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What's New - August 2018

Release Schedule

Click here for an overview of the PPM Pro release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates. 

What When
Release Notes published August 3
System released to sandbox environments August 10, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
System released to production environments August 17, 10 PM - 1 AM PT

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows, which are Fridays, 10 PM PT - 1 AM PT.


  • Features that are ready will enter GA status in the first month's release of each calendar quarter: January, April, July, October. There will be an occasional variance from this schedule. You can enter a support request to move a beta feature into your production environment.
  • You can request that beta features be enabled in your production environment by entering a support ticket. Please note that any issues you find will be handled during the normal development cycle. 

New! Subscribe to Release Information Alerts and Webinars

Planview sends out status emails in advance of planned releases/updates. These alerts include the date and time window of the update, as well as a link to the release notes that include a list of the issues addressed in the update/release. To subscribe to these alerts, please go to and click the Subscribe button.

In addition, we hold a live product release webinar - typically on the Wednesday before the production release. This webinar will be hosted by PPM Pro product management and consulting personnel, and will include time for Q&A. Click here to register. 

New Feature Matrix 




For more information…

New Requests! (aka Requests revamp)

This feature will be rolled out over the course of several releases ("rolling beta"). The Initial Features are part of the June release.

We will update this list every month to indicate when/what additional features will be included.

Legacy requests will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future. You can use legacy requests and new requests side-by-side while you set up the new requests to your liking. Since the new model is different from the legacy in several key ways, we are not planning an automated migration at this time.

Delivered in August

  • Fixes for Known Issues

Delivered in July

  • Ability to copy notes and attachments to associated entities (currently projects)
  • Request category-based permissions
  • Reporting

Coming Later

  • Task and issue associations
  • Gates
  • Approvals
  • Data import
  • API
  • Scoring

Known Issues

Setting Up Requests (SSA)



Project Financials

The following project report field names have been changed:

  • Actual Cost > Total Actual Cost
  • Actual Cost (Cap)- Total Actual Cost (Cap)
  • Actual Cost (Non Cap) - Total Actual Cost (Non Cap)
  • Total Cost - Total Forecast Cost
  • Estimated Cost - Total Estimated Cost
  • Estimated Cost (Cap) - Total Estimated Cost (Cap)
  • Estimated Cost (Non Cap) - Total Estimated Cost (Non Cap)

The following task-based entity names have been changed:

  • Material Estimate - Task Material Estimate
  • Expense Entry - Task Expense Entry

The report source names reflect these changes.


Delivered in August

Delivered in July

  • Data import
  • Rollups
  • Reporting
  • Calculated Fields based on Financial Entry entities
  • Alerts
  • Ability to copy forecasts when using a project template

Beta (current)

GA target - October

Known Issues

Setting Up Financials

Using Project Financial Entries

Minor WS API Update - August

The following WS API methods have "start" and "end" parameters that specify an interval of time for obtaining the history:

  • findEntityUpdateHistory
  • getDeleteHistory
  • getEntitiesByFilterUpdateHistory
  • getUpdateHistory
  • getUpdateHistoryForBasicAssociations

Though it has always been ambiguous to specify a date/time without timezone offset such as "2018-06-12T05:00:00" or "6/12/2018 5:00 PM" for these parameters, PPM Pro has consistently interpreted such times in the US/Pacific timezone (PST/PDT).  

Starting with the August release, calls to these methods that do not specify a timezone will resolve to UTC and the documentation will be updated to reflect that the timezone offset should always be specified. Planview strongly encourages the use of ISO-8601 zoned date/time formats such as "2018-06-12T18:30:00Z" or "2018-06-12T11:30:00-0700" when calling these methods to avoid any ambiguity. Some of these methods also provide a mechanism for supplying a date format. These mechanisms, while not as standardized as ISO-8601 formats, can also be used so long as a time zone is specified (e.g. 6/12/2018 11:30 AM PDT).

Coming Soon!  

Beta target - September 2018

  • Keyboard and edit interaction like a spreadsheet, including Undo/Redo
  • Copy/paste to and from other spreadsheet tools, such as Excel and Google Sheets
  • Initially up to 250 of a project's tasks (larger numbers of tasks in a later release)
  • Basic validation and correction handling (additional reconciliation and multiple editor handling in a later release)

Release Notes

Function Area ID Release Note Descriptions
Access, Dashboard 1758748573 New. There is a new setting on Admin/Organization/Info called "Enforce IP Restrictions on Published Dashboards". When enabled, the corresponding “IP Restriction” checkbox that appears on the Publish Options modals will ALWAYS be selected and disabled, such that users cannot deselect it and ALL published dashboards will have IP Restrictions.

Note that you must request to enable the "IP Restrictions" feature before you will see this new setting.
Admin, Scoring, UI, Project 1759496797 Fixed. Project hyperlinks on Admin/Setup/Scoring/Profiles now work as expected.
Calculated Fields 1759531959 Fixed. User-defined fields can successfully reference the All Roles picklist. Previously, a regression was causing fields that referenced this picklist to display for a result: “Unknown field type: 100” (Pick list all Roles).
Cap & Demand 1758433138 Fixed. The capacity multiplier is working as expected. Previously, toggling on/off the Override Working Hours setting was causing the capacity to double.
Dashboard 1745243507 New. There is a new setting in the dashboard Publish Options modal called “Send notification to dashboard publisher <n> days before expiration”. "n" can be between 1-30 days. When this setting is checked, a notification email will be sent to the dashboard owner at the specified number of days prior to the dashboard expiring..

The message body will be: The dashboard <Dashboard Title> will expire in <n> days

Click the link to view publish details: <link>
Dashboard 1759077178 New. You can now customize the email subject and body for dashboard notifications. The fields “Email subject” and “Email message” appear below the Notification Email Address(es) field. A link to the published dashboard is included below the message. These new fields are disabled until one or more email addresses are entered.

If either the Email subject or the Email message fields are left empty, the standard notification will be used.


Fixed. Published dashboard link in alerts will now show correct version of published dashboard. Previously, an old version of the published dashboard was shown.
Dashboard 1759549262 Fixed. If you use the Runtime Options setting (gear icon) on a dashboard, the dashboard target will be correct. Previously, if you used the Runtime Options dialog, the target entity was populated and saved and the report was always run on the initial target.
Filter, Project, Timesheet 1759501605 Fixed. The Project Owner field can be used in Timesheet filters and now returns correct results.
Groups 1758493039 Fixed. Filter-based groups now inherit the permissions of the parent group (standard or user-defined).
Permissions 1759480325 Fixed. The 'create' permission can only be granted on the entire entity type, a specific entity class, or a specific entity category, through a Global rule. Create permission cannot be granted on a specific instance of an entity (like a project). Previously users could include a Create action in a Team profile for an entity (like a project), and any user the team profile applied to would be granted Global create project permissions - this will no longer happen.
Permissions, Project 1759500238 New. You can now apply permissions on a per-project-category basis
Project, Finances 1759413410 Fixed. The Project Actual Cost field now displays the correct value.
Project, UI 1759318257
Fixed. The bulk editor will now limit the number of columns to display to 20. Previously, the documentation and UI text stated you could put a max of 20 columns on the project grid, and that number was enforced on the grid but not in the bulk editor - now it is.
Reports 1759077195 Fixed. The timeout period has been extended for capacity and demand reports to accommodate larger filter criteria.
Reports 1759426034 Fixed. When exporting Gantt chart only to PDF, only the chart is exported, no columns. Previously, the Title and Outline columns were included as well. This behavior applies when exporting a report or a project/task gantt chart from the UI.
Reports 1759525756 Fixed. Drilldowns on fields whose values include an apostrophe now work as expected. Previously an error was thrown after clicking the field.
Resource Staffing 1759016891 Fixed. The Replan option will not be applied to allocations in Requested or In Progress status.
Resource Staffing, Cap & Demand 1759320195 New. Available Capacity is now included in the hover details for a resource in the Resource Workbench.
Scoring 1759534893 Fixed. Scoring criteria can now be created with a lookup list.
Self Service, Project, UDF 1759310820 Fixed. Error no longer thrown in SSA Available Fields when Field Type is set to a legacy field type.
Task 1759422343 Fixed. Can now select blank from Task Owner droplist.
Task, Health, UI 1759446302 Fixed. The Schedule Health icons at the All Tasks (top) row are now working as expected - they are displaying the project-level health.
Task, Project 1759534007 Fixed. Changes to the project Schedule From date are sticky. Previously, if the project Start Date didn't match the project Schedule From Date, any edit to the project Details would set the Schedule From Data to the project Start Date.
Timesheet 1759278415 Fixed. Time Managers can view pinned entries regardless of whether time has been logged for the timesheet period. Previously, if no time had been logged, the pinned entries were not visible to the Time Manager.
UI, Usability 1759479645 Improved. Staffing popups no longer stay on screen after user navigates away from main screen.
User 1758958060
Fixed. Users who are assigned to groups that are nested in other groups can be deactivated. Previously, you could not deactivate a user who was in a child group.