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How to Bookmark a Tap


The  bookmark feature is accessible from the TeamTap Home page as a Tap filter. This feature allows you to bookmark (save) a specific Tap for reviewing later.

Bookmarks are personal to each user and store against the user account. Each user will see their bookmark history represented as a count against a filter.

Fig 1 - Bookmark Filter.png

Figure 1 - Bookmark Filter and Count


How to Add a Bookmark

A user can add a bookmark in two ways. First, a user can add the bookmark from the TeamTap Home page by clicking the bookmark icon on any Tap tile (located in the top right corner).

Fig 2 - Tap Tile Unbookmarked.png

Figure 2 - Bookmark Icon on Tap Tile (Upper Right)


Alternatively, a bookmark can be added when viewing a Tap details page. This is in the top right corner of each Tap page.

Fig 3 - Unbookmarked Tap Page.png

Figure 3 - Tap Details Bookmark Icon


In either scenario, a Tap is bookmarked by clicking the bookmark icon. The icon will turn grey, and a toast message will appear.

Fig 4 - Bookmark Added Toast.png

Figure 4 - Bookmark Saved Message


How to Remove a Bookmark

Bookmarks can be removed from Tap Home and the Tap details page when filtering by any filter (other than Bookmarks). To remove a bookmark, a user simply must click the icon of any previously bookmarked Tap. This can again be performed from the TeamTap Home page or the Tap details page. A toast message will appear to confirm removal.

Fig 5 - Removed Bookmark Toast.png

Figure 5 - Removed Bookmark Message