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What's New - April 21, 2017

Release Schedule

Click here for an overview of the Innotas release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates:

What When
Release Notes published April 7
System released to sandbox environments April 14, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
System released to production environments April 21 10 PM - 1 AM PT

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows, which are Fridays, 10 PM PT - 1 AM PT.

New Feature Matrix




For more information…

Enhanced Lookup List Admin facility and use in reports

- New Admin facility for specifying colors and icons for lookup list values

- Flexible configuration in report definitions


Improved Lookup List Configuration

Quarterly display of allocations and availability information now supported

- Quarterly setting now available for project Staffing contours and Resource Workbench upper and lower panes


Quarterly Interval

Interactive Gantt Report

-The Gantt report can now be manipulated like the project/task Gantt charts: zoom, next/previous intervals

Beta – April

Example Interactive Gantt Report

Profile-based Permissions for Projects: row level report permissions

- UPDATE: reports now respect project permissions. Click here for list of known issues.

- Opt-in on sandboxes (enter a Community case to request access)
- Opt-in on production environments as long as you are aware of the
known issues

Beta – Nov ‘16
GA – May ‘17

Using Profile-Based Permissions for Projects

Using the Permissions Explorer

Migration Guide

Notes for API Users


New Online Platform for Innotas Documentation

- Innotas documentation has been migrated to the Planview Customer Success Center. Topics can still be accessed from within the product.

- Note that you can now hit return after you enter text in the Search box!


Innotas Documentation

UI Localization

- Spanish
- German, French

GA – April 17

Localization Support

Custom Timesheet Alerts

- Timesheet alerts now enabled in production environment
- Legacy timesheet alerts have been removed
- End-of-life 190 reports June 2017


Working with Timesheet Alerts

Life After 190 Reports

Late-Breaking Timesheet Alert Features

Coming Soon



API changes for handling of date/time fields

-Timezones no longer accepted (not stored by UDF Date-Time fields)


API Changes

Cross-Project Dependencies

-Ability to create dependencies between task that belong to different projects

Beta - June


Updated Manage Filters facility

-An updated, user-friendly facility for building filters quickly

Beta - May


Effective Dates on Internal Rates

- Create and assign rate tables

- For more information, take a look at the documentation.

GA - May
Login: finpreview/finpreview

New ticketing portal

- Innotas case management migrating to Parature

- Case submission will be limited to Innotas administrators



Community Platform migrating to the Customer Success Center

-CSC is the new home of What’s New & Release Notes, release recordings, and other informational articles and announcements

-Release Webinars – will be recorded and posted prior to each release, starting with the May release (not live Webinar)

-Innotas Forum will now host user questions, answers, and discussions



Release Notes

Function Area ID Release Note Descriptions
Calculated Fields 1594834035 Fixed. After creating a calculated field, an error is no longer thrown after opening the field for editing. The error, if necessary, will now be thrown upon saving the field.
  1595148271 Fixed. Calculated fields can no longer be based on baselines or baseline entries. Previously baselines were mistakenly presented as an entity on which to base a calculated field.
Dashboard 1595409482 Fixed. Rapidly editing and saving dashboards works as expected. Previously, in certain situations after making repeated edits, a SQL error was thrown.
  1595403813 Fixed. Date fields on dashboards now allow text entry in addition to the date picker widget. Previously only the data picker was available.
Filter 1594720380 Improved. When matching against typed letters, the ad hoc filter will display up to 100 filters. If more filters exist, click the "View All Filters" link at the bottom of the list of filters.
Import 1595324461 Fixed. When updating via data import, lookup list field values that have a leading zero now update correctly. For example, if the existing value in the UI is 060 and the new value in the Excel spreadsheet is 080, after importing the Excel spreadsheet, the resulting value displayed in the Innotas UI will be 080. Previously, the import was successful only if the leading zero was removed.
Issue,UI 1594022905 Fixed. After creating a new Issue/Risk, the new record is visible in the screen immediately after it is saved.
My Arena (Home) 1594760668 Fixed. Duplicate records in Home/Projects/tickets no longer appear. This was happening when the current user was both owner of the project and a member of the project team.
Permissions 1595339173 Fixed. When using profile-based project permissions, the Projects > View permission enables viewing of the project only. Previously the View permission was also activating the Edit > Details permission.
Project 1593697629 Fixed. Expand/Collapse controls activated with single click in all project sections, including Comments and Notes.
  1593949826 Fixed. When creating a project from a template, no checkboxes are selected by default. The user can choose to copy 0 or more checkboxes.
  1594047060 Fixed. The "overbooked" indicators now display when appropriate in the project Staffing screen of a project in Task planning mode. Previously these indicators only display for projects in Resource planning mode.
  1595142892 Improved. There is no performance slowdown when opening projects that are integrated with Projectplace.
  1595202253 Fixed. When using the compare baseline feature, any variance is displayed in red, regardless of current allocation unit (hours or headcount).
  1595403889 Fixed. The "slider" bar that divides the allocations from their contours in the project staffiing screen is now working correctly: it can be adjusted by sliding it right or left.
  595847999 Fixed.  Staffing screen contours display correctly when setting the display to a low (1080 wide) resolution.
Reports 1594995749 New. A filter must now be selected when running time reports at the organization level. This will help avoid unintentionally running very large and expensive reports due to forgetting to select a filter before clicking "run".
  1595014894 Fixed. After copying a column chart report that uses drilldowns, the copied report's drilldown reports render as expected. Previously, the copied report's drilldown links returned the message "No reports defined".
  1595274815 Fixed. When creating list reports that use grouping and fields with color names, the background color no longer displays in the grouping header.
  1595289112 Fixed. When running reports based on Timesheet report sources, the Final Submit Time field now returns the expected date/time, even if the timesheet has been submitted multiple times.
  1595362540 Fixed. Users with "View Rollup" permission in a Division entity can create and view reports based on the All Projects in a Division with Financials report source.
Reports,Timesheet 1594317229 New. When running Org-level timesheet reports, users are now required to apply a filter. This will prevent inadvertently running reports that return massive data sets that get truncated as well as compromise performance.
Request 1594183050 Fixed. Data dictionary changes are reflected in the Request Item window.
  1594326558 Fixed. When creating a project from a template, the Create Project wizard displays in front of the project request UI. Previously, a regression in an earlier release caused the Create Project window to display behind the request UI.
  1594778622 Fixed. When printing the Request grid, the Create Date field is present. Previously, when the request grid was printed, the Create Date field was omitted.
  1595320041 Fixed. If a request is rejected and the rejector includes a reason for the rejection, that text appears in the rejection email.
  1595434204 Fixed. With the newest version of Chrome, request fields can now be deleted.
Resource Staffing 1594060790 1595435264 Improved. The Resource Workbench can now display up to 250 records. Previously, 100 records could be viewed.
  1595300426 Fixed. Placeholder text no longer appears in Manage Designated Staffers dialog.
  1595303766 Fixed. When using centralized staffing, the requestor is always the user who actually submitted the request (clicked the Submit button). Previously, the user who created the staffing request, but did not submit it, was listed as the requestor.
  1595368729 Fixed. Centralized staffing email alerts are now formatted correctly.
Resource Staffing,Reports 1595265207 Fixed. When using centralized staffing and a request is staffed directly, the "Resource Allocation by Project Role: Allocation Status" field should be "Staffed" in relevant reports. Previously, when an allocation was staffed directly, the "Allocated Role: Staffing Request Status" field was showing as "Unstaffed".
Self Service 1595412433 Improved. In SSA, if a user tries to create a new field and give it a duplicate or reserved name, an error message now explains this clearly. Previously, the message read "error during put".
Timesheet 1595020084 Fixed. When using the Manage Resource Time page (as Time Manager), the context is always the selected user. Previously, certain filter fields were operating in the context of the the currently logged in user.
UI 1593934942 Fixed. The Portfolio Association icon is now correct (same as Association icon in other entities).
  1595147830 Improved. Quick-view cards now appear with resource names in the organization hierarchy. This allows you to see additional information about the resource, and provides a link to the resource record.
  1595268058 Fixed. Using the context menu copy and paste now works for IE11. Note that for pasting as plain text into a rich text field, you must ensure script access to the clipboard is not disabled (in Scripting section of IE Security Settings), or click '...' and use the popup window editor.
  1595303843 Fixed. Labels and links in the Timesheet UI are displaying correctly, with no random characters.
  1595311485 Improved. Integer fields with large values are formatted with comma separators. This has caused some formatting anomalies in fields that don't require commas. To provide some immediate relief, any integer fields whose names end in "ID" (with a space) will be treated as ID fields and will not show commas.  
  1595319701 Fixed. When Gantt charts are printed to a PDF, they are now given a .pdf extension and downloaded successfully. Previously, the PDF file was given a .pa extension and the download failed.
  1595331201 Fixed. Various Firefox version 52 compatibility issues.
  1595363897 1595275062 1595297575 Fixed. The Copy to Clipboard feature is working correctly for all text entry fields. Previously, this feature was not working in IE11.
  1595323969 Improved. After editing records in a grid, such as the Project or Task grids, the screen no longer "bounces" to the top but instead retains focus on the recently edited record.