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What's New - November 2017

Release Schedule

Click here for an overview of the Innotas release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates. 

What When
Release Notes published November 3
System released to sandbox environments November 10, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
System released to production environments November 17, 10 PM - 1 AM PT

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows, which are Fridays, 10 PM PT - 1 AM PT.


  • Features that are ready will enter GA status in the first month's release of each calendar quarter: January, April, July, October. There will be an occasional variance from this schedule. You can enter a support request to move a beta feature into your production environment.
  • You can request that beta features, such as additional % complete methods, be enabled in your production environment by entering a support ticket.

Changes to Color Palette

The color hues our system used for certain colors, particularly red, green, and yellow, were recently updated to fit in a more modern color palette. We will be running a migration with the November release to update the color palette for lookup lists. This migration will check the current color - if it has not been customized, it will be replaced with the "new" color. If the color has been customized, the migration will ignore it.

In the meantime, if you run across areas where your colors no longer match and you don't want to wait for the migraiton, you can update the color definitions of your UDFs to use the new colors shown in the table below:

Color Old New
Red #ff0000 or red #ad3633
Green #008000 or green #528053
Yellow #ffff00 or yellow #fac80a

This is also described in the FAQs.

New Feature Matrix 




For more information…

Profile-based Permissions for Projects

- We sunset the legacy permissions model with the October release.

- After the October release, new features and fixes will be delivered against the new permissions model only.

We have started auto-migrating and activating customers, and plan to complete the first pass on December 16. You will receive notification 2 weeks in advance of your migration date.

We will set up a final migration date with any customers who have not migrated as of December 16.

- See Permission Migration FAQs

- See Known Issues

-See Updated Owner Profile Behavior in next row


Permission Migration FAQs

Permissions Webinar Recording

Winter is Coming! Migrate Your Permissions!

Using Profile-Based Permissions for Projects

Using the Permissions Explorer

Migration Guide

Notes for API Users

Additional Features/Updates with June Release


Updated Owner Profile behavior

Currently, an entity owner has implicit full View/Edit permissions on the entire entity, with the ability to add the Delete permission. (Implicit means they are not granted via a profile with an Owner rule.) 

In response to customer requests, with the November release, the implicit owner permissions have been winnowed down to edit/view the entity's Details tab/section. You can now choose to grant the owner additional permissions, such as view/edit project staffing/tasks/issues, etc., by checking those permissions in the owner profile. 

For those of you already using profile-based permissions, there will be no changes made to your profiles. You can choose to edit your Owner profile to adjust permissions, if you'd like.

  Implied Permissions for Entity Owners
New Theme

A new theme, called Planview, is now available. This theme brings Innotas into the Planview visual family. In addition to the Planview - Blue and grey version, there are also Compact and Presentation versions.

We encourage you to start using the new theme! The existing Innotas theme will be deprecated some time in 2018.

  Changing the UI Theme

Report Changes and Additions


  • Unit Hierarchy reports: There is a new report source called "All Units" (Category: Admin, Target: Organization) that returns information about all hierarchy units including: title, manager, parent unit, and list of members.
  • Crosstab list reports now support drilldown
  • The Group category has been removed, and the "All Groups" report source can be found in the Admin category.

Note that for Crosstab reports, drilldowns to entities work a little differently than for other other report output types. See Example Crosstab Report

KPI Data Collection Configuration UI   

- Provides ability for administrators to identify the trend fields to collect data for. This feature will be ready in advance of reporting capabilities in order to collect data to report on.

- Note for customers in Canada only: We are leveraging AWS Athena Services for Trending Reporting. This service is not yet available in the AWS Canada Region. The stored trending data and query service for the customers in Canada (S10 Segment) will therefore be provided by AWS in Dublin, Ireland. Canadian customers who do not wish to have their trend data stored outside Canada should not use this feature. We will notify you when AWS Canada has this service available. For customers in all other regions, trend data is stored in the same region as your regular Innotas data.

Beta - current

GA - January

Configure KPI Trend Fields (Beta)

Additional methods for calculating % complete for projects and task

(no change)

- Now four different types of calculations:

  • Timesheet Actuals (original method)
  • Task Manual
  • Task Manual (Weighted)
  • Number of Tasks Complete

- Ability to choose calculation method per project

- Enabled in sandboxes

Beta - current

GA - January


Documentation: Calculating Project and Task % Complete (Beta)

Video: Play recording 

Strict XSS Protection

(no change)

- New field on Admin/Organization/Info 

- Disabled by default

- When enabled, supports basic HTML sanitization

Beta - current


Organization Info documentation

Announcement: Strict XSS Protection


Community Portal Retirement/Upgrade  Will be replaced with a new discussion forum. December Community Portal Retirement/Upgrade
KPI Data Reporting  KPI Trend report source Beta target - Q1 2018  
Project-level Financial Entries  Allows users to enter expenses at the project level. Beta target - Q1 2018  

Release Notes

Function Area ID Release Note Descriptions
Alert, Resource Staffing 1758041772 Fixed. When using centralized staffing, the resource supervisor now receives a staffing alert when the resource is proposed.
Alert, Timesheet 1758206810 Fixed. Timesheet alerts for unsubmitted but not overdue timesheets now work as expected.
Dashboard 1758068484 Fixed. The Dashboard grid can be sorted correctly by the Description column.
Dashboard, Reports 1758166792
Fixed. Gantt charts that are included in dashboards can now be maximized.
Import 1758038013 Fixed. When importing projects, if no value is included for % complete, the default of 0, representing Timesheet Actuals, is used.
Permissions 1758038960 Fixed. On Admin/Permissions, when all permissions in a branch are selected, the parent node shows a checkbox. When some of the permissions in a branch are selected, the parent node shows a hyphen ('-'). Previously, this was working intermittently.
Permissions 1758184276 Fixed. When creating projects from templates, the permissions checking on each side is temporarily waived. This means that all elements that are selected to be copied from the template to the new project will be copied, regardless of the permissions granted the project creator or the resulting project owner.
Permissions 1595226021 Improved. The Manage Dependencies button is disabled unless the user has Project > Edit > Tasks permission. Previously, a user without the appropriate permission could invoke the dialog, but would receive an error message when saving.
Permissions, Tasks 1758149577 Fixed. Task owners can add attachments to the tasks they own. Previously, task owners needed project>edit>task permission to add attachments.
Portfolio 1758174190 Fixed. When viewing a portfolio in Chart view, updates to the portfolio's properties (on Details or Finances tab, for example) are saved immediately, as expected. Previously, the system would hang while saving, requiring a refresh to see the updated values.
Project 1745254948
Fixed. The project Staffing contour interval is maintained after users navigate away from the page and then re-enter it.
Project 1745290989 New. When using the project Staffing page, column sizing is persisted both when the contours are displayed and when the contours are not displayed - the 2 states are persisted.
Project 1757946752 Fixed. When exporting an Innotas project to Microsoft Project (MSP), any actual hours are transferred to the MSP file as expected.
Project 1758153149 Fixed. You can now sort on the permission profile name in the project Team: Profile-Based Permissions page.
Reports 1595199113
New. Crosstab list reports now support drilldown to the entity.
Reports 1758075946 Fixed. If you configure a column chart to include a target line, the report can be displayed in 3D only. The 2D option has been removed when a target line is included.
Reports 1758087158 Fixed. CapEx and OpEx values are returned correctly in reports based on the report source All Summary Tasks on a Project.
Reports 1758310641

Fixed. Various reports that use sorting now render correctly.

Released November 22, 2017

Reports 1758308860

Fixed. Reports based on the All Expense Entries report source are now rendering correctly.

Released November 22, 2017

Reports 1758308921

Fixed. Exported crosstab reports generate pivot tables as expected and render correctly.

Released December 1, 2017

Reports, Dashboard 1758052339 Fixed. When printing dashboards to PDF, the Status Comments fields are now spaced/scaled correctly in the printed output.
Reports, Task 1758105442 Fixed. Aggregate functions for the Scheduled Hours field are now available on all task level report sources.
Requests, Projects 1758076002 Improved. When creating a project from a request without the appropriate Create Project permission, the system now throws an accurate error message.
Resource Staffing 1758175883
Fixed. After creating a staffing allocation, the screen no longer jumps/puts focus at the top of the page (both the project Staffing and resource Staffing screens).
Scoring, Project 1757866003 Fixed. The Print scoring option in the project Scoring section outputs the same data as appears on the screen. Previously, there was a discrepancy between what was on the screen and what was in the printed report.
Task 595659652 New. When printing the task grid and Gantt chart, there is now an option to indent task titles (same as feature in Gantt reports).
Task 1758291360

Fixed. Can edit milestone tasks from the right-hand side.

Released November 22, 2017

Task, Resource 1758142445 Fixed. Resources can be unscheduled from a task and subsequently deleted, provided they are not members of the project team.
UI 1758052124 Fixed. Entity grid (projects, tasks, etc.) layout is sticky - if you hide/show/move/resize columns and then navigate away, when you return your grid will be how you left it.
UI 1758014678 Fixed. When using the bulk editor, text changes made in the rich text editor (invoke by clicking the ellipsis) are saved as expected. Previously, edits made in the rich text editor were not saved.
UI, Reports 1758179719
Fixed. We rolled out a new color palette in September. With the November release, we will be running a migration to update the color palette for lookup lists. This migration will check the current color - if it has not been customized, it will be replaced with the "new" color. If the color has been customized, the migration will ignore it.