do we have to recreate all our current reports and dashboards in REPORTS (beta) by a certain time?

Not really. Legacy reports will still be around for some time (probably around a year, not sure yet), even after we make new Reports and Dashboards generally available. This is because our OData feature currently relies on them for identifying what fields to extract. We do intend to provide a different way to identify OData, some time after the new Reports and Dashboards GA, and then we’ll determine appropriate deprecation for Legacy.

However, we will be limiting the issues we will fix in Legacy, especially the further along we get. 

In Customer Success the Reports Beta Cookbook link takes us to the Main Customer Success Center. Is there another link? Sorry, I had just put that in as a placeholder for myself. We'll be adding information to the topic as soon as possible and will notify you all when there is something to look at. In the mean time, feel free to mention what kinds of reports you'd like examples for. Feel free to post in Disqus or shoot us an email.
Calculated Field enforcing the data type, what is the current timing for this change? Release notes weren't clear. This happened with the February release. See the table at the top of the Functions help topic - the correct data type is listed by the most commonly misconfigured functions.
In reference to exporting legacy requests for the data recovery, is there a way to only import the fields associated with a specific category?  If not, is this something you have on your radar to do in the future? Yes, please see Transitioning from Legacy to New Requests. You just need to delete the fields from the spreadsheet (leaving the required fields minimally).
Is the "Project Log" view already available (and the Feb release includes enhancements)? If already available, how do we enable it? I don't currently see it.

The new multiple assignee field is available in sandboxes, will be in production after Feb 21. If you are not seeing the Project Log top level name or Home/Project Log, check that you have not renamed Project Log to something else, like Issues/Risks.

Also, double-check your permissions and category configuration (be sure it includes Project Logs). Submit a support case if you still don't see the view.

Who can we contact to have our API set up? Please contact Customer Care. Also, see About Web Services for more information.
I don't see the check box for Report (Beta) under Permission Profiles. Either Reports (Beta) is not yet enabled, or the user was looking at production, which also did not have Reports (Beta) enabled at that time. If anyone else feels like they are missing this permission, please enter a support Case.
I am looking for on how to  group by fields inside a report (in a List report) Grouping is not yet supported (coming soon!)
I am having great trouble creating reports with the new reports revamp. Will you have any sample reports available for use/copy/sale There are no sample reports yet available - did you say "sale" - maybe I can help you out :) Seriously, we are discussing how best to support our users, and we will definitely provide examples in the documentation, as well as training videos. Still discussing out-of-the-box examples.
If we find errors or suggested additions to the Customer Success Center, how do provide that feedback? You can enter a support case, or if is documentation-related and you don't need support to track it, feel free to email (you can email Sherrill too if you want,
Should I be able to see Group by in the request list view or only in the request card view? The Group by is only in the Card view. Enter an enhancement to suggest showing in list view if you are interested.
Can we rename the None column in the request module? Or change the default display to our users so it is not used? There is no way to rename or configure default display. It is a generic catch-all column for all cards that can't appear in the other columns. 
Can we get the Gate Status in progress split by Current Gate? Like a combination of Gate Status and Current Gate. Please enter an enhancement request that describes what you are asking for.
Most of our legacy reports are utilized in dashboards. Is there a way to get a list (Report/Excel Export) that lists the only the reports used on dashboards?

Unfortunately there is no way to get that information. However, you can use the References column on the Dashboard grid to show a dialog listing the dashboard's components.

Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 1.44.17 PM.png 
Click the number to display the list of components:Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 1.44.38 PM.png


Regarding new requests and gate approval logic, could you please add an example that includes approval by one of multiple people listed by Last, First name.

I will update the cookbook. Examples below:

First I defined the resource pool as Staffers group. Then list possible approvers, only needing 1.

Same setup as above, but multi-selected the names, as shown below: