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What's New - October 2017

Release Schedule

Click here for an overview of the Innotas release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates. 

What When
Release Notes published October 6
System released to sandbox environments October 13, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
System released to production environments October 20, 10 PM - 1 AM PT

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows, which are Fridays, 10 PM PT - 1 AM PT.


  • Features that are ready will enter GA status in the first month's release of each calendar quarter: January, April, July, October. There will be an occasional variance from this schedule. You can enter a support request to move a beta feature into your production environment.
  • You can request that beta features, such as additional % complete methods, be enabled in your production environment by entering a support ticket.

New Feature Matrix 




For more information…

Profile-based Permissions for Projects

- With the October release, we are sunsetting the legacy permissions model.

- After the October release, new features and fixes will be delivered against the new permissions model only.

- Please activate your permissions as soon as possible, either after you auto-migrate or create your own profiles. 

- We will start auto-migrating and activating customers on October 21. You will receive notification 2 weeks in advance of your migration date.

- See Permission Migration FAQs

- See Known Issues


Permission Migration FAQs

Permissions Webinar Recording

Winter is Coming! Migrate Your Permissions!

Using Profile-Based Permissions for Projects

Using the Permissions Explorer

Migration Guide

Notes for API Users

Additional Features/Updates with June Release


Profile-Based Permissions Reporting

- Available to users with administrative privileges

- Ability to report on all entities for which the current resource has at least one permission

- Ability to report on resources who have at least one permission on this entity

GA Reporting on Permissions
KPI Data Collection Configuration UI   

- Provides ability for administrators to identify the trend fields to collect data for. This feature will be ready in advance of reporting capabilities in order to collect data to report on.

- Note for customers in Canada only: We are leveraging AWS Athena Services for Trending Reporting. This service is not yet available in the AWS Canada Region. The stored trending data and query service for the customers in Canada (S10 Segment) will therefore be provided by AWS in Dublin, Ireland. Canadian customers who do not wish to have their trend data stored outside Canada should not use this feature. We will notify you when AWS Canada has this service available. For customers in all other regions, trend data is stored in the same region as your regular Innotas data.

Beta - October Configure KPI Trend Fields (Beta)
Create/Download Help PDF

- Allows you to select pages from the online help, and then generate and download a PDF.

- Gives customers the ability to have a PDF so you can edit and create custom documentation for your organization.

- Currently a 50 topic limit.

- For those of you reading closely, we also added a What's New menu item to the Help menu, which takes you directly to the release notes (this page). You don't have to search for it in the Success Center any more :)

GA Downloading the Online Help

Additional methods for calculating % complete for projects and task

(no change)

- Now four different types of calculations:

  • Timesheet Actuals (original method)
  • Task Manual
  • Task Manual (Weighted)
  • Number of Tasks Complete

- Ability to choose calculation method per project

- Enabled in sandboxes

Beta - current

GA - January


Documentation: Calculating Project and Task % Complete (Beta)

Video: Play recording 

Support for Multiple Grid Views

(now GA)

- Ability to create and save different grid layouts, or views, for all entities that support categories

- Enabled in sandboxes

- Available on request in production prior to October release (enter support ticket)

GA - October

See Customizing the List Contents by Category

Filter-based Groups 

(now GA)

- Ability to populate groups with the results of a resource filter.

- Enabled in sandboxes

- Available on request in production prior to October release (enter support ticket)

GA - October

See Creating Filter-based Groups

Strict XSS Protection

(no change)

- New field on Admin/Organization/Info 

- Disabled by default

- When enabled, supports basic HTML sanitization

Beta - current


Organization Info documentation

Announcement: Strict XSS Protection


New Theme!!!! Unveiling at Horizons!
Community Portal Retirement/Upgrade Will be replaced with a new discussion forum. December
KPI Data Reporting   Beta target - December
Project-level Financial Entries Allows users to enter expenses at the project level. Beta target - Q1 2018

Release Notes

Function Area ID Release Note Descriptions
Admin 1758010339 Fixed. The Implied Status lookup list now includes an ID for the 'Closed' value.
Alert, Timesheet 1757739273 Fixed. "Unsubmitted but not overdue" timesheets alerts are not generated for users who manually submit the time sheet before the time specified in the alerts page.
Alert, Resource Staffing 1757790999
New. There are three new project staffing alerts: Staffing Creation, Staffing Modification, and Staffing Deletion. These alerts can be used to notify the project owner, staffed resource, and resource supervisor when a resource is initially staffed to a project (either via a staffing request or if staffed directly) and when any changes are made to an existing staffing entry.
Cap & Demand 1757928831
Fixed. Resources no longer have duplicate entries in capacity & demand reports. Previously, if a resource was allocated twice under a single role, they appeared twice in the report, although project and role totals were correct.
Dashboard 1595739368 New. A View Published button to the left of the View button and a View Published context menu option are available in the dashboards list if the selected dashboard has been published. Note that this displays the last published version of the dashboard; if you want to rerun the dashboard, use the View button, or the View menu option.
Dashboard 1758029200
Fixed. Gantt reports that are included in dashboards are sized correctly according to the selected size. Users no longer need to expand and restore the dashboard to jiggle the Gantt chart to the correct size.
Dashboard, Publishing 1758162613

Fixed. Published Dashboards using the access code method of authentication are working as expected.

Released October 27, 2017.

Dependencies 1757763400 Fixed. Task titles that include a quotation mark (") can be used in dependencies. Previously, these tasks resulted in an error when the dependency was updated.
Filter 1758006715
Fixed. Users can successfully build a filter using an existing filter and the "does not match" condition. Previously, an error was thrown after clicking Save.
Filter 1758070327 Fixed. Filters created with standard or custom money field return expected results. Previously, there was an issue with the $ sign being editable and then being saved as part of the filter, causing the filter to fail.
Help 1757855169 New. New online help download facility (see New Feature Matrix).
Permissions 1757793174 Improved. When adding members to project teams along with their profiles, you can now hover your cursor over the profile names to view their descriptions. This will help the user determine the purpose of each profile (remember to write good descriptions!).
Permissions 1758070002 Fixed. The Permissions Explorer is available to members of Admin standard group only.
Permissions 1758068056 Fixed. Profile permissions prevent user from associating project with department unless user is member of standard Org group or on the team of the department with Can Create Parent Relationship with Project permission.
Permissions 1758015246 New. The Owner profile created from the project permissions migration will now include Delete permission on tasks, issues, baselines, notes, and attachments (matching legacy permissions for the project owner).
Permissions 1758036304 New. The Edit Unit Association permission has been added to the Permission Hierarchy on Admin/Permission Profiles. When selected, this permission allows a user to create an association between a project and a unit.
Permissions, Project



New. Edit Details permission for projects has been "unchained" from other project section permissions, where possible. For example, when you enable Edit Details, the Edit Staffing permission is not enabled by default, but can be manually enabled by the user.
Permissions, Request 1757810556 Fixed. When creating an item from a request, if the user does not have Create permission for the item, the Create Item button will not be available after the user approves the request. If the create action initiates automatically, a message appears informing the user that the appropriate permissions are needed. Previously, a white screen displayed if the user did not have the required permissions.
Project 1757807838 Fixed. When creating a project from a template, project start and end dates are carried over to the new project.
Project 1757752351 Fixed. Special characters in project titles are being interpreted correctly by filters. Previously, some projects were not returned in filter results due to a special character in the title.
Project 1757900144
Fixed. (IE 11 only) Baseline details are displayed after clicking on the baseline title. Previously, after clicking the baseline the page refreshed, but the Details were not displayed.
Project, Task 1757998665 New. Gantt settings now available for project and task Gantt charts (similar to the settings for the Gantt report). Click the Configure Settings gear icon at the top of the project or task grids.
Project, Tasks 1757992532 Fixed. T&E users can successfully update HTC from timesheets and task schedules.
Project, Resource 1757838203
Fixed. Inactive/terminated resources can no longer be configured as Alternate PM Timesheet Approvers or Immediate Supervisors.
Publishing 1745228704 Fixed. After clicking on the link to a dashboard that is no longer published, a message displays to inform the user.
Reports, Issue 1757854741 Fixed. Bulleted points now print correctly from entity grids for fields with display type of String. Previously, items with bullet point formatting were cut off.
Reports 1757786387 Fixed. Report sorting is working as expected - if Alphabetical selected for a tertiary sort, then the field sorts in ascending order.
Reports 1757979732 Fixed. Project Team Member reports return the team member IDs generated when project profile permissions are enabled. Previously the legacy team member ID was returned.
Reports 1757999005
Fixed. Various report performance issues have been addressed, including Resource Planning reports and Audit History reports.
Reports 1758047321 Fixed. Portfolio hierarchy reports that use filters that contain the "any" operator render the expected results. Previously, portfolios that did not meet the filter criteria were appearing in report output.
Reports 1758062436 Fixed. Labor/Non-Labor reports are working as expected and no longer throw an error in a specific use case with task-level planning projects only.
Reports 1758179815

Fixed. Timesheet Entries Summarized by TS Period filters data correctly when filtering on Timesheet Period Start Date.

Released October 27, 2017.

Requests 1745211169
Fixed. The error message that appears if a users enters a non-integer value in an integer field on a request, the message can be dismissed. Previously, the message kept reappearing until the user closed the window.
Resource Staffing 1595780115 Fixed. When using centralized staffing, after invoking the Staffing Entry modal, the project ellipsis displays a list of projects, as expected. Previously, after clicking the ellipsis, no projects were returned and the system seemed to hang.
Resource Staffing 1757842833 Fixed. The Disable Alerts resource setting now include centralized staffing alerts.
Resource Staffing, Alerts 1758037171 Fixed. The page that appears after clicking a staffing request email alert now displays a Resource button that allows the user to return to the Resource Staffing page.
Resource Staffing, UI 1757767120 Fixed. (IE 11) After clicking 'Add Resource to this role' icon, the editor no longer collapses after a brief period of time.
Task 1757934742 Fixed. When entering scheduled hours for a task, the mouse cursor is stable (does not wiggle or wave) as the user clicks into the Hours field. Previously, the cursor was difficult to control and let to user input errors.
Task 1758006329 Fixed. Task grid columns no longer change width (shrink) after adding/removing columns.
Task, Import


Fixed. Child tasks are placed under the correct parent after importing an MSP project. Previously, some of the tasks were assigned to the wrong parent and the dates were modified
Task, Resource Staffing

1757717619 1757946839

New. The automated behavior of HTC has changed. HTC continues to be automatically populated the first time Scheduled hours are entered at task level. In addition, if there are no actuals and a user changes Scheduled hours (AND prior to the change Scheduled Hours still matched HTC), then HTC will be updated to continue to match scheduled hours.
Timesheet 1594898700 Fixed. Adding an entry note on timesheet now defaults to the date in the cell that currently has focus in the timesheet. For example, if your cursor is in the cell for the 7/24 entry, when you click Add Entry Note, the default date will be 7/24.
Timesheet 1593958408 New. A "Total Hrs" field has been added to the Approvals/My Timesheet Approvals grid.


Fixed. When mapping a UDF text box field from a request to an issue (project log), the correct values appear in the newly created field. Previously, a numeric value was displayed instead of the text.
UI 1757855394 Fixed. Sorting entities by title now correctly does not distinguish between upper- and lower-case letters.
UI 1757875279 New. Sandbox environments now display "Sandbox" in the browser footer to help users quickly identify which environment they are working in.
UI, entity grids 1758167959

Fixed. In Configure Columns dialog, the Move Up button is now active when a field is selected.

Released October 27, 2017.

WS API 1757934936 Improved. The API session timeout threshold has been increased to 10 minutes.
WS API 1758064153 Fixed. (API) When updating issue assignee via the API, with profile-based permissions for projects enabled, the API call will no longer return an error if the assignee was not on the legacy project team.