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What's New - February 2018

Release Schedule

Note: The PPM Pro release scheduled for Friday February 16 will instead be released on Friday Feb 23 due to issues discovered by our internal quality assurance process. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Click here for an overview of the PPM Pro release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates. 

What When
Release Notes published February 2
System released to sandbox environments February 9, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
System released to production environments February 16, 10 PM - 1 AM PT

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows, which are Fridays, 10 PM PT - 1 AM PT.


  • Features that are ready will enter GA status in the first month's release of each calendar quarter: January, April, July, October. There will be an occasional variance from this schedule. You can enter a support request to move a beta feature into your production environment.
  • You can request that beta features be enabled in your production environment by entering a support ticket.

New Feature Matrix 




For more information…

Profile-based Permissions for Projects

Everyone using as of Feb 15


Permission Migration FAQs

Permissions Webinar Recording

Winter is Coming! Migrate Your Permissions!

Using Profile-Based Permissions for Projects

Using the Permissions Explorer

Migration Guide

Notes for API Users

Additional Features/Updates with June Release


Integration writers: update API proxy endpoint

Users who are writing their own integrations to Innotas need to update the endpoint to use their DNS subdomain. For example:

If you do not know what your DNS subdomain is, look at the URL you used to access Innotas. You should see your company name, or acronym, preceding the portion of the URL.

The deadline for updating the endpoint is March 16.

  WS API Change Required by March 16, 2018 10PM PT
TLS 1.0 End of Life

Innotas is discontinuing support for TLS 1.0 - we have extended the date to June 15, 2018. 

  TLS 1.0 End of Life


OData feed Provides access to Innotas data across any warehouse, data lake, or business intelligence ecosystem that can consume OData feeds. Beta - available now

Note that this feature is an opt-in beta - it will not be available automatically in sandboxes. If you are interested in testing the beta OData feed, please contact

See OData Beta Setup for more information.

KPI Data Reporting  KPI Trend report source for reporting on the historical data for the fields configured on the KPI Data Collection admin UI. Beta Target - April 2018  
Project-level Financial Entries  Allows users to enter expenses at the project level. Beta Target - Q2 2018  

Update 2

Released Friday March 9, 2018

Function Area ID Release Note Descriptions
Dashboards 1758825978
Fixed. Dashboard's are run with the permissions of the dashboard owner (run as owner), as expected.
Reports 1758879716 Fixed. Adjustments have been made to address performance issues related to reports that sort on lookup lists.
Requests 1758880107 Fixed. The system was throwing the incorrect error message when the user was trying to enter an invalid value. The correct message now appears in this situation, which explains the problem to the user.

Update 1

Released Friday March 2, 2018

Function Area ID Release Note Descriptions
My Arena, Reports 1758807928 1758806267 Fixed. "My Items" reports now working as expected.
Project 1758803668 Fixed. Notes and Status Comments can be added to projects.
Reports 1758815187 1758825514 Fixed. Reports based on the All Resource Financials report source work as expected.
Request 1758815206 1758813541
1758814542 1758819770 1758820567


Fixed. Items (projects, tasks, project logs) can be created from a request, even when including an attachment to the item.
Security 1758826023 Fixed. Fixes VU#475445, a vulnerability in a 3rd-party SAML library which could allow authentication bypass via incorrect XML canonicalization and DOM traversal. See for more details.
Task 1758820459 1758816528 Fixed. Can now edit the task owner when using the bulk editor.

Release Notes

Function Area ID Release Note Descriptions
Admin 1758358845 1758347496 1758619781 1758392829 Fixed. Fields with HTML in their titles or descriptions can be used as KPI trend fields. Previously, fields with HTML in their titles could be moved to the selected fields pane in the KPI configuration UI.
Admin, Permissions 1758569874 Improved. In the Permissions Hierarchy, we've increased the delay before the tool-tips appear to make it easier to configure the checkboxes. Previously, the hover text was popping up too quickly and blocking the text on the UI.
Alert, Request 1758591382 Fixed. When a request changes ownership, the new owner receives an email notification. A regression in a previous release prevented the notification.
Dashboard 1595214062 Fixed. To suppress printing of the report title in a dashboard, you can blank out the Display Name. Previously, the report title still rendered even when the Display Name was blank.
Data Dictionary 1594363708 Fixed. Renaming Innotas "task" entities works as expected, and included the "All Tasks" text at the top of the grid.
Expenses,Timesheet 1595201936 Improved. The Timesheet Settings label for including project managers in the approval process has been clarified to include expense approvals (in addition to timesheet approvals).
Filter 1758209919
New. Innotas out-of-the-box filters now display the filter definition when you hover over the filter name (works just like custom filters).
Filter 1758438999 Fixed. Users with the appropriate permissions can include departments as filter criteria.
Filter 1758463069 Fixed. Filters for some entities like Timesheets and Timesheet Entries were not correctly opening in the filter editor. Now they open and show all criteria.
Filter 1758553803 Fixed. When editing a filter, that filter will no longer be available to add as a criterion (it will be grayed out). This prevents building a filter that renders no results.
Filter 1758634760 Fixed. Filters using the "Is Team Member Is" filter criterion are now working correctly. 
Filter, Task, Reports 1758347221 Fixed. The Summary Task report source returns only summary tasks, and applying a filter to the report based on summary task phase further refines the returned fields, as expected.
Import 1758668133 Fixed. The Budget Cost field is included in the generated portfolio template and used for creating or updating  portfolios (also included on the field mappings screen for updating a portfolio).
Import 1758650725 Fixed. Importing allocation roles no longer throws an error. Previously, even thought the import was successful, an error message was displayed.
Issue 1758421575 1758642271 Fixed. Non-users (resources) can be added to project teams and assigned to issues. Previously, with the profile-permission model, only users could be assigned to issues and project teams.
Issue, Task, UI 1758291468 Fixed. Various issues regarding editing tasks/issues and then changing either the category value or using the Settings dialog to add/remove columns have been resolved. Previously, certain steps caused the UI freeze up when editing a record after changing the category or the displayed columns.
Permissions 1758377913 Improved. The Admin/Setup/Scoring Team page no longer has settings for project scoring. The ability to lock scores and the ability to score projects are now controlled with project profile permissions (Edit > Scoring Profile, and Edit > Scoring, respectively).
Permissions 1758534165 New. The "automatically migrate", "activate", and "revert" links have been removed from Admin/Permissions. All users will be using profile-permissions with the February release.
Project 1758647351 New. When populating a project from a template, we have removed the restriction that required the target project team to be empty. Now, the Populate from Template option will be available if the target project has team members; new team members will be added, duplicate team members will be ignored (not populated). Other restrictions still apply (no allocations or tasks in target project).
Project, Attachments 1758649754 Fixed. When creating a project from a template that includes attachments, the attachment is copied to the target project as expected.
Project, Portfolio 1758118665 Fixed. Projects associated with portfolios can be deleted, and the corresponding associations are deleted as well.
Reports 1594310726 Fixed. The Description and Objective fields on Enterprises are text fields that can have line breaks. If these fields have line break in them and are included in reports, the line breaks now render in the report output as well.
Reports 1595194582 Fixed. Configuring filters for the resource audit report no longer throws an error.
Reports 1758062690 Fixed. Resource audit history reports configured for the Modify action return previous and modified values.
Reports 1758235121 Fixed. Full and team users can drill down from a dashboard to a list report. A problem with the Owner Category field was preventing the drilldown from working for Bar and Pie charts.
Reports 1758421748 New. The ad hoc filter that was recently added to the Reports list now includes the following filter criteria: Description, Output Type, Last Modified, and Last Run.
Reports 1758601311 Fixed. Date filters specified in the report Run screen apply to drilldown reports. A regression prevented this behavior temporarily.
Reports 1758625728 Fixed. Reports that are the target of a drilldown cannot be deleted.
Reports 1758363043 Fixed. When exporting reports to CSV, if the report includes a drilldown to a crosstab report, the export will include totals and subtotals for the crosstab report.
Reports, Task, Portfolio 1758362246 Fixed. Reports based on the Portfolio Summary Task report source include Actual Hours.
Reports, UI 1758605961 Improved. When sorting a report by an entity other than the main (level 1) entity, most reports now sort correctly (some issues with resource planning reports remain).
Request, Task 1758521216 Fixed. When creating a Request Type that has a target task item, Date fields from the request can be successfully mapped to Date fields in the target task (for example task: Start Date and task:Target Date). Note that mappings must occur between the same field types (you cannot map a DateTime field to a Date field).
Resource 1758566762 New. Division and Immediate Supervisor values no longer required for resources. Membership to a unit is required,
Resource Staffing 1758357151 1758411010 1758411056 Fixed. The sorting algorithm on the Resources/Staffing screen has been improved. In addition, an informational message has been added to the top of the page to alert users when there are more records than can be displayed - for example: "The first 500 of 750 records are displayed".
Resource Staffing 1758493457 1758584345 1758591213 1758647609 Fixed. When staffing a resource to a role, an error is no longer thrown if the current user is not in the Internal Costs Visibility group.
Resource Staffing 1758179776 Fixed. After staffing a request with one or multiple resources, the status of the request in both the project and resource Staffing screens is "Staffed". Previously, fulfilling the staffing request with multiple resources resulted in disappearing staffing requests.
Resource Staffing 1758200220 Fixed. This is related to issue 1758200220, above. An error message is no longer thrown when fulfilling a staffing request with multiple resources, for less than the requested demand.
Security 1758654074 New. Innotas is discontinuing support for TLS 1.0. Click here for more information. 
Self Service 1593622502 1758554278 Fixed. Creating field level restrictions now works correctly. Previously, if you configured an "Everyone else" restriction, it would not display in the list of restrictions.
Task 239227092 253028273 1594649129 1595014384 1758559567
New. When copying tasks, and intra-project task dependencies are copied as well. Dependencies that involve tasks that are not being copied will not be copied. For example, imagine task A is dependent on task E, but only task A, B, and C are being copied. The dependency between task A and E will not be copied.
Timesheet 1758457908 
Fixed. When loading previous entries into a timesheet, if one or more entry does not have a value for a required field, the system will display a dialog that lists field(s) requiring values before the timesheet can be submitted. Previously, users were able to submit timesheets that were missing required values.
Timesheet, UI 1758653478 Fixed. Timesheet titles that include quotation marks are processsed correctly in the timesheets UI. Having quotes (' " ') in the title of a task will not prevent saving a timesheet charged to that task.
UDF 1758546146 1758453276 Fixed. UDFs can be deleted, provided they are not in use by reports, filters, or calculated fields. A regression in the previous release prevented UDFs from being deleted.
UI 1758183699 Improved. Grid Column Settings dialogs allow multi-select of fields on the left-hand side to move fields over to the right-hand side, but now support only single-select on the right-hand side. Typically users reposition columns one at a time, and allowing multi-select (and non-adjacent multi-select) on the right-hand side resulted in a lot of unexpected behavior.
UI 1758597389 1758597433 Improved. For Gantt charts, the label "Year" is used instead of the start year of a range that didn't necessary correspond to the tasks beneath the title.
WS API 1758599862 1758427772 Fixed. WSAPI no longer requires the Department field when creating a project (matching the UI).