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General Tab

The report designer's General tab is where you choose the report Topic and Type, and give your report a Title. These three fields are required - you can't move to a different tabs in the report designer until you save a Topic, Type, and Title, You can optionally enter a report Description. 

  • The Topic describes what the report is generally about: specific entities such as projects, tasks, issues, portfolios, and resources, or broader themed more complex reports that show time series data, portfolio-project relationships, audit history and KPI trends, and resource planning. Note that currently the broader themed/complex reports are not supported (and are not shown in the Topic droplist).
  • The Type is the specific output style, such as List, Pie, Bar, Heatmap, to name a few.
  • The Title is how the report is referred to on the Reports List page(s) - it is not the title of the report on the rendered output. The Title has a max character limit of 80, and is not required to be unique.

You must select a Topic and a Type; each report can produce one output type. However, it is very easy to change the Topic and/or Type while you are configuring the report, so no need to worry about whether you picked correctly - you can always change it. If you want to see a Topic with various Types, simply copy the report and choose a different Type.

After you save you can move to any of the other tabs by clicking Data, Display, Scope & Filters, or Team.