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What's New - June 16, 2017

Release Schedule

Click here for an overview of the Innotas release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates:

What When
Release Notes published June 2
System released to sandbox environments June 9, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
System released to production environments June 16 10 PM - 1 AM PT

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows, which are Fridays, 10 PM PT - 1 AM PT.

New Feature Matrix 




For more information…

New ticketing portal  

- Innotas case management migrating to Parature

- Case submission will be limited to Innotas administrators

- New menu option "Submit Support Ticket" under Help menu, visible to Innotas Administrators

- Emails generated and sent out from Parature will be from, rather than

- Please ask your IT department to add the domain to your allowlist or safe senders, if they are running a mail filter on your network.


 Email from Rob Webb

Profile-based Permissions for Projects

- Opt-in on sandboxes (enter a Community case to request access)

- Opt-in on production environments

- Manadatory cut-over will be later this year; 3 months advanced warning will be given

- Click here for list of known issues

- New Features:

    - Create Project permission available

    - Division/Department optional

    - Bulk Share

    - User/Group/Unit rule renamed "Global"

GA – June

Using Profile-Based Permissions for Projects

Using the Permissions Explorer

Migration Guide

Notes for API Users

Additional Features/Updates with June Release

API changes for handling of date/time fields 

-Timezones no longer accepted (not stored by UDF Date-Time fields)


API Changes

Update to How Users Are Added to Groups 

- Provides an efficient way to manage group membership from the perspective of a single user

- New "Groups" link under resource record; accessible only to Innotas admins

NA See Update to How Users Are Added to Groups
Attachments: Upload up to 100 MB 

Attachments can now be up to 100MB (previously was limited to 10MB).  When emailing larger attachments, the email will now include a link to the attachment rather than a MIME attachment in the email itself.


Report Field Alignment Controls 


For list reports, 2 new fields in Field Selection tab for aligning field values in report output:

  • Horizontal Alignment - left, right, center
  • Vertical Alignment - top, middle, botton
OWASP HTML Sanitizer

- New field on Admin/Organization/Info 

- Disabled by default

- When enabled, supports basic HTML sanitization

Beta - June

Organization Info documentation

Announcement: OWASP HTML Sanitizer

Cross-Project Dependencies 

- Ability to create dependencies between tasks that belong to different projects

- Enabled in sandboxes

Beta - June

See Cross-Project Dependencies

Improved Manage Filters Facility

- An updated, user-friendly facility for building filters quickly

- Enabled in sandboxes

Beta - June See Improved Manage Filters Facility
Improved Printing from Entity Grids

- Ability to choose columns, print to PDF, as well as repeating headers

- Supported on all entity grids except dashboards and reports

- Enabled in sandboxes

Beta - June See Improved Entity Grid Printing

Interactive Gantt Report

-The Gantt report can now be manipulated like the project/task Gantt charts: zoom, next/previous intervals

- Enabled in sandboxes


Example Interactive Gantt Report


Filter-based Groups - Ability to populate groups with the results of a resource filter. Beta - July  

Migrating Community to the Customer Success Center 

- Customer Success Center will be the new home of What’s New & Release Notes, release recordings, and other informational articles and announcements

- Innotas Forum will host user questions, answers, and discussions 

- Cutover to Parature targeted for June release (see above)


Innotas Customer Success Center 


Release Notes

Function Area


Release Note Descriptions



Fixed. Unit manager can be removed from a unit. Previously, after removing the manager, the resource reappeared after clicking Save.



Improved. Hyperlinks to projects are now omitted in project alerts sent to T&E users when they are added to the project team, because these users do not have permission to view the project. Previously, the link was provided but would render a blank page.

  1595761304 Fixed. (For Profile-based Project Permissions/Beta) Project alerts fire when new team members are added to project team.



Fixed. The option to export to Excel is no longer available for dashboards that contain Gantt reports only. The option will become available if another output type is added to the dashboard.

Data Dictionary, Reports


Fixed. Report sources now reflecting data dictionary changes.

Filters 1593745851 New. There is a new "User Type" filter field that allows you to find resources with active users, by user type. This field can be used in filters for reports and on the Resources grid.



Fixed. On the Resource Info page, the Internal Rate drop list no longer offers a blank option - you must choose a rate, or the default rate will be selected by default. Previously, the interface let you select the blank option, but then used the default rate upon saving.

Finances, UI


Fixed. Internal rate values display 2 decimal places. Previously, if the rate had no value to the right of the decimal point, only one zero was displayed.



New. We have added a read-only task field called "MSP % Complete", which is used to capture the % Complete value when importing from MSP.



Fixed. Project alerts are now respecting profile-based permissions. Previously, a user who was not granted alert Edit permission was able to edit project alerts.

  1595696769 Fixed. When a portfolio is configured to allow time entry to members of the portfolio team, users added to team as a Unit are able to log time to the portfolio. Previously, the members of a Unit that was on a portfolio team were not able to log time to the portfolio.  



New. There is now a Copy URL button and context menu option that copies the published dashboard URL to the clipboard. Previously there was no way to copy the URL from the grid.



Improved. (Currently Beta in sandboxes) The expand/collapsed state of tasks is reflected when printing the task grid.

  1595194193 New. Vertical and Horizontal field alignment settings now available for list reports.  


Fixed. The Gantt chart report respects the color selected in the "Color by field" droplist.


1595755929 1595755929

Fixed. Date fields, when exported to Excel, appear in the same text size and style as other exported fields.



Fixed. The Project:Team Members field now returns results as expected when used in reports and profile-based project permissions are active.



Fixed. (Only applicable for those who have opted-in to use profile-based permissions for projects). Reports using Category=Scoring render correctly without producing an error.

  1594212470 Fixed. The new interactive Gantt report, available in sandboxes, provides full control over what columns appear on what pages, even if the report is configured to fit on one page.  
  1595702568 Fixed. When configuring reports, all column sorting options are available and working as expected. Note that if you are using profile-based permissions for projects, the Default and Reverse Default do not sort properly in the June release, but will be addressed in the July release.
  1595806395 Fixed. When printing reports, the "Frequency" label only appears in the details when printing Resource Planning reports. Previously, the label appeared even if it was a frequency-based report.



Fixed. When creating or editing existing gates, the Description field is now saved when you save the new/edited gate.



Fixed. After entering an invalid date in a request, the user can now dismiss the error message that pops up to alert the user that the data is invalid.

Resource Staffing

1593405892 1522748282 1595753513

New. The Resource Workbench can be printed.



Fixed. When staffing a resource, the update to the staffing request happens automatically. Previously, a page refresh was required to see the newly staffed resource.



Improved. The list of staffers in the Manage Designated Staffers screen now scrolls smoothly for certain devices and slow network connections.



Fixed. For requests in 'Requested' status (unstaffed), the resource manager is now able to delete the resource from the request and allocation from Resources > Staffing > RHS (details) page. Only the 'proposed' resource is removed, the status and other details should remain the same.



Fixed. Search text can include a period followed by a number, such as "6.08". Previously, an error occurred if the search text included a period followed by a number.

Self Service


Improved. The Description field length for lookup list values has been increased to 4000 characters. With the update to the new lookup list facility, the field length was reduced, which prevented edits made to these values to be saved unless the Description text was reduced to 200 characters. With the subsequent increase up to 4000 characters, edits can be made successfully to existing list values without requiring edits to be made to the Description text.



New. (Currently in sandboxes in Beta) There is now a PDF option for printing the task list.



Fixed. When printing task grid, only columns visible on grid are included in output. Previously, columns that had been removed from the grid were occasionally rendering in the output.



Fixed. Gantt charts that span multiple pages are now printed as expected, without truncating columns.

Additionally, on sandboxes and currently in Beta, you can now select the column to print with the Gantt chart.



Fixed. Critical tasks display as red bars in Gantt charts.

  1745175599 Fixed. When bulk editing tasks, you can no longer set a task start date later than a task target date.



Improved. On the Timesheet Approvals page, the My Final Approvals and My PM Approvals timesheet approvals tabs now display an "Info" column instead of an "Overdue" column. For My Final Approvals, this column will display a note icon if any note exists on the timesheet (approval note, rejection note, submission note, etc.) or on any timesheet entry.

For My PM Approvals, a note icon displays if any note exists at the timesheet level (approval note, rejection note, etc.) or on any entry related to the project(s) being PM-approved.

  1745115615 Fixed. When creating a timesheet entry, if the user clicks the ellipsis to invoke the search dialog, the full list of tasks displays before the user enters search text. Previously, the complete list did not render under the user started typing.  
  1595693293 Improved. Running reports based on "Timesheet entries summarized by month" and "Timesheet entries summarized by Timesheet Period" report sources requires use of a filter or a date range. We made a change in a previous release that required use of a filter regardless of whether dates were used as well - now you can use one or the other.


Fixed. New entries can be added to rejected timesheets. Previously, error messages were thrown when attempting to add a new entry to a rejected timesheet.


1595801653 1595467645 1595761283

Fixed. Timesheet alerts are being sent as configured, either on a schedule or according to a user action.


1745088846 1745090209

Fixed. Fully approved timesheets can be rejected by the Time Manager (member of Timesheet Manager group).



Fixed. When configuring colors for lookup list values, you can now type in RGB or Hex values for the colors.



Improved. The Description field for list values in the Admin Lookup List facility is now a text box and can expand into a rich text editor. Previously, the Description field was a single line string field and was difficult to scroll to read.



New. The Owned Entities page now has a Title search field that allows the user to search across the titles of the entities in the grid (dashboards, reports, and filters, for example).



Improved. In an effort to make the Clear function of the bulk editor more intuitive, we made some button and dialog label changes.

Changed the Bulk Editor modal button label from "Clear..." to "Select Fields to Clear".

Changed the clear modal title from "Clear Values from Fields" to "Select Fields to Clear".

Changed the clear modal "Apply to Selected" button label to "Clear for Selected <entities>" and the "Apply to All" button label to "Clear for All <entities>". For example, "Clear for Selected Issues" and "Clear for All Issues".

What If


Fixed. The Book Resource menu option is now available for unstaffed roles that have demand.



New. There are new API methods called getEntitiesByFilterUpdateHistory and findEntityUpdateHistory that can be used to retrieve entities that have changed in a given time period.