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What's New - July 2017

Release Schedule

Click here for an overview of the Innotas release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates:

What When
Release Notes published July 7
System released to sandbox environments July 14, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
System released to production environments July 21, 10 PM - 1 AM PT

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows, which are Fridays, 10 PM PT - 1 AM PT.

Announcement: Date Change for September Release

The table below lists September's product release dates. This is a temporary change; the October release will follow the standard schedule, as described above.

What When
Release Notes published September 8
System released to sandbox environments September 15, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
System released to production environments September 22 10 PM - 1 AM PT

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows, which are Fridays, 10 PM PT - 1 AM PT.

New Feature Matrix 




For more information…

Profile-based Permissions for Projects

- The ability to migrate will be enabled in all environments - you no longer need to make a support request. This means you will see a yellow note in Admin/Permissions that describes how you can migrate to profile-based project permissions. Nothing will change automatically.

- Mandatory cut-over: October 2017
We would like all customers to plan to migrate to the new permissions model between July and October. It will be better for Innotas and customers if the majority of customers DO NOT wait until October to make this change.

- Remember, you can practice migrating in your sandbox.

- Remember, you can revert the migration at least through October - even in your production environment.

- Click here for list of known issues

- New Features in July:

    - Project to Org Unit Associations - see Associating Units with Projects, Portfolios

    - All Resources on Project Team report source now returns team member and corresponding permission profiles. Profile will be included in Resource field, for example: Rose, Jennifer - Project Contributor.


Using Profile-Based Permissions for Projects

Using the Permissions Explorer

Migration Guide

Notes for API Users

Additional Features/Updates with June Release

Internal Rates Update 

New Features:

- Data Import/API support for create and update resources/rates

- Ability to delete rates from the Edit Rates dialog

- Additional report fields: Today's Internal Rate Title and Internal Rate Origin (custom rate or rate table)

GA  See Internal Rates - July Updates
Support for Multiple Grid Views

- Ability to create and save different grid layouts, or views, for all entities that support categories

- Enabled in sandboxes

Beta - July

GA - October

See Customizing the List Contents by Category
Filter-based Groups 

- Ability to populate groups with the results of a resource filter.

- Enabled in sandboxes

Beta - July See Creating Filter-based Groups
Improved Printing from Entity Grids 

- Ability to choose columns, print to PDF, as well as repeating headers

- Supported on all entity grids except dashboards and reports

- Enabled in sandboxes

- Opt-in on request to production

New Features:

    - Export to Excel available from entity Actions menu

    - Print up to 1000 records, export 5000 records to Excel

Beta - July

See Printing Entity List Pages
Strict XSS Protection

- New field on Admin/Organization/Info 

- Disabled by default

- When enabled, supports basic HTML sanitization

Beta - June

GA - October

Organization Info documentation

Announcement: Strict XSS Protection

Cross-Project Dependencies 

- Ability to create dependencies between tasks that belong to different projects

- Enabled in sandboxes and production environments


GA - July

See Cross-Project Dependencies

Improved Manage Filters Facility

- An updated, user-friendly facility for building filters quickly

- Enabled in sandboxes and production environments

GA - July See Creating Filters

Interactive Gantt Report

- Enabled in production environments

- The Gantt report can now be manipulated like the project/task Gantt charts: zoom, next/previous intervals

- 2 additional chart options when configuring report output:

  • "% Complete Based On" field - use any field of type %
  • Bar Label - Text for hover details


GA - July

See Building Gantt Chart Reports


Project-level Financial Entries   Beta - October
Resource Permissions   Beta - October
KPI Data Collection Configuration UI  Provides ability for administrators to identify the trend fields to collect data for. This will be ready in advance of reporting capabilities in order to collect data to report on. TBD

Release Notes

Function Area ID Release Notes Descriptions
Admin,Groups 1745101622 Fixed. When you click on the All Users group in Admin/Groups, the text on the right-hand side now says: 'This Group is maintained automatically by the system'. The previous text was inaccurate.
Admin,Publishing 1745168052 New. The Admin/Publishing page can now be sorted by the "Published By" field.
Alert,Timesheet 1745248125 1745243759 Fixed. Scheduled timesheet alerts are sent to specified CC recipients. Previously, the CC recipients were not receiving a copy of the alert.
Dashboard 1595007950 Fixed. After exporting reports to Excel, users can edit cells as expected. Previously, an issue caused the Excel cell to turn black when selected. 


Fixed. Published dashboards that contain Gantt chart reports and don't require authentication are rendering correctly. Previously, users were being asked to authenticate when viewing these types of dashboards.
Filter 1745217633 Fixed. When editing the Resource: Last, First clause of a filter, when you click on the clause to select or type in a new name, the modal now pops up on top of the current window, instead in the background where it was inaccessible.
Filter 1745223860 1595776606 Fixed. New filters shared with All Users are shared correctly and are available for use in Timesheet filters, as expected. Previously, new filters set to All Users were not shared appropriately. Existing filters worked correctly, this issue was just with newly built filters.
Filter 1745117126 Fixed. Improved tolerance for improperly-defined calculated fields (defined as Data Type Float or Integer, but returns String) that can incorrectly evaluate instances when filtering. As a result, filters returning expected results.
Filter,Task 1595613122 Improved. The "Is Scheduled" and "Team Member" task filter fields now evaluate all active users, including Integration and Request user types. 
Finances,Reports 1595358222 Fixed. Finance reports (Labor/Non-Labor) are respecting the filter Current User is Team Member. A regression in the previous release caused this filter to return no data, even though the criterion had matches.
Finances,Reports 1595806264 Improved. The Today's Internal Rate Title field and the Internal Rate Origin field have been added to the Resource and Role entities. The Internal Rate Origin field returns whether the rate is a Custom Rate or an Internal Rate Table. Now users can report on Today's Internal Rate Value, the corresponding title and origin for any resource.
Permissions 1745158684 Fixed. (Profile-based project permissions) the Edit > Owner permission determines whether a user can edit the Owner field of a project. Previously this permission was not enabled.
Permissions 1745172713 Fixed. (Profile-based project permissions) the Project > Edit > Tasks permission now allows the user to add and update expenses.
Permissions 1745175458 New. (Profile-based project permissions) The Project > Edit > Components link permission has been added for projects. You can now configure to View or Edit/Add component link permissions to/from project and portfolios. Note that you need Edit permissions for the entities on each side of the link in order to create the link.
Permissions,UI 1595007853 New. The Visibility column has been removed from Report and Dashboard lists, Home/Filters and Admin/Setup/Filters. The Visibility column reflected permission settings that are no longer in use, such as Some Users, All Users, and Owner. With profile-based permissions, settings are much more granular and not represented by this feature. In fact, currently, the values in the column are not always correct.
Portfolio,Import 1745192236 New. The portfolio Budget Cost field is now available for data import.
Project 1745168483 Fixed. (Profile-based permissions only) When creating projects, if the Department field is not required, a blank selection is available in the Department droplist on the first page of the create project modal. Previously this blank option was not rendering correctly and was difficult for the user to select.
Project 1745172702 Fixed. Baselines can be bulk edited (by users with appropriate permissions): click the checkbox next to each baseline to edit and choose Menu > Edit. Previously, the checkboxes were missing and multiple baselines could not be selected.
Project,Resource Staffing 1745260516 Fixed. Project Staffing contours are sticky with regard to the date range displayed. When the user enters the screen, the contours will display the date range that was displayed the last time the user was on that screen.
Project,Resource Staffing 1745241590 Fixed. When allocating multiple roles to an allocation, the associated hours are summed correctly. Previously there was an summing error when the same number of hours were allocated to different roles.
Project,Task 1595695301 Fixed. When a task is deleted, the task below the deleted task will get focus. This will prevent the focus jumping up to the top of screen after the deletion, which causes the user to have to hunt for task adjacent the one that was deleted.
Publishing,Admin 1745168027 New. There is a new column on the Admin/Publishing page called "Authentication Type", which displays the authentication method for the dashboard: None, Access Code, Login.
Reports 1595159006 Fixed. When exporting an Audit History report to Excel, the Date Modified field is exported as a Date field rather than a string. 
Reports 1595755929 Fixed. Date fields, when exported to Excel, appear in the same text size and style as other exported fields.
Reports 1745167350 Fixed. The '%' symbol appears in crosstab reports when appropriate. Previousy, '%' appeared in list reports but not crosstab reports.
Reports 1745168793 Fixed. Reports that include a related entity Demand Cost field now successfully run and render correctly in a timely manner.
Reports 1745230297 Improved. When configuring Gantt reports, the Start/End dates are no longer required in the grid section of the report and are no longer added automatically to the Selected Fields table.
Reports 1595598609 Fixed. When building reports, fields can now be dragged as expected from the Available Fields list on a Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10.
Reports,Permissions 1595696347 New. Team member reports now include the profile name in the resource field. For example, "Rose, Jennifer (Project Contributor)".
Reports,Scoring 1745139949 Fixed. Reports based on the Project Scores by Category report source are now returning the expected results, including a Project Score column for each category. Previously, the scoring summary was displayed, but not the Project Score field for each category.
Reports,Timesheet 1595678308 Improved. For the All Timesheet Entries Summarized by Month and All Timesheet Entries Summarized by Timesheet Period reports, either a filter or a date range is required. Several months ago we introduced a requirement that filters must be used on ALL timesheet entry reports, regardless of whether a date range was used. We have loosened the requirement on these reports to use either/or - the goal being to keep the report performant.  
Request 1595733613 Fixed. Users can create projects from requests that are reached via report or dashboard drilldown.


Fixed. The request approval log size has been increased. As a result, requests with a large number of approvers at a single gate work as expected. Previously, the approval log was not processing large numbers of approvers properly.
Resource Staffing 1522701892 Improved. You can now add the same note to multiple staffing requests with a status other than "Staffed".
Resource Staffing 1595474483 New. We are removing Roles skills feature because the feature has not been used in a very long time.
Resource Staffing 1595819804 Fixed. When staffing a request, an email notification is sent to the following:
1. Resource being Staffed
2. Resource Manager
3. Person who originated Request.

When submitting a Staffing Request, an email notification is sent to the following members:
1. Resource being staffed
2. Person who originated the Request

The online help was updated to remove "Project Manager" and "requester" instead.
Resource Staffing 1745141708 Fixed. Staffing requests must always include demand that is non-zero. This will prevent inadvertent errors from being thrown by the system when users adjust staffing requests. Previously, repeated updates - both to add and remove resources - caused the system to try to rebalance unmet demand with the original request.
Resource Staffing 1745141969 Fixed. The Impact Analysis feature is not available for allocations or staffing requests and has been removed from the menu in those scenarios. Impact Analysis is available for Portfolios, Assets, Projects and Resources
Resource Staffing 1745230526 Fixed. Active resources only are taken into account in logic to populate valid Route To with valid resource managers. Previously, terminated resources were being considered, which resulted in inappropriate resource managers being included in the Route To list.
Resource Staffing 1745230556 Fixed. The Search feature in the "Change Route To" modal now works as expected. In addition, the modal has been enlarged, making it more usable.
Resource,UI 1595807552 Improved. The Owned Entities page can now display up to 1000 records (previous limit was 500).
Search 1757623073 Fixed. (Relevant to users of profile-based permissions for projects) The top-level search facility works as expected on any entity. Previously, an error message was thrown when searching from certain entities.
Self Service 1745114620 Fixed. Users can name and rename standard field titles in the self-service administration Available Fields screen for any entity. Previously, an error was thrown when the title was edited and the user was not allowed to save any changes.
Self Service 1745290353 Fixed. You can update the title of a project standard field in self-service administration.
Self Service,Health 1595637137
Fixed. Health profiles can be included in categories as expected. Previously, health profiles could be saved to a category, but then did not appear in entity instance.


New. If a task has one or more attachments, the attachment icon (paperclip) appears in the task's Info column.  
Tasks 1757627242 Fixed. When creating a dependency between different projects, the task list  you can select from displays up to 1000 records. Previously, the list was truncated at 25 tasks.
Timesheet 1745178898 Fixed. Email alerts now retain line break and are formatted correctly. Previously, line breaks were not respected.
Timesheet 1745212969
New. Innotas now deletes any empty timesheets with a timesheet period that ends prior to the timesheet activation date. In addition, timesheets that have a timesheet period that begins after the resource termination date will be deleted.
UI 1595225203  594075776 New. Entity list pages can be configured differently for different categories. A new droplist appears at the top-left or each entity list (project list, for example) that displays all categories configured for the entity. When you select a category, the list is filtered for entities of that category type. Any changes you make to the configuration of a grid will be retained for the current category. Each category can be configured differently.
UI 1595409356 Fixed. Line spacing maintained when pasting text into Notes, Comments fields.
User,Request 1745133827 Fixed. The "Create Requests?" field can be enabled or disabled as expected for the Integration user type. Previously, after unchecking the field and saving the user record, the "Create Requests?" checkbox remained enabled.