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Guided Challenge


Your first challenge will usually be a Guided Challenge, performed with the assistance of your Planview IdeaPlace Customer Success specialist. See the attached Guided Challenge Blueprint Example. Additional Resources include Guided Challenge Moderator Training and Guided Challenge Expert Training.



Q. I've always been a bit unsure how to interpret the Participant Engagement factor of # of Votes. 

  • In the blueprint attached to this article, # of Votes = 250. 
  • With # of ideas as 37.5, that's about 6 votes average per idea.  
  • The blueprint also indicates about 100 voters, which is an average of 2.5 votes per votes.  

All of that seems really low for a crowd of 1000, but I want to use your experience as we move to these bigger crowds.  Is it truly your experience that a crowd of 1000 only votes in total 250 votes?

A. We have set the bar a bit lower than normal for the blueprint as this is typically a FIRST challenge target.