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Reports (Beta) Cookbook

[not ready for prime time - under construction]

Things to know:

  • There are no hardcoded behaviors enforced based on field values that can alternatively be handled by a report filter. For example, and report that includes budget cost will not automatically sift out records that include fields that have a value of 0, such as "Budget Hours". Instead, you'd apply a report filter "where Budget Hours > 0". This provides flexibility to make all users happy, instead of just 50%! This also supports trend reports where you might see zero for the first seven months, then growth on the eighth and ninth months…

 List of Recipes:

  • Report on monthly actuals by financial entry category

I need to be able to pull the monthly contour financial entry amounts, by financial entry category. I'm able to pull the Actual Total per month, but the calculated fields I've created to display category totals on the Additional Details screen to not pull into the time series report correctly. They do not seem to be pulling entry totals either - I'm not sure what it's pulling from. The ability to report on monthly actuals by financial entry category is critical for our CAPEX team.

  • Allocated roles by resource, project, project role