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About Financial Summary (Beta)

As a project manager, I want to be able to see and manage the financial summary for my project (in the relevant project currency, so multi currency is considered), so that I can easily view and edit the summary structure and contents, including manually entered data.

I need to see my forecast staffing and financial entry forecasts, my timesheet actuals and financial entry actuals, and other project financial data in the same view.

I need to see budget at the project level, whether lump sum, single column per financial item, or in a time series per financial item (alongside forecasts and actuals).

As a financially minded PMO person, I want to be able to see and manage (created, edit, delete when allowed) available financial summary fields, a common pool of fields, so that I can ensure rollups and reporting across projects and at other levels such as Portfolios will use the same financial summary fields (for apples to apples rollup/reporting).

As a portfolio manager, I want to be able to rollup financial summary details from my portfolio's projects, so that I can see how my portfolio is performing financially.

As a project manager, I want to ensure only certain users are permitted to view or edit the financial summary, so that unexpected and inappropriate changes are not made.

As a project or portfolio manager, I need to be able to create a baseline of my financials data independent of regular project baselines since they are captured at a different cadence, so that I can view and compare progress over time and approved changes.