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Planview Customer Success Center

Mobile Overview


Spigit delivers a seamless and responsive mobile experience for Spigit users on the go. To let users focus on the activities that matter most to them, they can post, vote, comment on ideas, and partake in Pairwise voting through Spigit Mobile.The attached Spigit Mobile white paper provides additional detail.

How it Works

Spigit Mobile is designed to maximize idea contribution. Features and tasks that require heavy user input (such as administrative functions and tasks) are only accessible through a desktop browser. Spigit Mobile supports only the latest version of Spigit.

Most Current Updates and Fixes

Tablet Default View

When accessing any Spigit site from a tablet device, Spigit will automatically detect Default tablet view set to desktop.

Mobile Search Ideas

We have now implemented the search bar within the mobile experience. When accessing ‘See All’ from the challenge homepage, users will now see the search bar situated at the top of the page.

Full Idea Display

When accessing an idea in the mobile experience, the full idea content will display in a scrollable section rather than utilizing an ‘expand’ type option. This means that there is greater consistency between the desktop and mobile display.

Language Option

If an end user wishes to view Spigit in a different language, the preference is now stored with the profile which means that the language they select will follow them throughout the mobile experience, preventing the need to reselect at the challenge level.

Idea Image Full Width

The idea tile will now display the full width of the page in all appearances of idea lists and idea tiles. To access an idea, simply tap the idea image. All idea details are now shown within the idea page, including the progress bar and statistics.