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Planview IdeaPlace Master PBIX Files


Following the rollout of the OData connector for Microsoft Power BI Desktop, we are making available our core idea-based model as well as some standard visualizations. The following article describes how you can use them, when you have connected your Power BI Desktop to IdeaPlace.

Master Power BI File

We understand that programs are seeking deeper analytics and visualization capabilities to demonstrate value and progress. We want to provide a varied data experience, connecting Planview IdeaPlace to the tools that users are familiar with, meaning that you can focus on the data and not the application. 

The IdeaPlace application leverages a single idea-centric model that is built upon our standard fields. This model is known as the SpigitModel in the embedded Power BI solution and houses a number of reports and visualizations that ship with the IdeaPlace application. This model provides an excellent basis for users that are familiar with Power BI to begin customizing independently.

Customizing the Master File

The master PBIX file (SpigitModel) is representative of the version shipped in the IdeaPlace application in January 2021. The fields, measures, and relationships are described in detail in here. The underlying relationships are built upon the data we hold and then ETL through the OData connection, which means that there will not be frequent updates to this downloadable file. When a refresh is required, the version of the PBIX will be indicated here.

Steps to Download

The file below is shipped with demonstration data in it and therefore requires that users open it and then authenticate with their IdeaPlace application in order to see their own data.

Please follow these steps:

  1. In order to begin, download this PBIX (Power BI file).
  2. Locate the file locally on your computer (downloads folder) and open it.
  3. Once the file loads, you will see an SpigitModel with "blank" displayed throughout the visualizations.
  4. Now follow the steps to authenticate that are listed here.
  5. Once the authentication is in place, the data can be refreshed and the SpigitModel will now show the data from your IdeaPlace application.

Scope of Support

Once the file is downloaded, the user is responsible for maintaining and supporting the model (measures, relationships, etc.) on their Power BI Desktop application. Planview will only provide support for:

  • The OData connector itself which specifically relates to the Power BI connector for Planview IdeaPlace.
  • The refreshing of data against an unchanged SpigitModel.


Should you require services to support your analytics and visualization work, please contact the customer care team who be happy to connect you with our Global Reporting Services team.