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What's New - March 17, 2017

Release Schedule 

Click here for an overview of the Innotas release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates:

What When
Release Notes published March 3
System released to sandbox environments March 10, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
System released to production environments March 17 10 PM - 1 AM PT

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows, which are Fridays, 10 PM PT - 1 AM PT.

New Feature Matrix




For more information…

Preview environment for Effective Dates on Internal Rates

- There will be a preview environment available from March 14-20.
- Create and assign rate tables


Annotation of Report Fields

- When building reports and calculated fields, the available fields are now prefixed with icons to help users quickly distinguish the field type (date, money, percent, HTML, for example)


See the section “Select the Data to be Returned on the Report in the topic Defining Data and Output Type

New Authentication Method for Published Dashboards- Innotas login

- A revised Publish Options model now includes an additional authentication option that allows access to users currently logged into Innotas.


Publishing, Unpublishing, and Scheduling Dashboards

Enterprise Permissions for Projects

- Opt-in on sandboxes (enter a Community case to request access)
- Opt-in on production environments in Feb
- Currently does not apply new permissions to certain reports. GA version will support enterprise permissions in reporting.

Beta – Nov ‘16
GA – May ‘17

Using Profile-Based Permissions for Projects

Using the Permissions Explorer

Migration Guide

Notes for API Users

UI Localization

- Spanish
- German, French

Beta- March 17
GA – March ‘17

Localization Support

Custom Timesheet Alerts

- Opt-in to sandbox and/or production environments (enter a Community case to request)
- End-of-life legacy timesheet alerts April 2017
- End-of-life 190 reports June 2017
- 3 NEW features: 1) ability to send alerts to resources with unsubmitted but not overdue timesheets, 2) Importance flag, 3) ability to create duplicate alerts that differ by filter. See
Late-Breaking Timesheet Alert Features.

GA – Oct ‘16

Working with Timesheet Alerts


Life After 190 Reports


Late-Breaking Timesheet Alert Features

Coming Soon





New Online Platform for Innotas Documentation

Innotas documentation is being migrated to the Planview Customer Success Center. All content intact, new look and feel.

March or April

Click here for a preview.


New ticketing portal

Innotas case management is being migrated to Parature; case submission will be limited to Innotas Admins.

March or April



Release Notes

Function Area


Release Note Descriptions



SSL Cipher Suites RC4 and SEED are disabled as of March 17, 2017.


Alert, Timesheet


New. You can now create duplicate timesheet alerts that use different filters. Previously, the UI prevented duplicate alerts.



New. There is now an "Importance" droplist available for use in timesheet alerts. Values are: Normal, High, Low.

Alert,Data Dictionary


Fixed. Data dictionary changes are reflected in alert emails. Previously, the Innotas default field name - such as Owner - was used in the alert email, even if Owner have been changed to a different value in the data dictionary.



Fixed. Printed dashboards no longer display scroll bars.



New. There is a new filter field called "Is Descendent Of" that support building a portfolio filter that gives you all portfolio descendants of a specific portfolio.



Fixed. After performing a bulk edit and closing the editor, all of the rows originally selected for bulk edit are still visible and highlighted/selected in the refreshed grid, and placed so that the first highlighted row is in view so the user doesn't have to scroll to find it. Previously, users were "bounced back to the top" of the grid, regardless of where the selected fields were located.



Improved. Some "permission chaining rules" in portfolio permission profiles were changed. Permission to edit attachments, notes, asset links, and project links no longer implies permission to edit portfolio details.




Improved. The PPA engine now sets a minimum threshold of 1/2 headcount when it divides demand into smaller chunks during the resource staffing phase. Previously, the PPA engine would use all available capacity to fulfill demand, which would sometimes result in many part-time resources suggested to fill project demand. For example, prior to this change it was possible for 40 hrs/week of demand to be fulfilled with 4 (or more) resources with the end result being an overly optimistic list of included projects.  




Fixed. When creating a project from a template and including staffed allocations, the allocations are correctly copied into the new project.



Fixed. Inactive scoring profiles will not be available when creating a new project. Previously, inactive scoring profiles appeared and were selectable in the Scoring Profile droplist in the project creation wizard.


1595204042 1595226333

Fixed. When creating projects from templates where the project owner is not an active full/team user, you will no longer see “NullPointerException”.


1595115439 1595172793

Fixed. Behavior of bulk edit around layout and content changes has been improved. Layout changes are preserved in all scenarios, and additional processing has been added to warn users if they are about to make a layout change that will cause loss of data.



New. A quick view card has been added to the project Title field in the project grid, which provides one way to get a URL for the project.



Fixed. Exporting reports to Excel works as expected, including calculated totals. Previously there was an issue with hierarchy reports that use the 'group by' function.

Reports,Calculated Fields


New. Hover-text descriptions now display for the fields listed in the report wizard Output Options/Available Field tab, as well as for fields listed in the formula editor for calculated fields.

Self Service


Fixed. When you rename a field in SSA that is used in a calculated field, the current (new) name of the field is reference in the calculated field. Previously, the new name was not referenced in the calculated field, and the formula could not be validated.



Fixed. A field-level restriction can be placed on the project Completion Date field. Previously, the system threw an error when users attempted to configure a restriction.

Self Service,UI


Fixed. The “Can Be Template” field is now labelled 'Mandatory' in the self-service administration facility (SSA).



Fixed. You can again edit the Target Date of a task inline, in addition to being able to edit the field in the Details pane.



Improved. There is a new icon for manually scheduled tasks - the old icon was very similar to the timesheet pin and we wanted to alleviate potential confusion.



Improved. The "Bulk Schedule" and "Bulk Unschedule" menu items have been renamed to "Schedule" and "Unschedule". This feature supports scheduling one task at a time, as well as in bulk.



Improved. Based on customer feedback, the system will check to see if the 3 previous timesheets (not the current timesheet) that have a status of Not Started, In Progress, or Rejected. If one or more of these 3 timesheets with these statuses exist, the most current one is displayed. If no previous timesheets have any of these statuses, then the timesheet for the current period is displayed. Previously, the interface always displayed the current timesheet by default; on Mondays, users typically want to enter time for the previous week and inadvertently started entering time on current week's timesheet. We hope this helps.



Fixed. Hover text for timesheet notes renders cleanly, without HTML markup. Previously, HTML markup for line breaks was visible.


1595275880 1595178037 1595267987

Fixed. Timesheet entry reports now returning expected data. Previously, some associated data was missing from these reports.



Fixed. HTML display type fields support custom URL patterns (standard URL format is www.*.com).



Fixed. Long text fields (Notes, Status Comments) no longer contain training line breaks.

Note: Long text fields that are created or edited using the API will have less html. Whitepace like \r\n will be used, going forward, to represent new lines in notes. Other rich formatting like bold, italics, bullets, numbered lists, etc will continue to use HTML markup.



New. There is now a "Select All" feature for all multi-select grids. It can be found in the Actions and right-click context menus, and can also be invoked by Ctrl+A.



New. In numeric fields, values are now displayed with comma or decimal separators, where appropriate. Users can also enter comma separators - if they unexpectedly entered in the wrong position, they will render correctly when saved.



Fixed. When using the inline editor in the staffing screen, the editor's fields align properly with the grid columns after switching between List and Group staffing views.



New. A "Copy URL" feature is now available for all entities that can be opened in their own tab/window (projects, tasks, issues, portfolios, requests, assets). For entities that have a grid plus a set of tabs, there will be a Copy URL menu item in the Actions menu of the grid, as well as a Copy URL button on the Details panel of the entity. This will help users reference parts of Innotas in external applications.

WS API,Project


Fixed. (Profile-Permissions for Projects Beta only.) API calls to createProjectFromTemplate complete regardless of permissions configuration.