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What's New - January 2022

Release Schedule

Click here for an overview of the PPM Pro release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates. 

What When
Release Notes published for new features January 7
New features released to sandbox environments January 14
New features released to production environments January 21
Issue fixes released weekly Planned weekly releases containing issue fixes and minor enhancements; release notes updated accordingly

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows.


  • Defect fixes and occasional beta features are delivered weekly; most beta features and GA features (when ready) are delivered monthly.
  • You can request that beta features be enabled in your production environment by entering a support ticket (some beta features not initially available in production, Planview will advise). Please note that any issues you find will be handled during the normal development cycle. 
  • Planview sends out status emails in advance of planned and non-planned releases/updates/incidents. These alerts include the date and time window of the releases/updates/incident, as well as a link to the release notes that include a list of the issues addressed in the releases/updates/incident. To subscribe to these alerts, please go to and click the Subscribe button.
  • We typically hold a live product release webinar on the Wednesday before the production release. This webinar will be hosted by PPM Pro product management and consulting personnel, and will include time for Q&A. Click here to register for the January 19th release webinar. Also, remember you can sign up for any/all upcoming customer webinars here.
  • Inner circles are offered as a way for our interested customers to collaborate with PPM Pro Product Management and each other, provide feedback on PPM Pro product capabilities, and guide new feature development. Click here for more information or to register.

New Features Matrix




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Financial Summary

If you wish to enable this feature in your production environment, enter a support case requesting to do so.

Rolling beta highlights
We're still working to bring new functionality to this beta feature. See previous release notes for complete list of features.

This release adds:

  • Calculated fields from Financial Summary total fields
  • Financial Summary column configuration

Setting Up Permissions for Project Financials

Configuring Summary Data Streams - General Tab (Beta)

Creating Fields for the Financial Summary (Beta)

Working with the Summary View (Beta)

Checking the Numbers

Financial Summary: Cookbook (Beta)

Financial Summary PMI Metrics

Coming Soon   Date  
Phases and Milestones for the Gantt chart   Target - Feb/Mar 2022  

Release Notes - Sorted by Release Date 

Release Date Function Area LeanKit card Release Note Description
February 4 Financial Entries 1685797122 Improved. When navigating away from Financial Entries, if the user has edited a contour value and not saved, they will now be prompted to save their changes. 
February 4 Financial Entries 1685797009 Improved. When saving contoured values in Financial Entries, focus remains on the current row. Previously, after a contoured value was saved, focus would automatically move to the top row of the grid, potentially disrupting user flow.
January 28 Projects 1661826437 Fixed. When using task-based resource planning, reports displayed $0 for allocation costs and allocated hours were not shown. Now, both values are shown correctly.

January 28

February 4

February 11

Moved to February Release

Projects and Portfolios 1677262250

New. The following fields for financial summary totals have been added for projects and portfolios.

Project fields:

  • Total Budget (Financial Summary)
  • Total Forecast (Financial Summary)
  • Total Actuals (Financial Summary)

Portfolio Fields:

  • Total Project Budget (Financial Summary)
  • Total Project Forecast (Financial Summary)
  • Total Project Actuals (Financial Summary)

Note: These fields are currently visible in the application but will not be functional until the February 2022 release.

January 28 Projects 1683556951 Fixed. Task hierarchies no longer disappear when users select a Display As option on the title column.
January 28 Financial Summary 1681940245 Improved. We added scrolling to the locked side of the Financial Summary grid. Now, users can scroll through the columns of the locked side of the grid if they need to.
January 28 Projects 1675423505 Fixed. When setting a date filter, the date operand, Is Between, was being split across two lines, which prevented it from actually functioning. This no longer occurs.

January 14 (sandbox)

January 21 (production)

Tasks 1662034923 Fixed. Constraints within the Spreadsheet-style Task Editor were changing without user input. This issue occurred when a constraint type was available on the task grid but not in the task's details. This no longer occurs.

January 14 (sandbox)

January 21 (production)

Calendars 1669862490 Fixed. The calendar list view was displaying recurring events on the last weekday of the month as "the 0th weekday of the month." Now, these events are correctly displayed as "the last weekday of the month."

January 14 (sandbox)

January 21 (production)

Projects 1663190132 Fixed. Users could not manage cross-project dependencies for tasks when using Mozilla Firefox. Now, users should be able to use Firefox to manage their cross-project dependencies.

January 14 (sandbox)

January 21 (production)

Reports 1632881073 Fixed. Headers are no longer duplicated when using the Browser Print option on Stacked Lists reports.

January 14 (sandbox)

January 21 (production)

Reports 1652940589 Fixed. The values in the Financial Summary Variance (Time Series) field in reports were not matching the values shown in the UI. Now, this field displays the accurate value.

January 14 (sandbox)

January 21 (production)

Reports 1648077509

Notable Change. Some crosstab reports were providing inaccurate data when Time Series specialty was selected. Now, starting from the sandbox release, users will be prompted to convert affected reports to List: Time Series reports when they open the report for editing.

Users can cancel the conversion if they want to keep a reference, but they will not be able to edit the report. In a few releases, we will automatically convert all crosstab reports with a Time Series Specialty to the List: Time Series report type.

January 14 (sandbox)

January 21 (production)

Reports 1671598798 Fixed. Colored icons in stacked list reports are now left-aligned, aligning them with other data in the report.

January 14 (sandbox)

January 21 (production)

Notes 1671890101 Fixed. The Clear Formatting button clears all formatting. Previously, it would not clear some text background colors.

January 14 (sandbox)

January 21 (production)

Managed Staffing Requests 1663782425 Fixed. In completed staffing requests, changes to the request would automatically change the memo field to "Updated after change request." This no longer occurs unless the memo field is blank.