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What's New - December 2017

Release Schedule

Click here for an overview of the Innotas release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates. 

What When
Release Notes published December 1
System released to sandbox environments December 8, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
System released to production environments December 15, 10 PM - 1 AM PT

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows, which are Fridays, 10 PM PT - 1 AM PT.


  • Features that are ready will enter GA status in the first month's release of each calendar quarter: January, April, July, October. There will be an occasional variance from this schedule. You can enter a support request to move a beta feature into your production environment.
  • You can request that beta features, such as additional % complete methods, be enabled in your production environment by entering a support ticket.

New Feature Matrix 




For more information…

Profile-based Permissions for Projects

(no change)

- After the October release, new features and fixes will be delivered against the new permissions model only.

We are taking a short pause with migrations.

We'll let the remaining customers know the migration schedule as soon as possible. 

- See Permission Migration FAQs

- See Known Issues


Permission Migration FAQs

Permissions Webinar Recording

Winter is Coming! Migrate Your Permissions!

Using Profile-Based Permissions for Projects

Using the Permissions Explorer

Migration Guide

Notes for API Users

Additional Features/Updates with June Release



All users will be migrated to the new Planview theme on January 1, 2018.

  New Look for Innotas by Planview
DNS Sub-domains

With the December release, we will be instituting DNS subdomains for all customers. Using DNS subdomains will allow us to balance our system resources more effectively and provide a higher level of service, without disruption to users. 

No action is required from users. See Cutover to DNS Subdomains.

  Cutover to DNS Subdomains
New MSP Import option

In response to customer requests, we have added a small enhancement when importing tasks from MSP. There is now an option to import all tasks into Innotas as manually scheduled, which allows you to maintain the task dates from the MS project.

This new option is on the existing MSP task import dialog. Enabled in sandboxes.

Beta - current

Microsoft Project (MSP) and Innotas

Importing/exporting tasks

New WSAPI Calls for Creating Task Associations and Issue Associations

We have added a set of calls for creating task and issues associations. Check the javadoc for the set of BasicAssociation calls.

Community Portal Retirement/Upgrade   

If there is any information on the current Community site that you reference, please make a copy of it. As of Dec 21, customers will no longer have access to the "original" Community.

Update: Cutover date is Dec 21, 2017.

Try out our new threaded forum at:

The Community icon in the Innotas header will take you to the new forum with the December release. You can also click the Community Discussions link from the Innotas landing page in the Customer Success Center.


Community Portal Retirement/Upgrade

KPI Data Collection Configuration UI   

(no change)

- Provides ability for administrators to identify the trend fields to collect data for. This feature will be ready in advance of reporting capabilities in order to collect data to report on.

- Note for customers in Canada only: We are leveraging AWS Athena Services for Trending Reporting. This service is not yet available in the AWS Canada Region. The stored trending data and query service for the customers in Canada (S10 Segment) will therefore be provided by AWS in Dublin, Ireland. Canadian customers who do not wish to have their trend data stored outside Canada should not use this feature. We will notify you when AWS Canada has this service available. For customers in all other regions, trend data is stored in the same region as your regular Innotas data.

Beta - current

GA - January

Configure KPI Trend Fields (Beta)

Additional methods for calculating % complete for projects and task

(no change)

- Now four different types of calculations:

  • Timesheet Actuals (original method)
  • Task Manual
  • Task Manual (Weighted)
  • Number of Tasks Complete

- Ability to choose calculation method per project

- Enabled in sandboxes

Beta - current

GA - January


Documentation: Calculating Project and Task % Complete (Beta)

Video: Play recording 


KPI Data Reporting  KPI Trend report source Beta target - Q1 2018  
Project-level Financial Entries  Allows users to enter expenses at the project level. Beta target - Q1 2018  

Release Notes

Function Area ID Release Note Descriptions
Admin 1758158082 Improved. The user who is designated the Primary Admin for an Innotas instance cannot be inactivated, terminated, or made a non-admin user. If you need to do any of those things, first assign a new user as the Primary Admin (on the Organization/Info page).
WSAPI 1758353729 Fixed. The GetChildEntityData function is returning the expected data from projects associated with a portfolio.
Calculated Fields, Reports 1758081559 Fixed. Foreground text color on calculated fields with background color is now determined by the same formula as is used for lookup lists with background color (same color is used consistently).
Dashboards/Report/Filters   New. You can change the owner of a dashboard, report, or filter, right on each entity's list page. There is a new menu option under the Actions menu or the right-click menu for each of these entities called Bulk Change Owner. Use this command to change the owner of the selected records. This feature is useful is an entity owner leaves the company, and you want to assign a new owner. Note that you already had the ability to change owner for other entities, such as tasks, issues, and projects.
Filter 1758166070 Fixed. You can use the Manage Filters facility to create a filter that used the "Linked to Portfolio Title" filter field to return projects linked to a specific portfolio. Previously, this filter worked in the ad-hoc filter, but not when created in the Manage Filters facility.
Filter 1758209936 Improved. The out-of-the-box "My Items" filters (My Projects, My Issues, etc.) now have the "+" prefix like other Innotas-supplied filters.
Filter 1757999897 Fixed. When working with filter-based groups, searching for existing groups works as expected.
Finances, Resource 1757940875
Fixed. The "Today's Internal Rate" field that can be placed on a resource's Info page now displays the correct rate in the UI and in Resource reports.
Issues, Tasks 1594222160 New. There is a new menu option under the Actions menu for the Issues list and the Tasks list called "Associate Selected Issues" and "Associate Selected Tasks", respectively. This new feature allows you to associate the selected records - for example, select 2 tasks and associate them. This is a shortcut to clicking on the Association tab for a task, for example, and searching for another task to associate. Either way, the result will be the same:  a task (or an issue) in the Associations tab of the respective entity. 
Import, Task 1758079532 Fixed. The Online Help has been updated to reflect that the MSP to Innotas mapping for scheduled hours is "Work -> Scheduled Hours" (MSP -> Innotas).
Mobile 1758190956 Fixed. The widget for selecting the platform type (mobile/desktop) has been included in the User Preferences dialog (Display tab), where it can be easily accessed from either platform. Previously, once on the mobile platform, it was difficult to switch to the desktop.
Permissions 1758284822 Fixed. Extra set of "Details" permissions no longer appears in Permission Hierarchy.
Permissions 1758320929 Fixed. Profile permissions around creating project predecessors are working as expected - Org group membership no longer overrides the profile permissions.
Project 1595716416 Improved. The "Save Note" feature when creating a project from a template is now sticky. If you choose to have the system generate and save a note, the next time you create from a template, Save Note will be enabled.
Project, Resource Staffing, UI 1758184931 Fixed. When using Centralized Staffing, the checkboxes on the Submit Request dialog are now displayed correctly and can be enabled/disabled accordingly.
Project, Usability 1758044821 Fixed. When editing project staffing allocations with the contours hidden, focus remains on the recently edited row instead of bouncing back to the top of the screen.
Project,Task 1757768227
Improved. The project Gantt chart now differentiates between soft dependencies (blue line/arrow) and hard dependencies (black line/arrow). Hard dependencies are created using cross-project task dependencies.
Project, Issue, Task 1758237943 New. There is a new option on the Print dialog for project/issue/tasks grids that allows users to specify that all columns fit on one page - shrinking columns/gantt chart as necessary.
Reports 1757928682 Fixed. Pie charts reflect lookup list color values.
Reports 1757947152 Improved. Interactive Gantt reports allow you to configure chart settings in the rendered report, as well as the report definition. With this release, any time you change the settings in the report definition, the interactive settings will reset to match the report definition. Previously, when settings were updated in the report definition, the current interactive settings alway took precedent, meaning users never saw the updated settings in the rendered chart.
Reports 1757959480 Fixed. Font size is consistent in list report output.
Reports 1758070808 Fixed. The lookup list sort direction is respected by reports that include lookup lists.
Reports 1758239517 Fixed. Summary task report data is displayed correctly in the rendered report and when exported.
Reports 1758255167 Fixed. When exporting reports with cells containing more than 32,767 characters, fields will be truncated and "..." appended to the end (Excel limits cell contents to 32,767 characters).
Reports 1758255809
Improved. Money fields that are exported to CSV are rounded using the HALF_UP algorithm, where any number 5 and greater is rounded up. Note that when exported to Excel, the whole number is exported (no rounding).
Reports 1758255896
Fixed. The All Summary Tasks report source returns only summary tasks - previously child tasks were returned as well.
Reports 1758278965 Fixed. Baseline reports now render as expected in dashboards.
Reports 1758192296 Fixed. Capacity & Demand export to Excel now renders white cell backgrounds if the staffed values are zero, as it does in the UI.
Reports 1758238963 Fixed. Reports based on the  Org > All Summary Tasks report source are returning summary tasks only (rather than all tasks).
Request, UDF 1757929053
Fixed. With the new Planview theme turned on, oversized string/text boxes now use the correct font size.
Request, Stakeholder 1758394071 Fixed. Stakeholder users can take ownership and assign ownership of a request.
Resource Staffing 1745206623 Fixed. The Today's Internal Rate field can be used to sort the grid in the Find Resource dialog.
Resource Staffing, Usability, Project 593591598 Fixed. In the project Staffing screen, after you resize/adjust column widths, they are sticky (remain the same size) after navigating away and re-entering the screen.
Resource, Permissions 1757911620 Fixed. The Immediate Supervisor can edit the Capacity Multiplier field of all owned resources.
Task 593965940 Improved. The task Gantt chart now maintains the zoom level each time a user clicks a task, and scrolls the selected task into view. Previously, each time the user selected a task, the Gantt zoom re-adjusted.
Task 1758190806 Fixed. When exporting a task plan to Microsoft Project (MSP), resources scheduled to tasks for less than the task duration are now exported correctly. The hours on the task schedule are exported as "work", Hours to Complete (HTC) are exported as "remaining work" and actuals from timesheets are exported as "actual work" for each task schedule. Exported tasks are also set to "Fixed Duration" for better compatibility. Note that MSP does not allow work, remaining work, and actual work to float independent of each other. Work will be adjusted to remaining work + actual work when MSP opens the exported file.
Task 1758099256 Fixed. Users not scheduled to task cannot enter task estimate.
Task, Usability 1745263089 Fixed. After adding a new task to the grid, the focus remains on the new task - in edit mode. Previously, the focus jumped to the top of the grid and the user had to re-open the inline editor.
Units  1758272834 Improved. The History feature on Units now tracks changes to the unit Title and Parent fields.
WSAPI 1758099853 New. There is a new set of API calls for working with basic (task/issue) associations. See