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August/September 2022 Release Notes

TeamTap Release Notes

August 24, 2022

Tap Home

Following a report from a client, we have investigated and resolved an issue that caused Tap Home to display the message "No Taps match your selected filter" while it loaded, falsely indicating to the user that there were no taps.

We have remediated the issue by ensuring that for a user who first goes to Tap Home, the messages "No Taps have been created" and "No Taps match your selected filter" are not displayed while Tap Home is loading.

August 5, 2022


Having the ability to notify Tap and Response owners of content updates is a key use case within TeamTap. We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new notification service which will integrate with TeamTap to provide contextual email notifications to TeamTap users.

While this is the initial rollout of the larger service (it will be a crucial component of our NextGen product starting later in 2022), we are focusing this release on TeamTap and a specific set of notification triggers. In this release, emails will be sent in the following circumstances: 

  • To Tap Owner when a Response is posted to the Tap 
  • To Response Owner when a Comment is posted to the Response 
  • To Responders when a Tap they Responded to is closed 

The emails are designed to be simple and intuitive, offering the user a standard experience within the content that allows them to click a deep link which takes the user back to the content upon login.

New TT Notifications SS.png

Figure 1 - Example of an email sent to a Tap owner upon a Response being posted

The emails are all sent from and are non-configurable through the usual IdeaPlace Administration pages. This is by design as we seek to standardize and simplify the user experience around notifications. You may wish to inform your IT team with regard to the new email domain that we will be using, to avoid any blocking.

Tap Home

We have implemented an auto refresh for a scenario where Taps failed to load when accessing the page. This means that the page will autodetect the error and reload until it presents Taps.

Ordering of Comments

Following some user feedback, we have made a change to the comment ordering thread. This means that they will now display in a "newest to last" order rather than the "last to newest", which had been the case. This also means that when entering a comment, your comment is posted to the thread in the correct order.

Filter Panel

We have updated the filter panel to ensure that it works with localization components in web browsers. This specifically applies to non-US calendar options where months and days are switched around.