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Planview Customer Success Center

August 2017 Patch - Friday August 25, 2017 10PM PST

Innotas is scheduling a patch release for Friday August 25, 2017 at 10pm PST to address the following regressions:

Function Area ID Release Note Descriptions
Project 1757865569 Fixed. Users will no longer occasionally see the error message " Error moving current UDF values from T_UDF_VALUES to HT_UDF_VALUES" and subsequently be unable to update that specific project. A database row locking issue was causing this situation and Innotas operations staff has been manually resolving this situation as it arose, however with this release this error should no longer appear.
UDF 1757867152 Fixed. Integer UDF values will no longer appear to go blank when updating items. This was caused by a relational issue in the database. No data was lost - any data that "disappeared" is now restored.
Access 1757865922 Fixed. Users will no longer see "null" occasionally when attempting to log in after there have been failed login attempts from the same IP address. Users may be presented with a captcha in this case. Does not impact customers using SSO.
Project,Request,UDF 1757871376 Fixed. Mapping text box fields from a request to a project works as expected - data is successfully copied to the project.