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What's New - March 2018

Release Schedule

Click here for an overview of the PPM Pro release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates. 

What When
Release Notes published March 2
System released to sandbox environments March 9, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
System released to production environments March 16, 10 PM - 1 AM PT

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows, which are Fridays, 10 PM PT - 1 AM PT.


  • Features that are ready will enter GA status in the first month's release of each calendar quarter: January, April, July, October. There will be an occasional variance from this schedule. You can enter a support request to move a beta feature into your production environment.
  • You can request that beta features be enabled in your production environment by entering a support ticket.

New Feature Matrix 




For more information…

Swedish language support   GA  
OData feed Provides access to Innotas data across any warehouse, data lake, or business intelligence ecosystem that can consume OData feeds. Beta

Note that this feature is an opt-in beta - it will not be available automatically in sandboxes. If you are interested in testing the beta OData feed, please contact

See OData Beta Setup for more information.

Integration writers: update API proxy endpoint by March 16

Users who are writing their own integrations to Innotas need to update the endpoint to use their DNS subdomain. For example:

If you do not know what your DNS subdomain is, look at the URL you used to access Innotas. You should see your company name, or acronym, preceding the portion of the URL.

The deadline for updating the endpoint is March 16.

  WS API Change Required by March 16, 2018 10PM PT
TLS 1.0 End of Life

Innotas is discontinuing support for TLS 1.0 - we have extended the date to June 15, 2018. 

  TLS 1.0 End of Life


KPI Data Reporting  KPI Trend report source for reporting on the historical data for the fields configured on the KPI Data Collection admin UI. Beta Target - April 2018  
Project-level Financial Entries  Allows users to enter expenses at the project level. Beta Target - Q2 2018  
Intake 1.0 (aka Requests revamp)
  • Configure using self-service administration
  • New graphical, status-based card view
  • Ability to associate new and existing projects, tasks, and/or project logs
  • No support for approvals/gates yet

Will be available side-by-side current requests, no data migration.


Beta Target - Q2 2018  

Update 1

Release planned for Friday March 23, 2018

Function Area ID Release Note Descriptions
Import, Tasks 1758948779 Fixed. (IE problem only) An error is no longer thrown when importing tasks from MSP.
Filters 1758941971 Fixed. Filters now returning results as expected.
Filters 1758953462 Fixed. When running timesheet summary reports, you can now filter on administrative time types.
Resource 1758943028 Fixed. The Can Edit Calendar resource property can be enabled/disabled as expected.
Self-Service 1758820001 Fixed. User-defined lookup lists are available to associate with multi-select lists in SSA.
Timesheets, Alerts 1758260068 (Planned). Weekly timesheet alerts based on unsubmitted but not overdue timesheets now work as expected. These alerts are successfully sent to all resources.
Timesheets 1758941419 Fixed. Timesheet approvers can see unsubmitted timesheets for the resources for whom they are timesheet approvers.
UDF 1758808540

Fixed. Custom UDFs can be created for some grids that are not supported by self-service administration.

Release Notes

Function Area ID Release Note Descriptions
Admin 1595727088 New. Schedules for inactive timesheet alerts will be marked "inactive" in Admin > Scheduled Jobs.
Alert 1758750865 Fixed. Date formats used in automated staffing request email alerts now respect the current user's locale setting. Previously, the current user's date preference/locale was not being honored.
Calculated Fields, Filter 1758747860 Fixed. The count for the usage of a calculated field now includes filters.
Calculated Fields, Self Service 1758705591 Fixed. Calculated fields with no references can be deleted. Previously, if a calculated field was used in a report that had child reports, the child reports were not deleted when the parent reports were deleted. As a result, the calculated field referencing the parent report could not be deleted. This has been fixed.
Cap & Demand, UI 1758192296 Fixed. Capacity & Demand output exports to Excel and renders white cell backgrounds if the demand and staffed values are zero, as it does in the UI.
Dashboard 1757929875 New. You can now include up to 15 email addresses for notification when a dashboard has been published.
Dashboard 1758715711 Fixed. Exporting a report on its own to Excel and exporting a dashboard that contains the report results in the same cell formatting/height in Excel output.
Expenses 1758634392 Fixed. When entering an expense, the system now checks that the date is valid. For example, if the year was entered as "20162017", the system will default in the start of the current month and the start of the next month for the to and from dates. Previously it was trying to process 20162017 and melted down.
Filter 1757900662 New. A new filter field called "Resource: Is Unit Manager?" has been added. This is useful for creating filter-based groups.
Import 1758191703 Improved. To import projects using the Data Import facility, you need to be a member of the Admin group, and no longer need to be a member of the Organization group.
Import, Capacity & Demand 1758885996
Fixed. The data import facility had been incorrectly importing contours, and when the imported data was used for capacity and demand reports, a "nullError" was thrown.  This has been corrected such that the cap/dem reports no longer display this error.  Note that PPM Pro operations corrected this invalid data during the week but this release will prevent the situation happening again.
Import, WS API, Groups 1758668150 Fixed. The API and Data Import facility now prevent adding a resource to a group more than once. Previously, the UI prevented this from happening, but not the API/Data Import.
Permissions, Project 1758553435 Fixed. Project Notes and Status Comments can be edited and deleted by the owner only.
Project 1758873832 Fixed. In project Staffing, using the Advanced search feature in the Find Resource dialog works as expected. Previously, the system through an error after select some criteria and clicking Search.
Project 1595656323 New. In the project Staffing screen, if no headcount or hours are entered for an allocation, "0.00" is displayed in contour cells within the allocation start-end date range. Contour cells outside of the date range are blank. This makes it easier to distinguish which contours are within the allocation range.
Project, Permissions 1758271055 Fixed. If a user does not have permission to view a template, that template will not be available when using the Populate from Template feature.
Project, Staffing 1758814206 Fixed. The Advanced Search feature in the Find Resource dialogs (project/Staffing) works as expected and no longer throws an error message.
Project, UI 1758681331 Improved. The project section "Team: Profile_Based" has been renamed "Team".
Reports 1745206049 Fixed. Configuring colors for crosstab column chart reports work as expected.
Reports 1758153426 Improved. When exporting Gantt reports or printing project/task Gantt charts, PPM Pro will attempt to maintain the same units that the user had specified, if such units can be displayed reasonably. For example, if the user is zoomed to see quarters in the top of the Gantt, PPM Pro will export with quarters on the print. In some cases a different unit will need o be used when the printed date range is too large for the user's current zoom level. In that case, PPM Pro will zoom out to the next best unit that will export/print.
Reports 1758182198


Fixed. Audit history reports return expected results when using different date ranges.


Fixed. Deleted entities appear as "Deleted" in audit history reports - previously that were listed as "Modified".
Reports 1758387314


Fixed. Multiple lines no longer display on the y-axis on column charts in cases where there should be only one.
Reports 1758422128 Fixed. Reports sorting on number fields no longer give a "comparison error" during sort.
Reports 1758432347 Fixed. Reports based on the All Baseline Details report source works as expected when more than 2 baselines are included.
Reports 1758684847 New. To protect visibility from un-permissioned users, only administrators can view deleted fields in audit history reports. Once a field is deleted the system can't determine the permissions prior to deletion, thus limiting to administrators.
Reports 1758785792 Fixed. Red/Green/Yellow indicators in reports exported to Excel are displaying as expected.
Reports, Dashboard 1758279563 Fixed. When printing dashboards that contain list reports, the report column headers display as expected at the top of the page and do not repeat in the middle of the report and over-print the report data.
Reports,Filter 1745213088 Fixed. The report source "All Tasks under a Summary Task" respects filter as expected. Specifically, you can create a filter that returns only child tasks that are not leaf tasks.
Resource 1745179604 Fixed. The system prevents deletion of resources who are assigned a billing rate.
Resource 1758832734 Fixed. In Resources/Skills Profile, skills can be edited and saved. 
Resource 1758681054 New. The field label "Manager" on the Resource record has been renamed to "Unit Manager".
Resource Staffing 1758732538 Fixed. The "Copy from URL" menu option was mistakenly displayed in the Actions menu for the Resource Workbench. Not surprisingly, this did not work. "Copy from URL" has been removed from the Resource Workbench Actions menu.
Resource Staffing 1758819445 Fixed. In the Find Resource dialog, when you hover over a Harvey ball, the Current Allocation Details dialog now displays the allocation details.
Self Service, Asset 1757758541 Fixed. Asset classes can be deleted, and no error messages display when navigating to other entities.
Task 1595409396 Fixed. Task titles can contain special characters. Previously if a task title contained a special character it would not display in the grid (prevented the task grid from loading).
Task 1758790474 Fixed. Colors defined on task-level lookup list are used in Gantt charts according to the Color By drop list.
Task, MSP 1758397615 Improved. As part of our ongoing effort to update the user interface across the product, the Actions > MSP Import dialog has been upgraded to use the new framework.
Task, Filter 1758741312 Improved. When copying or importing tasks, if you select a filter and then choose "Make This My Default Filter," that filter will be the default the next time you copy/import tasks. Note that the Copy and Import dialogs will maintain their own "default" filter.
Timesheet 1758794545

Fixed. Choosing to Load Previous Timesheet entries from weekly timesheet periods ending on or before 2/10/18 into timesheet periods starting on or after 2/11/18 now correctly populates tasks that are eligible for time entry.

This fix is specifically for the timesheet periods mentioned; there are a couple of outstanding issues in this area with regard to pinning that are not included in this fix.

UI 1758684387 Fixed. (Windows 10 with IE11) In the top navigation bar, the dropdown arrow that displays the overflow menu (contains icon/labels that don't fit on the screen) is always available. Previously, in certain scenarios, this menu control became inaccessible.
UI 1758822354 Improved. The "Forgot Password" link now display the message "Please contact the PPM Pro administrator at your company and follow your company's process for retrieving passwords." Previously the link led to, which was not useful.
UI, Usability, Search 1758704900

New. Searching in PPM Pro has been enhanced as described below.

Support for word-based (disjoint) searches in the following areas:

  • Find Role and Find Resource dialogs (on staffing pages)
  • Search when creating associations (issue to issue, issue to task associations)
  • Global Search (from the top header of  PPM Pro)

Expanded searching now includes the following fields:

  • Find Role and Find Resource dialogs: Title and Description
  • For issue/task associations: searches any of the "searchable fields" as configured in self-service administration. By default that includes title, description, id, etc

Note that your search results might initially look like they don't match your input, but remember that the search now picks up words in additional fields. For example, in the Find Role and Find Resource dialogs, you might get a result that matches a word in the Role Description field, even though you don't see the Description in that dialog.

User 1758770667 Fixed. Stakeholder users will only see the Request tab if they have permission according to one of the following: are on scoring team, a gate owner, on approval team, or have Can Create Requests checked on their user record.
WS APi, Tasks 1758873949 Fixed. WS API now supports updating task role estimates while in project-level resource planning mode.