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What's New - January 2019

Release Schedule

Click here for an overview of the PPM Pro release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates. 

What When
Release Notes published January  4
System released to sandbox environments January 11, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
System released to production environments January 18, 10 PM - 1 AM PT

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows, which are Fridays, 10 PM PT - 1 AM PT.


  • Features that are ready will enter GA status in the first month's release of each calendar quarter: January, April, July, October. There will be an occasional variance from this schedule. You can enter a support request to move a beta feature into your production environment.
  • You can request that beta features be enabled in your production environment by entering a support ticket. Please note that any issues you find will be handled during the normal development cycle. 
  • Planview sends out status emails in advance of planned releases/updates. These alerts include the date and time window of the update, as well as a link to the release notes that include a list of the issues addressed in the update/release. To subscribe to these alerts, please go to and click the Subscribe button.
  • We hold a live product release webinar - typically on the Wednesday before the production release. This webinar will be hosted by PPM Pro product management and consulting personnel, and will include time for Q&A. This is the January 16 webinar recording. Click here to register for the upcoming February release webinar. 
  • Inner circles are offered as a way for our interested customers to collaborate with PPM Pro Product Management and each other, provide feedback on PPM Pro product capabilities, and guide new feature development. Click here for more information or to register.

Update 1

Release planned for Friday January 25, pending QA approval.

Function Area ID Release Note Description
Date Fields 787250151 Fixed. Date field values can be entered manually or using the date picker widget. Previously, an issue prevented date fields from recognizing manually entered values.
Projects   Note: We are temporarily turning off the multi-user visual indicator in production environments while we investigate some intermittent connectivity issues a few customers are experiencing. It will remain on for customer sandboxes.
Requests (new) 787502472 Fixed. You can now group by a single request category when only category exists. Previously the option to Group By a category was not available if one category only exists.
Tasks, MSP Import 786720938 Fixed. Importing tasks from MSP works as expected. Previously, a regression caused an error to be thrown.
UI 787866591 Fixed. IE11 users will see the PPM Pro application rendered as expected. Previously, an issue was causing blank screens to display on the project entity when using bookmarks (recent items) and search links.

New Feature Matrix 




For more information…

Spreadsheet-Style Task Editor

  • Handles up to 1000 tasks
  • Multi-user visual notification on all project sections
  • Graceful handling of session timeout (see below)
  • Reconciliation guidance and multi-user support
  • Keyboard and editing interaction like a spreadsheet, including Undo/Redo
  • Copy/paste to and from other spreadsheet tools, such as Excel and Google Sheets


Using the Spreadsheet-Style Task Editor

New Requests! (aka Requests revamp)

This feature will be rolled out over the course of several releases ("rolling beta"). 

We will update this list every month to indicate when/what additional features will be included.

Legacy requests will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future. You can use legacy requests and new requests side-by-side while you set up the new requests to your liking. Since the new model is different from the legacy in several key ways, we are not planning an automated migration at this time.

Current functionality (rolling beta)

  • Sequential Gates
  • Single Approver
  • Approval notifications
  • Ability to disable "New" for legacy requests
  • Scoring
  • Ability to edit tabs, if configured, other than Details when creating a request
  • Ability to report on associations - both directions
  • Ability to associate new and existing projects, tasks and issues
  • Ability to copy notes and attachments to associated entities
  • Request Gantt chart report
  • Request category-based permissions
  • Basic Reporting
  • Self-service administration for configuring request types
  • New graphical, status-based card view

Coming Later

  • Approval Logic (multiple and various approvers)
  • Advanced Gate Logic (gate skipping)
  • Activity Log
  • API, Data Import

Known Issues

User Experience Inner Circle: New Requests  - Note that this was recorded earlier this year, and target dates have shifted

Setting Up Requests (SSA)

Creating Gates

Transitioning from Legacy to New Requests


T&E User Type Name Change

The T&E user type has been renamed to "Time user".

We made this change for several reasons:

  • With the addition of project-level expenses and the planned deprecation of task-level expenses, the Home/Expenses section eventually be deprecated and there is no longer the concept of approving expenses.
  • In October we added the ability for the T&E (Time) user to see tasks/issues they own/are scheduled to, giving those users more access to the work they are charging time to.

We feel that Time user is more descriptive and less confusing to our users.

Session timeout improvements

When a session times out, you will be prompted to  enter your login credentials in a new modal, after which you will be returned to where you were when your session timed out, and in most cases any work in progress will be preserved.

Documentation Updates

New area called Getting the Most Out of PPM Pro.

We have added 2 additional sections to join the existing FAQs:

  • FAQs - Original content
  • Tips & Timesavers - NEW! This is content based on the presentation we gave at Horizons 2018
  • Strategies - NEW! This section offers approaches to using PPM Pro broadly throughout your organization.

Let us know if you'd like to see specific additional topics - email and/or

  Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 10.46.49 AM.png
Coming Soon  
Multi-currency Support

The ability to use multiple currencies allows team members, offices, and locations to easily digest project information and have visibility into costing and resources in a currency that makes sense to them. The active currency applies to all financial and/or monetary data, including money UDFs and calculated fields, billing and internal rate data.

  • Specify a currency on a project-by-project basis, as well as use an organization-wide default currency. 
  • Calculate currency value by applying conversion rate (entered manually) to default organization currency
  • Assign effective date ranges to currency exchange rates
  • Use different currency for role and resource rates using tables, or create a custom rate


Beta Target - February 2019  

Release Notes

Function Area ID Release Note Descriptions
Admin, Users 774768499 Fixed. Users created by customers without SSO authentication (or with local auth override enabled when using SSO) now require a password to be entered when creating the user.  Previously, a user could be created without supplying a password, which resulted in an error being thrown when attempting to login.
Dashboards 1759837232 New. The Delete option has been moved to a lower position on the Actions/context menu. We have found that users often mistakenly choose the Delete option to remove a dashboard from their list, but really meant to have selected Unlink Dashboard. Unlink Dashboard will remove a linked dashboard from the list; Delete will delete the dashboard completely.
Dashboards, Alerts 761375941
Fixed. The email notification for expiring dashboards is sent to the appropriate recipients one time. Previously, users were receiving multiple alerts that the same dashboard was approaching its expiration date.
Filters, Timesheets 745895718 Fixed. When creating Timesheet filters, note that the entity labeled "Resource ID" has been re-labeled "Resource", which is more accurate.
Financial Entries 749507059 Fixed. In the project Financials section, adjusting the interval or editing a forecast entry no longer causes the grid tree to collapse. You can expand/collapse the grid using the appropriate controls.
Internationalization 761375937 Fixed. Environments where the user preference is set to a locale that uses (, . -) as decimal separators can create custom rates for resources, as expected.
Internationalization, Reports 761894316 Fixed. Reports displayed in dashboards can be expanded regardless of the current language. Previously, if the current language was something other than English the 'expand' button was not active. Once the language was switched to English, the button was enabled and worked as expected. The expand feature now works as expected in any language.
Permissions 755381081 Fixed. Non-admin users who are not on the team of a confidential project do not see the project, even if they have a global rule to view all projects. Previously a non-admin user with a global rule who was not on the team of a project would be able to see a confidential project
PPA 761375968 Fixed. After a scenario completes, the 'projects' field on the 'Optimization Scenarios' grid will immediately show the correct data (number of projects included and total projects). Previously, in some circumstance this field would show '0 of 0' until the screen was refreshed.
PPA 761375967 Improved. The performance of the Projects grid of the PPA "create scenario wizard" has been improved.
Projects   Fixed. When creating confidential projects from a template, team members that are copied as part of the template can see the title of the confidential project as well as access the project according to their permissions.  Previously, an issue was causing the project title to appear as "No Access" for team members.
Projects 1759931016 New. When creating a project from a template, the PMO Locked and Confidential Project settings are now included in the copy. Previously, these settings were ignored when creating a project from a template.
Projects, Filters 761375969 Fixed. The project filter field "priority" is working as expected with operators 'is', 'is not', 'is empty' . Previously, records were being returned that did not match the priority criteria - for example, projects with empty Priority fields were being returned even if filter specified 'priority is not empty'.
Projects 763277391 Fixed. Projects can be deleted from Actions > Delete on the project Details section. Previously an issue caused this action to result in an error.
Reports 761375940 Fixed. Crosstab pie chart reports configured to display a '$' prefix (Chart Options/Advanced Formatting > Numbers > Number Prefix($)) for Money type data series fields now render the '$' as expected. Previously, the '$' did not render in the report output, but did display in the hover text.
Reports  762493087

Fixed. KPI reports render data correctly when run with or without filters.

Reports 761407594 New. There are two new resource planning report sources: "Resource Planning by Role Estimates" and "Resource Planning for Role Estimates for a Selected Project". These report sources report on the task role estimated hours/cost, (not the resource schedules scheduled hours/cost, which are handled by the Resource Planning by Resource Schedules report sources). In addition, the Resource Planning by Resource Schedules report sources now allow you to report on role estimates (as a related entity).
Reports, Calc Fields 765239504 Fixed. Calculated fields can be used in reports based on Timesheet Summary report sources as expected. Previously, an issue was causing the report to repeat the first value displayed in the calculated field for all the rows.
Reports, Financials 773359185 New. The "Project" field has been added to the Financial Entry/Common folder for Financial Entry and Financial Planning reports.
Reports, OData 761375966 Improved. OData login credentials are now case-insensitive if the PPM Pro "ignore case on login" feature key is enabled.
Reports, Projects, Filters 775837737 Fixed. Project audit reports that filter on project category work as expected, regardless of whether one or multiple categories are specified in the filter. Previously, the filter would return an error if only one project category was specified, but seemed to work if multiple categories were included.
Requests (legacy) 765432448 Fixed. Projects created from requests can display the request score (provided one exists) in the Legacy Request Score field. An issue introduced in the November release prevented the score from appearing.
Requests (legacy) 766505135 Fixed. Legacy request reports based on the source User Criteria Scores on Legacy Requests Report were requiring the requestor to belong to a Business Unit/Division in order to return their requests. This requirement had been lifted, but the report source still required it. This has been resolved; reports based on the source User Criteria Scores on Legacy Requests Report return all Requests, regardless of whether the requestor is assigned to a Business Unit/Division.
Resource Workbench 765983176 Fixed. The Line of Business and Primary Role fields are available for display on the Resource Workbench. Previously, those columns did not appear in the Column Settings dialog in certain scenarios.
Resource Workbench 761407595 Fixed. Any changes made to the workbench settings - such as adding/moving/repositioning columns - are displayed persisted. Previously, an issue prevented any changes from displaying and reverted the changes in the Settings dialog.
Resources 761375956 Fixed. After using MSP to import tasks and scheduled resources, you can delete and re-import the tasks/schedules, as well as remap a resource to --do not map--. That resource schedule will not be imported, and will not throw an error.
SSA   Improved. We modified the SSA/Details screens to show read-only information about restrictions defined on the Available Fields page. There had been some confusion in the past around field restrictions and whether they apply per category or to all categories - they apply to all categories. We removed the ability to create/edit restrictions from the Details panel- if you need to edit/create a restriction, do so at the Available Fields level.
Staffing screen 761375921 Fixed. In the project Staffing screen, the "Copy to end of year" feature correctly copies the value into each contour until the end of the year. Previously, the copy was happening only until the end of the allocation.
Task 761407600 Fixed. When using the Schedule From feature for tasks, the user can select a date from the date picker and the selected value displays in the correct format. Previously, if the date selected was between 1-13, an issue was causing the date to be formatted for the UK locale, regardless of selected locale. In addition, if the user tried to select the correct date again, clicking the Schedule button resulted in a message saying the date is the currently submitted value.
Task 761407590 Fixed. The"MSP % Complete" field was deprecated in early 2018 - the field has been completely removed from SSA/Available Fields, the task grid, and the .mpp file.
Tasks 761375936 Fixed. If a user edits a task duration, the target date adjusts as necessary to the expected date, prior to saving the edits. Previously, when the task duration was changed, the target date adjusted incorrectly, only to correct itself upon saving the task.
Tasks 771127890 Fixed. After setting a task duration to 0, the target dates are adjusted accordingly, and the task is set as a milestone and saved. Previously, target date did not adjust when the duration was set to 0.
Tasks 758511560 Fixed. Task successor/predecessor relationships can be edited in the Details tab (as well as directly in the grid if the appropriate columns are displayed). Previously, edits made in the Details tab were ignored.
Task, Expenses 772092099 New. For customers that are ready to phase out task-level expenses but not quite ready to deprecate the feature (perhaps you are readying your project-level categories, or have some previously entered task-level expenses in-flight), you can enter a Support Case to request that the ability to create new expense estimates be disabled. This is useful for organizations that are transitioning from task-level expenses to project-level expenses and wish to prevent their users from creating any new estimates/expenses at the task level. Eventually, the entire task-level expenses feature will be deprecated and removed from view.
Users 769935360

New. The user type formerly known as "T&E" has been renamed to "Time". Time users can log time and view tasks and project logs that they own, as well as tasks they are scheduled to.

WS API 761407602 Fixed. The performance of the WS API method getEntityNotes has been improved.
WS API, Security 767033103 New. WS API now supports basic HTTP Authentication (RFC 7617) in addition to the prior session-based authentication.