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Resource Skill Profiles

A Resource Skill Profile allows you to record special skills and training. Documenting these skills makes it easier for your organization to make informed decisions regarding hiring, staff planning and perfor­mance reviews.

The resource profile also provides a place for you to designate additional roles you perform in your organization, in addition to the Primary Organization Role that is set on your resource record. When projects are being staffed, these additional roles/skills will inform the Advanced Search facility in the staffing screen. You can also create a secondary organization role, which is also used as a filter criteria when staffing.

You can fill out a profile by navigating to your resource record and clicking the Profile link. Click Edit and check the appropriate skills, then click Save.

Resource Skill Profile Rights


Who Can Perform Function

View All Skill Profiles

- Full Users

Create/Edit/View Own Skill Profile

- Full Users
- Team Users

Create/Edit/View Any Skill Profile

- Organization Group Member
- Resource Group Member
- Resource's Immediate Supervisor (for resources they manage)