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FAQs Reports (Beta)

Q. Will my legacy reports be migrated//copied into new reports?

A. There will not be any migration from legacy reports to new reports. The two features are extremely different, and there really is no way to convert old into new. We have provided some instructional help - see Reports CookblookReporting - Then and Now, and Reports Overview (Beta).

Q. Why don't I see the new Reports navigation icon?

A. You need to have permission to view at least one report to see the new reports section. Similar to the new requests, the current user needs permission to see the top tab/access the feature.

Q: Why is there Latin text in my report preview pane?

A: The Preview Pane uses sample ("dummy") data for top-level entities (such as displaying Project 100001 for a project title) in order to offer the most performant experience. For data that likely won't affect performance, we use your actual data. For example, column data drawn from lists is using actual data because it is usually a small enough amount that it won't affect performance. If the field doesn't have a list behind it, we generate the data from scratch - lorem ipsom for text fields, random number generator for numeric fields. Dates are also randomly generated.

Q. After I configure a report and select to access it from the project Dashboards grid, for example, when I run the report it runs at the Organization scope...I expected that it would run at the project level where I could specify a specific project. Why?

A. When you create or edit a report in the report editor - both at the main Reports grid or at an entity Report grid - and then Save & Run, the report is always scoped to the Organization level - the editor opens in a new tab and only knows the Organization scope. To see the report scoped for projects, be sure to choose one of the "Allow changing scope" options (for this example, make sure you select "Project"), which will allow you to pick the project scope and select a project when you run the report. Or, you can run the report from a project's Reports section - it will be automatically scoped for the current project (you can change the selected project from there). For either option, you will be able to select specific projects for which to run the report.

Q. I'm trying to create a drilldown to a dashboard, but I can't see the dashboard I am looking for in the list of available dashboards?

A. The Dashboard you select must be available on the entity grid that matches the report topic. For example, if the report Topic is Project, then the dashboard you configure to drill down to must be available on the project Dashboards grid. In fact, the list of dashboards in the target droplist will only be dashboards that are on the matching grid; if you create a Resource report but have no dashboards available on the a resource Dashboards grid, the droplist will be empty. So if you don't see the dashboard you are looking for in the list, check that it is accessible on the correct entity grid.