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What's New - January 2018

Release Schedule

Click here for an overview of the PPM Pro release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates. 

What When
Release Notes published January 5
System released to sandbox environments January 12, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
System released to production environments January 19, 10 PM - 1 AM PT

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows, which are Fridays, 10 PM PT - 1 AM PT.


  • Features that are ready will enter GA status in the first month's release of each calendar quarter: January, April, July, October. There will be an occasional variance from this schedule. You can enter a support request to move a beta feature into your production environment.
  • You can request that beta features be enabled in your production environment by entering a support ticket.

New Feature Matrix 




For more information…

Profile-based Permissions for Projects

- After the October release, new features and fixes will be delivered against the new permissions model only.

- Last scheduled migration is January 27. 

- Any remaining customers will have permissions activated with the February release

- Revert option will be removed with the February Release

- See Permission Migration FAQs


Permission Migration FAQs

Permissions Webinar Recording

Winter is Coming! Migrate Your Permissions!

Using Profile-Based Permissions for Projects

Using the Permissions Explorer

Migration Guide

Notes for API Users

Additional Features/Updates with June Release


New MSP Import option

In response to customer requests, we have added a small enhancement when importing tasks from MSP. There is now an option to import all tasks into Innotas as manually scheduled, which allows you to maintain the task dates from the MS project.

This new option is on the existing MSP task import dialog. Enabled in both sandboxes and production environments.


Microsoft Project (MSP) and Innotas

Importing/exporting tasks

KPI Data Collection Configuration UI   

- Provides ability for administrators to identify the trend fields to collect data for. This feature will be ready in advance of reporting capabilities in order to collect data to report on.

- Note for customers in Canada only: We are leveraging AWS Athena Services for Trending Reporting. This service is not yet available in the AWS Canada Region. The stored trending data and query service for the customers in Canada (S10 Segment) will therefore be provided by AWS in Dublin, Ireland. Canadian customers who do not wish to have their trend data stored outside Canada should not use this feature. We will notify you when AWS Canada has this service available. For customers in all other regions, trend data is stored in the same region as your regular Innotas data.


Configure KPI Trend Fields (Beta)

Additional methods for calculating % complete for projects and task

- Now four different types of calculations:

  • Timesheet Actuals (original method)
  • Task Manual
  • Task Manual (Weighted)
  • Number of Tasks Complete

- Ability to choose calculation method per project

- Enabled in sandboxes and production



Documentation: Calculating Project and Task % Complete (Beta)

Video: Play recording 


OData feed Provides access to Innotas data across any warehouse, data lake, or business intelligence ecosystem that can consume OData feeds. Beta Target - Q1 2018

Note that this feature will be an opt-in beta - it will not be available automatically in sandboxes. If you are interested in testing the beta OData feed, please contact

See OData Beta Setup for more information.

KPI Data Reporting  KPI Trend report source for reporting on the historical data for the fields configured on the KPI Data Collection admin UI. Beta Target - TBD  
Project-level Financial Entries  Allows users to enter expenses at the project level. Beta Target - TBD  

Release Notes

Update 2: Feb 2, 2018

Function Area


Release Note Descriptions



Fixed. In addition to the owner and requester, gate approvers and Organization group members can now see request attachments.

Update 1: January 26, 2018

Function Area


Release Note Descriptions

Filter, Permissions 1758596946 Fixed. When a user with appropriate permissions (View and Create) copies a filter, that user will become the owner of the filter. At that point, the user will have any of the permissions defined in the Owner profile.


Fixed. In certain scenarios, the groups of fields in the Details section were not rendering correctly. This has been resolved and project Details fields are rendering in the correct groups and order.
Reports 1758605961
Improved. When sorting a report by an entity other than the main (level 1) entity, most reports now sort correctly (some issues with resource planning reports remain).

January 19, 2018

Function Area


Release Note Descriptions

Calendar 1758552901 Fixed. Calendars can be updated as expected, even if resource is not associated with a Division or a Department.
Calendar 1758425776 Fixed. Calendar events can be deleted, as expected.



Fixed. Scheduled publishing jobs re-publish on the specified day. There was a UI error which prevented the user from seeing the selected day.

Expenses 1758393482 Fixed. When creating a new expense  from Home/Expenses, the UI now renders as expected.

Issue, Task, UI


Fixed. Various issues regarding editing tasks/issues and then changing either the category value or using the Settings dialog to add/remove columns have been resolved. Previously, certain steps caused the UI freeze up when editing a record after changing the category or the displayed columns.

Performance 1758517448 Improved. Tasks are loaded in the Home/Tasks page in a performant length of time. Previously, loading tasks on this page took longer than expected.
Performance 1758423131 Improved. Project filters that use the Is Team Member filter field are returning results in a reasonable amount of time.



Fixed. The Color By feature for the project Gantt chart now provides different colors for for each value, up to 20 values. Previously, colors generated by Innotas could be very similar and hard to differentiate, and as a result appeared to be repeating.

Project, Resource Staffing


Fixed. When creating a project from a template, proposed staffing requests in the template project will be copied to the target project Staffing screen as an unstaffed role with a status of "New" (the request for the proposed resource will not be copied to the target project, just the role).



New. There is an ad-hoc filter now available on the Reports list page. This filter replaces the Category and Target droplists, as those values can be configured as filters. Remember that you can save filters, so, for example, if you often create Organization/Projects reports, you can create a reusable filter instead of picking from the droplists each time.



Fixed. The report source "All Summary Tasks on Projects in a Portfolio and its Sub Portfolios" now respects a filter that uses the Summary Task: Is Summary Task? filter criteria.

Reports 1758314931 Fixed. After exporting Gantt charts to PDFs, date fields render as configured in the report definition. For example, Date-only fields contains date-only values, both in rendered version and in PDF.
Reports 1758410647 Fixed. The All Project with Financials report source work as expected with using Portfolio Project fields.

Reports, UDF, Request


Fixed. Org-level reports based on the All Project with Finances report source now return data for request UDFs on projects that were created from a request. Previously at least one standard field was required in the report definition in order to return data for the UDFs.



Fixed. Request gates can be deleted if there are no requests at the gate awaiting approval.



New. The resource "Profile" navigation label has been changed to "Skills Profile".




Fixed. The Actions > Add Staffing Entry menu option is available in the Resource Workbench. A regression had prevented it from being available in the Resource Workbench.

Resource 1758453208 Fixed. Staffing assignments can be edited in the Resource Workbench by users with appropriate permissions.

Resource Staffing


Fixed. The Find Resource dialog is now horizontally resizeable.

Resource Staffing, Task


Fixed. (IE users) The schedule resource to task feature in the task grid is working as expected - it no longer prompts the user to Leave/Stay, or redirect to the login screen.

Resource, Filter


Fixed. Terminated resources cannot be added to units. In addition, the resource filter condition "active" now filters out inactive resources.

Roles UI


New. The UI for Admin/Organization/Roles page has been updated. In addition, as part of this update, a new page has been added to address role groups: Admin/Organization/Roles Groups.

Scoring, Permissions 1758380239 Fixed. Users with project Edit > Scoring Profile permission can set the scoring profile for the project.

Scoring, Request, User


Fixed. Stakeholder users with permission to score appear on the scoring team for requests, allowing them to score without taking ownership of the request.

Self Service


Fixed. The Available Fields list for projects in SSA is now sorting correctly.



Fixed. When creating a project from a template and choosing to include tasks schedules, all task schedules are successfully copied to the new project. 



Fixed. When a resource is scheduled to a task with multiple roles and one role is subsequently deleted, the user will be removed from the task for that role, and left scheduled to the task in the other role. Previously, an error was causing the resource to be removed from all roles scheduled to the task, not just the specific role.



Fixed/New. When including Role Estimate/Resource Schedules when copying a task from one project to another, task schedules are successfully copied to the destination project if the current user has the appropriate permissions. Scheduled resources are added to the project team when appropriate. In addition, the Copy Tasks UI has been updated.

Task, Resource, Permissions


Fixed. Copying tasks from one project to another no longer sends extraneous alerts.

Task, UI


Fixed. Task grid can be refreshed and renders as expected.



Fixed. The Timesheet Entry Company field populates with the default value when users create timesheet entries. Previously, the default value was not displaying.

UDF, Self Service


Fixed. If no default value is specified, multi-select fields will display a blank. Previously, the first value in the list was displaying by default.

UDF, Self Service 1758546146 Fixed. UDFs can be deleted, provided they are not in use by reports, filters, or calculated fields. A regression in the previous release prevented UDFs from being deleted.



New. The new setting "Display navigation as text by default" can be found in Admin/Organization/Info. This setting allows you to specify the default display mode for the navigation: text labels or icons. The default is Yes, for text labels, which means that any users added to the system will see the navigation labels by default. This can be overridden by individual users in the User Preferences/Display dialog under the resource menu in the navigation header.

What If, UI


Fixed. After applying the Planview theme, the What If interface displays the expand/collapse widget, as expected.