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4.4.2 Release Notes

Desktop Fixes


This section details all of the fixes that have been delivered as part of the release, along with the scenario in which they presented themselves prior to being fixed.


Challenge Creation – Behaviour had been observed whereby clicking the Create Challenge button more than once would cause the site the produce an “oops error”. This issue has been tracked down and resolved.

Challenge Layout – During an investigation, we replicated an issue whereby a change to a live challenge would revert the layout of the Overview page if it was not using the default layout or editable widget layout. This was caused by a cache issue and has now been resolved.

Additional Notes

During this release we have been working on enhancements to our API and event capture (eventing) model which supports our Restful API calls around idea details API calls. There is no requirement to re-work any API integrations that use the these calls.

In addition to this, we have been implementing some additional automated test capabilities into the product to support our fortnightly release process.

Supported Browsers

The application supports the following browsers in the 4.4.2 version:

Firefox – 72,

Chrome - 80, 

Safari – 13 for both OS Catalina & Mojave

IE11 – Latest version

MS Edge – Version 18 for Windows 10 Pro & Enterprise 


Safari for iOS, Chrome on Android. Please note that Private Browsing or Incognito Mode is not supported on a Mobile Browser.

Supported Languages

The following languages are supported as “Tier 1” or out of the box. A full translation of the user interface is available with this release in the following languages:

English (United States)

French (France)

Spanish (Latin America)

Spanish (Spain)

Russian (Russia)

Chinese (China)

German (Germany)

English (United Kingdom)

Portuguese (Brazil)

Japanese (Japan)

Arabic (Saudi Arabia)

See the attached 4.4.2 Release Notes PDF.