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Example Crosstab Report

This example shows a crosstab report configured with a couple of drilldown links.

Note that for Crosstab reports, drilldowns to entities work a little differently than for other other report output types. When you configure a drilldown entity link in a crosstab report, you will not get to choose what you drill down into. The link reruns the report and produces an additional report, filtered for the linked entity (the report is displayed below the original crosstab report). Then, from the filtered report, you can drill down again to get to the entity instance.

If you don't initially see the secondary list report, adjust the report modal by scrolling and/or resizing until you see the report (usually in the lower-right corner of the modal). 

The example below includes drilldowns and an example of the filtered drilldown report.

Choose Report Source

Target: Organization

Category: Project

Report Source: All Projects with Financials

Configure Report

Select Row field, enable drilldown


Select Column field, enable drilldown



Select Data Series Fields



Configure List Options - use defaults



Example Report before drilling down


Example Report after Drilling Down on Implied Status: Proposed