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Idea Tracking/Idea Closure Form


Tracking value that is obtained from your program is vitally important. Having the ability to easily display estimated results and to track ideas being implemented is key to the success of any innovation team.

Value tracking begins with the decisions made at the end of a challenge or campaign. These decisions are based on crowd prioritization, expert opinion, and estimated impact. Often, they are the culmination of weeks (and sometimes months) of effort. Our idea tracking feature seeks to capture the decisions made, as well as the estimated impact of ideas that are selected for further development. These impact estimates are then carried forward to our business intelligence dashboards, allowing you to track all of your selected ideas.

How it Works

The Idea Closure form includes a customizable set of questions designed to capture the estimated impact of each idea that is closed. The closure form comes with the following questions as standard:

  • Was the Idea Selected?*
  • What is the Primary annual Impact?*
  • Quantify based upon your selection*
  • What will the next steps be?*

The form can also be modified with our Idea Closure Template, accessible from Administration > Idea Management > Idea Closure Template.

The Idea Closure Template features a drag-and-drop builder, similar to the Idea Template builder, so you can tailor your Idea Closure Form to match the needs of each challenge.

ideaclosuretemplate (1).jpg


Planview IdeaPlace’s flexibility carries forward into our reporting tools, where you can capture any custom fields you’ve added via the template editor for tracking impact and value.



The following standard fields cannot be removed from the tracking form: Was the idea selected?, Impact?, Next Steps for this Idea?

CloseThisIdea (1).jpg



See the following video for a walk-through of the functionality of the Idea Closure Template.





Idea closure is available within each idea rather than through a bulk closure panel.





Closed and Archived Challenges - Display Order

When viewing Closed and Archived Challenges on the AppHome or SiteChallenges pages, they will display in the order of "most recently closed"'. This is based upon feedback from client end users. 

Idea Closure Form - Closing an Idea as Unsuccessful

When closing an idea as unsuccessful you will not be required to complete the custom fields.

Idea Closure Form Fields

The primary Impact field on the Idea Closure form field is mandatory but can now be added to with additional reasons. The three core fields of cost, revenue and time remain fixed and cannot be deleted. The  "Quantify based on your Selection" in relation to the primary impact field can be removed.



Q. Can I elect to not update the mandatory fields when closing an idea as unsuccessful?

A. Yes. If you wish to close ideas as unsuccessful without including the required close form fields, you may use the Bulk Actions feature. The Close Idea form can then be bypassed. 

Q. Can ideas be reopened after closure?

A. Yes, a Super Administrator can reopen closed ideas, as an option on their Control Panel. (Administrators cannot.)

Q. Can the idea closure form be edited after the idea has been closed?

A. Yes, the idea closure form can be edited after an idea is closed. Simply update the idea closure template, then reopen the idea you wish to change. Once ready, closing the idea again will prompt you for the new fields.