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PPM Pro Q&As from March 18 2020 Release Webinar

Question Answer
Will the Beta Resource/Role report be able to pull in Allocations per month. Not overall Headcount, but looking for month to month allocation records. Would love to see a Resource Allocation report that can pull in Resource Name, Project(s) allocated and %'s each month versus Hours or overall Headcount. This is a time series report, which is not yet available but will be in a future release.
Love the new formatting options.  For Date fields, can we request another format YYYY/MM ?  I do not typically care the specific date a request was submitted, the year and month are all that matter.  I just heard Sherrill say submit Customer Care, so I will either do that or create a UDF.  Thanks for all the modifications!  This is truly moving forward a light speed. Thanks for entering an enhancement request - if there are other formats you are interested in, please let us know.
We would also love the ability to set a default Fiscal Year.  Our fiscal year starts in July and because of that, my customers won't use the Gantt reports because the built in fiscal years start in January Unfortunately that is not on our roadmap. However, for reporting, you could set the Start Date for the Gantt chart to align with your fiscal quarter.
I don't see anything in the Reporting notes about allowing for opening a report in an Excel Template.  Is this feature going away? We are currently not planning to support this with the new reporting. A workaround is to apply the template after downloading the report. If you feel that you need to be download directly into a template, please enter an enhancement request.
Is any consideration being given to delay legacy request deprecation?  We've had resource allocation changes due to the virus, impacting our ability to complete needed changes. We are not changing our desired deprecation date for legacy requests, however we will not leave anyone hanging out to dry :) Please contact us if you expect to have a problem meeting the date - we'd love to understand your process and potentially find a way to help you get over the hump.
Greetings! What Covid-19 related topics do you recommend for us to review for manaing remote work, shifting schedules, tasks for remote work prepardeness, etc.? We are currently working on a new topic to address this and will notify you when it's ready. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any questions and we will address them in the new topic(s).
And I do see Gantt type is coming, but do you have a possible timeline on when? We are targeting the April release and will do our best, but no promises.
Is there a way to group fields in reports? There is currently some automatic grouping that happens - for example if you look at the report we showed in the webinar: for each group, and for each group member, show the projects whose team the resource is on, and the role. There is automatic grouping  by group and then by resource. From within the groups you can also sort. More advanced grouping, such as being able to select to group by a specific field, is coming in a later release.
I plan to have reports beta moved to prod. If I don't give folks the appropriate permissions in prod, then they won't be able to use it. Correct? Just confirming that I'm understanding it correctly. Correct, that is exactly right, plus one caveat: in the projects entity (and any other Self Service entity that can have a Reports section), the Reports (beta) left nav link will always be visible, even if the current user does not have permission to see the top level Reports (beta) icon/label. This was a choice made by our product team to avoid customers having to update all of their permission profiles entity by entity to take advantage of the new reports once it is GA. The current user will have the same permissions for the entity-level Report (Beta) section that they have for the entity-level legacy Report section.
Will we still be able to publish reports? We have external users that get the report email links and need to keep this ability. Yes, when we have the new dashboards they will support publishing.
Will the download to Excel functionality be still available for our existing legacy reports being used today? I may have missed the point of the 'no Excel templates' question and answer on the webinar. Yes, you will be able to download reports to Excel within Legacy reports.
Can list reports target filters?  I'd love to do some filter cleanup but I need to somehow create a list of filters and if/where filters are being used. Unfortunately you cannot report on filters and where they are in use.
Is there a way to rename the first column in Requests from (none) to something else more descriptive or user defined like the other columns(i.e. New, In Progress, On Hold, Approved, Rejected)? Unfortunately this is not possible. The label cannot be dynamic because it is designed to hold any card that does not meet the Group By options. The Group By field can be any list field - standard or user-defined - and the system has no way of knowing what to label the left-most lane.
With the resource/role reporting in beta, is the current capacity and demand reporting going away? Our goal is to be able to produce the Capacity & Demand report using the new reports. In other words, we hope that the special UI that produces that report can be retired.
Will the new reporting functionality allow for export to powerpoint? Yes, not currently supported but will be in a future release.
Will we have to create new filters for the new reports beta? You can use your existing filters.
Not critical :) but when will the PDF for the Q1 Roadmap presentation be availalble? Unfortunately we are not able to provide a PDF of any roadmap presentation due to legal requirements.
Where I can read/learn about using the card view for Approvals? See Working with the Card View.
Did I just hear correctly that we won't be able to export a report to excel in the new reporting? You are able to export a report to Excel in the new reporting, it is just not possible to export with a saved Excel template. Depending on the report Type, you can export to Excel/xlsx, CSV (comma separated values), TBV (tab separated values), HTML, PNG, JPG, PDF, and even SVG vector image.