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Planview Customer Success Center

June/July 2021 Release Notes

Advanced Filter User Attributes

Filtering by User Attribute – User attributes that have not been marked as "visible" are appearing in the User Attribute filter within the User Management page of Administration. This was being caused by a caching issue which has now been resolved. The resolution means that any user attribute that was not marked as "visible" will not be displayed in the section.

Advanced Search Date Range Selection

Filtering by Date Range – When using the date range selector on the advanced search pop up, the entered range did not return results on the View Ideas page. We have investigated the issue with the date range filter and resolved it, meaning that the feature now works with all other advanced search options.


Task Deletion Creates ‘Null’ Date – Having received reports that task completion dates were appearing as "null" in Power BI reports, we have investigated the root cause. We have discovered that this was caused by the manual deletion of a live task.


If a task was created that includes two reviews for an idea and the second review was deleted prior to it being completed, the completion date would not populate for the first review, once completed.

We have now implemented a fix which will register a completed date irrespective of the review deletion activity.

Deleting Reviews in Graduation Settings - We have implemented a fix to an issue that saw reviews not being fully deleted despite their removal on the graduation settings page. The fix means that if a review is deleted in Graduation Settings, the review will not be assigned to ideas, and it will not be present in the database.