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Managing Fixed Bid Invoices

You can recognize Fixed Bid revenue amounts in Innotas on the Fixed Bids page, which is available for each project and also under the Organization tab. Because all fixed bid time and expense is logged as non-billable, no revenue shows up in rollups and reports until it is "recognized" through the Manage Fixed Bid function. If enabled for your organization, the revenue amounts can be released to your financial system.

When you click the New button on Fixed Bid, a pop-up window appears titled "Create a New Fixed Bid Invoice” (if you access the page from the Organization tab, then you are prompted to pick a project first). You can then designate a date and select the fixed bid items for which you want to recognize revenue. The following fields are available:



Fixed Bid Item

A fixed bid summary task.


Supplied from the Task Details tab.

Amount Recognized

The amount already recognized through Manage Fixed Bid.

Budget % Recognized

The % of the budget amount that has already been recognized.

Task % Complete

Supplied from the Task Details tab.

Additional Amount to Recognize

The additional dollar amount you want to recognize or "invoice".

Additional Budget % to Recognize

The % of the total budget amount that you wish to recognize or "invoice" on this transaction.


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