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Creating, Editing, Deleting Reports (Beta)

Users with Report > Create permission can create and edit their own reports. The Report > Delete permission can be added to a report Owner profile if you want report owners to also be able to delete their reports. Otherwise, non-owners need permission to View, Edit, or Delete an existing report, either by way of a global permission profile, or by being on the report team with a profile that provide the appropriate permission(s). See Report Teams and Permissions (Beta) for more information.

This topic covers general instructions for creating, editing, and deleting reports. Detailed discussion about configuring reports using the Report designer can be found here: Using the Report Designer

See How to Build... for information about how to build specific report types.

Creating a Report

All reports start out the same way - they need a Topic, a Type, a Title, and optionally a Description:

  1. Navigate to the top-level Reports (Beta) tab and choose the New > New Report. If you do not see the top-level Reports (Beta) tab, please contact your PPM Pro administrator and ask to be granted the appropriate permissions.


  1. The Report Designer opens in a new window/tab and displays the General tab by default, where you will:
    1. Select a Topic (the primary entity for the report) 
    2. Select a Type (the output style)
    3. Enter a meaningful report Title (will be displayed on the Reports list).
    4. (Optional) Enter descriptive text.


  1. After you enter the required values you can move to any of the other tabs. Click:
    •  Data - select fields to report on
    •  Display - configure report output
    • Scope & Filters - select where the report can be accessed, configure whether to use filters, and whether the filters can be changed before running the report and/or while viewing the rendered report
    • Team - give users permission to view/edit the report

Editing a Report

  1. Navigate to the top-level Reports list, select the report you wish to edit and choose Actions > Edit from the context menu (or right-click on the report you wish to edit and select Edit).


  1. The Report Designer opens in a new window/tab and displays the General tab by default.
  2. Edit as you wish and the click Save or Save and Run. 

Deleting a Report

Note: Reports that are on dashboards cannot be deleted. If you need to delete the report, first remove it from all dashboards on which it resides. A View References feature will be coming in the future that will make it easy to find where a report is in use on a dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the top-level Reports list, right-click on the report you wish to delete and choose Delete from the context menu (or from the Actions menu).


  1. You'll get a confirmation dialog to double-check that you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete to delete, or Do Not Delete to cancel the delete.

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Visit How To Build... for information about building various reports.