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What's New - August 2023

Release Schedule

Click here for an overview of the PPM Pro release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates. 

What When
Release Notes published for new features August 4
New features released to sandbox environments August 11
New features released to production environments August 18
Issue fixes released weekly Planned weekly releases containing issue fixes and minor enhancements; release notes updated accordingly

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows.


  • Defect fixes are delivered weekly
  • Planview sends out status emails in advance of planned and non-planned releases/updates/incidents. These alerts include the date and time window of the releases/updates/incident, as well as a link to the release notes that include a list of the issues addressed in the releases/updates/incident. To subscribe to these alerts, please go to and click the Subscribe button.


Action Required

If your instance is using PVAdmin: Please ask your internal IT helpdesk to safelist these domains: or * Safelisting both domains ensures that your notifications will not be blocked by your email spam blockers when the new notification services is launched. If you prefer safelisting specific IP's please see below. If you have doubt of where your server is hosted, please reach out to customer care for clarification.

US: &
EU: & 






For more information…

Notification Service

PV Admin use is needed to leverage the new service and UI component for notification log. Please submit a support case to enable notifications and view the new log. 




Infrastructure for notification services and new sender: will be enabled upon request for PV Admin users.

Non-PV Admin Users: Notifications will still be routed to email as expected via the address. Alerts -> Home page will remain as is today. 

PV Admin Users: Notifications will be routed via new sender and a new UI component under Home -> Notifications will display notifications sent to user in the last 30 days.


Sandbox - March 2023 Update Release

Production - April 2023 

Notifications (Planview Admin)


Release Notes - Sorted by Release Date 


Release Date Function Area AgilePlace card Release Note Description
August 18 Dashboards 1975048724 Improved. We improved the performance of the Dashboards grid. Previously, having a large number of published dashboard outputs made the grid load slowly. Now, loading performance should be faster, even with a large number of published dashboard outputs.

August 11 (sandbox)

August 18 (production)


Improved. For users of the Planview Admin notification service, we provide the following IP addresses that your IT department can safelist to ensure that your notifications are not blocked:

  • US: &
  • APAC: &
  • EU: & 

If you are not sure which server your instance of PPM Pro is hosted, please contact our Customer Care team for clarification.

August 11 (sandbox)

August 18 (production)

Requests 1947045789

Fixed. When creating an association between a request and a task, the project list was not displayed. This no longer occurs.

August 11 (sandbox)

August 18 (production)

Projects 1956557891 Fixed. Loading the Projects grid could be slow when it needed to process multiple permission profiles. We've improved the way it handles these profiles, which may improve apparent performance.