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Planview Customer Success Center

Sunsetting Support for Legacy Excel Reports


Following the migration to Microsoft Power BI Embedded in 2020, we are continuing to evaluate our analytics capabilities this year. One area that we are constantly assessing feedback upon is Excel-based reporting and specifically the ability to build out custom Excel-based reports and leverage the data model in a more flexible manner.

We have noted that during the migration from GoodData to Power BI, we received excellent feedback from many clients whose primary requirements remain the ability to leverage Excel-based reports. While this can be achieved through both Power BI Embedded and Desktop, we have now added a direct Excel connector to the Planview IdeaPlace application. This permits customized Excel reports to be configured by using the Excel PivotTables functionality.

The capabilities now being offered through Power BI Embedded, OData connections, and the Excel connector exceed what had previously only been available through the Reports page within the IdeaPlace application. Providing the capability for self-service Excel reports has been a key requirement for some time and now that we have this available, we will be ceasing support for Excel Reports in IdeaPlace as of April 30th 2021.

What does this mean?

This means that our Customer Care team will no longer accept tickets relating to:

  1. Requests to change any existing Excel report that is available on the Reports page within IdeaPlace.
  2. No new reports will be loaded by Customer Care into the Reports page after this time.




Any existing reports will remain available on the Reports page. The Reports page will remain available so that you can continue to use any report that you may require.