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Overview of Timesheet Alerts

Timesheet alerts are email messages that PPM Pro automatically sends to relevant individuals in response to a defined event or a scheduled time. The email message is comprised of a subject and a body, and links to individual timesheets or lists of timesheets. Certain types of alerts can include variables in the subject/message text to dynamically populate relevant data, such as resource name, timesheet approver/rejecter name, and timesheet period. The timesheet alert message can hold up to 4000 characters.

Alerts can be triggered by a specific user action or at a scheduled time. For example:

  • User action - Send an alert when PM/alternate PM approver approves timesheet
  • Scheduled time - Send an alert daily at 4:00 AM PST For all timesheets overdue for submission

Each alert can have one primary recipient (To:) and can optionally have additional recipients (CC:). To/CC recipients can be any of the following timesheet personnel (if you do not use two-step approval then there will be no PM recipients):

  • Resource (person who is entering time)
  • PM approver (if applicable - note that a project must have an entry on the timesheet in order to alert the project manager)
  • Alternate PM approver (if applicable)
  • Final approver
  • Alternate approver
  • Resource's immediate supervisor

User-action based emails are sent one by one. Alerts scheduled at a specific time are consolidated - one email is sent with links to relevant timesheets.

For example, a "Timesheets Pending Approval" alert scheduled at 1AM  will send one email to the approver with links to timesheets that this approver needs to approve.

Note: Timesheet alerts do not get routed to Home/Alerts. Timesheet alerts are email only and cannot be turned off as a whole. Instead any timesheet alert can be made inactive; inactivate, or delete all alerts to "turn off alerts".

Sample Email Alert

The alert below is configured to send at 1am nightly to inform the recipients of overdue timesheets. Links to up to 3 timesheets are included: