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Resource Workbench Allocations aka Bottom Half of Home/Resources View

Displays resource allocations on projects, mimicking the bottom half of Home/Resources view (also known as the Resource Workbench). This report is a great drill-down report from the Resource Workbench Utilization report (which mimics the top half of the Home/Resources view). You can build this report using the design settings in the table below. Alternatively, you can download this report definition and upload it to your PPM Pro instance.

Bottom half resource workbench.png


Design View Selection Comments

Topic: Resource

Specialty: Time Series

Type: List: Time Series

Title: <enter a meaningful title>




List Fields: Add whichever of the following resource and other fields that would be of value and/or match the Resource Workbench Allocation Columns settings, such as:

  • Resource > Name: Last, First
  • Resource > Projects (Specialty) > Title
    • Change Display Name to "Project"
  • Resource > Projects (Specialty) > Owner
    • Change Display Name to "Owner"
  • Resource > Projects (Specialty) > Priority
    • Change Display Name to "Project Priority"
  • Resource > Projects (Specialty) > Status
    • Change Display Name to "Project Status"
  • Resource > Projects (Specialty) > Category
    • Change Display Name to "Project Category"
  • Resource > Projects (Specialty) > Allocated Roles: Resources > Role
    • Change Display Name to "Role"
  • Resource > Projects (Specialty) > Allocated Roles: Resources > Memo
    • Change Display Name to "Memo"
  • Resource > Projects (Specialty) > Allocated Roles: Resources > Start Date
    • Change Display Name to "Start Date"
  • Resource > Projects (Specialty) > Allocated Roles: Resources > End Date
    • Change Display Name to "End Date"

Time Series Fields: Only available fields that have a time series indicator appended to their titles - such as '(Time Series)', or '(Allocated Roles - Time Series)' - should be added to this section (hint: search Available Fields list for 'time series'). From the Resource available fields add the following:

  • Allocation Hours (Allocated Roles - Time Series), or, Allocation FTE (Allocated Roles - Time Series)...note that Allocation FTE is not the same as Headcount, so when using FTE there likely will not be a 100% match to the Resource Workbench Headcount results. Similarly, we don't recommend using Allocation % as the value will not be a match from Resource to the Project. This is because at the Resource level, Allocation % is calculated dividing demand by resource capacity, while at the Project level, it uses a Resource's allocated role hours by the role capacity. 

You will need to select the Resource > Projects (Specialty) > field path to see and select the reportable available project fields. Likewise, you will need to select either the Resource > Projects (Specialty) > Allocated Roles: Resources field path to see and select the reportable available resource project allocation fields (use this path if you are including project-specific fields like priority or status), or, just the Resource > Allocated Roles: Resources field path to see and select the reportable available resource allocation fields (you use this path if you are not including other project-specific fields).

Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 10.43.58 AM.png

To change the field Display Names, for example from "Resource > Projects (Specialty) > Allocated Roles: Resources > Role" to just "Role", within the List Fields area select the edit icon for "Show Field Options" and in the resulting "Field Options" modal, edit the Display Name. You can also change the Display Data As format options for various fields in this modal.

Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 10.44.13 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 10.45.10 AM.png


Configure desired options within the Display tab, such as:

  • Headings - Time Series Width Percent
  • Data - Show zero values 'Show as blank'
  • Drill Down - Project field to Entity


Variable Settings

Scope: Organization and/or Resource, so that the report will appear in the Organization/Reports and/or individual Resource/Reports grids

Filters: Any resource or project filters

Time Series: Select a Frequency and Date Range appropriate to your report needs, to match the Resource Workbench this could include:

  • Frequency Monthly
  • Date Range 'is next NNN months, including this month' for 12 months


If you would like to allow changing Filters or the Time Series selections before running the report or when viewing the report, select the 'Allow changing' checkbox options for each.