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About Departments

A Department is a defined relationship with a client, and is the umbrella under which a single or multiple projects can be defined. Within any department you can view a list of all of the projects associated with that department, navigate to project Details, and with the appropriate permissions, you can view the overall financial performance of a client relationship.

Note that a Department owner must be an PPM Pro user (not resource) because owners need PPM Pro logins in order to administer the Department.

All Departments

The All Departments page lists each department within your organization. Any full user can access this page and view basic department information. From this page you can select individual departments to view more detailed information. If you are a member of the Organization standard group, or a member of the division team with "Can Create Departments" rights, you can create new departments from this page. Users with appropriate rights can also view rollups.

Note that the Departments droplist is not a traditional PPM Pro lookup list (it cannot have values added/deleted from Admin/Lookup Lists). Instead, the Departments droplist is populated by the list on the All Departments page. If you want to add a Department to the Departments droplist, you have to create a new Department. The exact set of departments that displays in the list is dependent by user permissions (must be on Department team with Can Create Parent Relationships with Projects permission).

Department Basic Info

Department Basic Info outlines all the information about a department. From this page you can navigate to team information, associ­ated projects, and department attachments. All full users can view Basic Information, associated projects, team information and attachments. Users with appropriate rights can also view reports.

Department Team

A department team is a group of users assigned permissions to a particular department. Individual department team members can be assigned the following permissions: Edit Department, Can Create Parent Relationships with Projects, Edit Team and View Rollups. Note that members of the Organization group have all the department permissions, including "Can Create Parent Relationships with Projects" permission.

Note that if you want to create projects that are related to departments, you must either be a member of the Org group (can access all departments), or must be on the team of any department you want access to with the Can Create Parent Relationships with Projects permission.

Department Rollups

Department rollups are composed of Actuals, Estimates, Remainder and % Recognized values for any particular department. Rollups are visible only to users who have appropriate rights. Department rollups allow you to view the financial standing for any particular department. These numbers reflect the combined financial information for all the projects associated with that department.

Rollups display up-to-the-minute information gathered from timesheet and expense entries made by users in your organization. Figures include both approved and unapproved time, so the information will change as people update their time and expenses.