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What's New - September 2017

Release Schedule

Click here for an overview of the Innotas release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates. The September dates are pushed out one week later than usual as we have mentioned in the July and August release notes. This is a temporary change; the October release will follow the standard schedule.

What When
Release Notes published September 8
System released to sandbox environments September 15, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
System released to production environments September 22, 10 PM - 1 AM PT

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows, which are Fridays, 10 PM PT - 1 AM PT.


  • Instructions for creating a custom report that replicates the retired 190 report can be found here: Custom 190 Report
  • Features that are ready will enter GA status in the first month's release of each calendar quarter: January, April, July, October. There will be an occasional variance from this schedule. You can enter a support request to move a beta feature into your production environment.
  • You can request that beta features, such as filter-based groups or multiple grid views, be enabled in your production environment by entering a support ticket.

New Feature Matrix 




For more information…

Profile-based Permissions for Projects

- With the October release, we are sunsetting the legacy permissions model.

- After the October release, new features and fixes will be delivered against the new permissions model only.

- See August 28 Permissions Webinar Recording to learn about the features and benefits of this new model

- The ability to migrate is enabled (not active) in all environments. This means you will see a yellow note in Admin/Permissions that describes how you can migrate to profile-based project permissions. Nothing will change automatically. 

- You can practice migrating in your sandbox.

- You can temporarily revert the migration at least through October - even in your production environment.


August 28 Permissions Webinar Recording

Winter is Coming! Migrate Your Permissions!

Using Profile-Based Permissions for Projects

Using the Permissions Explorer

Migration Guide

Notes for API Users

Additional Features/Updates with June Release


Additional methods for calculating % complete for projects and task

- Now four different types of calculations:

  • Timesheet Actuals (original method)
  • Task Manual
  • Task Manual (Weighted)
  • Number of Tasks Complete

- Ability to choose calculation method per project

- Enabled in sandboxes

Beta - current

GA - January


Documentation: Calculating Project and Task % Complete (Beta)

Video: Play recording 

Support for Multiple Grid Views

(no change)

- Ability to create and save different grid layouts, or views, for all entities that support categories

- Enabled in sandboxes

- Available on request in production (enter support ticket)

Beta - current

GA - October

See Customizing the List Contents by Category

Filter-based Groups 

(no change)

- Ability to populate groups with the results of a resource filter.

- Enabled in sandboxes

- Available on request in production (enter support ticket)

Beta - current

GA - October

See Creating Filter-based Groups

Strict XSS Protection

(no change)

- New field on Admin/Organization/Info 

- Disabled by default

- When enabled, supports basic HTML sanitization

Beta - current

GA - October

Organization Info documentation

Announcement: Strict XSS Protection


New Theme!!!! Unveiling at Horizons!
Beta target - October
KPI Data Collection Configuration UI   Provides ability for administrators to identify the trend fields to collect data for. This will be ready in advance of reporting capabilities in order to collect data to report on. Beta target - October
KPI Data Reporting   Beta target - November
Profile-based Permissions for Resources   Bring resources into the new permissions model. Beta target - November
Project-level Financial Entries Allows users to enter expenses at the project level. Beta target - December

Release Notes

Function Area ID Release Note Descriptions
Access 1757751408 Improved. Innotas will no longer prompt for authentication via HTTP authentication (the browser popup box). Any integrations built that rely on basic HTTP authentication should continue to function. This will have no impact on customers using SAML/SSO.

Additionally, the default inactivity timeout has been changed from 30 minutes to 540 minutes (9 hours) as this is more appropriate for a business application (this is configurable in Admin/Organization/Info/Inactivity Timeout).
Alert, Timesheet 1745248125 Fixed. Scheduled timesheet alerts are sent to specified CC recipients. Previously, the CC recipients were not receiving a copy of the alert.
Attachment 1757734419 Fixed. Public attachments - both files and links - are visible to all users.
Dashboard 1757758764 Fixed. Adjustments to the monthly dashboard scheduling date are sticky. Previously, changes to the monthly date - when specifying the number of days - were not persisting after saving.
Finances 1757720662 Fixed. The correct current internal rate is used when charging time to a task from the Task>Details>Log Time field. Previously, the incorrect rate was used, which resulted in incorrect cost calculations
Groups 1757854237
Fixed. The system-maintained All Users automatically includes all users in the system; this group cannot be updated manually, and no longer displays the list of members or a count. This group is available for use with profile-based permissions.
Import 1757828053
Improved. The error messages and UI label on the Import Data modal has been clarified around importing Excel documents with/without header rows.
Permissions 1757837136 Fixed. Project team members (with profile-based permissions) can view a confidential project.
Permissions 1757787820
Improved. The Permissions Explorer no longer displays all instances of an entity type - such as reports - if a user only has Create permission on the entity.
Permissions 1757794360 Fixed. The system-maintained Full Users group cannot have users manually added or removed. Previously the Full Users group was accepting new members.
Projects 1757964077 Fixed. The Project-Predecessor section now respects the Edit Predecessors permission.
Projects 1594041168 New. A Color By legend now appears below the project Gantt chart when a color by field is selected.
Reports 1745304750 Fixed. In cross-tab reports, the "Row" field orientation is now working correctly.
Reports 1757859698 Fixed. The Reports grid can be sorted by the Description column.
Reports 1757871358 Fixed. When sorting based on a lookup list, the sort order is based on the order the fields are displayed in the Admin/Lookup List screen.
Reports 1757888324 Fixed. When including multi-select lookup lists in reports, the list values are separated by commas.
Reports, Permissions 1757903872 Fixed. Report permissions are respected when viewing a report by URL. Previously any user who had the URL to report output could see that report output. If you wish to have another user view a report (by emailing them the link for example) please be sure that user has view permissions on the report.
Reports, Scoring 1757842253 Fixed. Reports based on the Report: Scoring Profile (Project Scores by Category) now render the correct "Category Scores" heading (instead of Count) and values. When the report is exported to Excel, category scores are exported as expected.
Reports, UI 1757802352 New. The report count is now displayed at the top of the report list.
Request 1757854553 Fixed. Quick view cards are available for items created from a request, including Projects, Tasks, Issues, and Accounts.
Request 1757866840 Fixed. Request fields accept alphanumeric values.
Request 1595249473 Fixed. (IE users only) When changing the requestor on a request, IE users no longer receive the following error message upon clicking the the Requestor picklist: "Internet Explorer has modified this page to help prevent cross-site scripting."
Request, Attachment 1757823827 Fixed. Attachments with special characters in their titles can be attached to requests. Previously, certain special characters were preventing the upload.
Request, Issue 1595165337
Fixed. Members of the Org group can create issues from requests. A regression had introduced some inconsistency - existing members had the appropriate permissions, but new members did not.
Resource Staffing 1757699065 Fixed. In the Resource Workbench, the top and bottom panels scroll in tandem using the << and >> buttons to scroll through contour periods. Previously, the bottom panel was not keeping up with the top.
Resource Staffing 1757866978 Improved. When adding a role from the project Staffing screen, the column resizing is working better and adjustments made to the Role column persist.
Resource Staffing 1757887172 Improved. In the project Staffing screen, when Contours are turned on they are visible and do not require the user to stretch the browser window or shrink the left panel.
Timesheet, Filter


Fixed. Start Date, End Date, and Target Date fields are available when building/editing timesheet filters.
UDF 1757894977 Improved. UDFs that are empty (have no value) will no longer match a filter doing a "not equals" comparison check for a date. For example, if the filter is "where 'My UDF' is not equal to '8/28/2107' ", and My UDF is empty, no result will be returned.
UI 1757876388 Fixed. The Title column in any entity grid can be repositioned by dragging. Previously, the Title could only be repositioned using the Settings dialog.
UI 1757876426 New. When configuring columns to appear on an entity grid, the number of columns currently displayed now appears in the Column Settings dialog (for example, "Fields displayed as columns (14 of 20 max)" )
UI 1757774169 New. When printing entity grids, the grid lines and spacing are maintained, improving legibility.
User, Permissions, Project 1757740590 Improved. Based on customer feedback, we have added a User Type column to various places where you assign permissions or display permissions (such as in the Permissions Explorer). This helps the admin user assign and troubleshoot permissions, as you cannot grant a permission that a user type does not support. For example, even if granted by a permission profile, a T&E user will not be able to view/edit tasks.
WSAPI 1757682409 Improved. When using the API to retrieve allocation contours, hours are no longer rounded to 2 decimal places.