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Planview Customer Success Center

Overview: My Inbox

The Planview IdeaPlace Inbox is great way to keep up to date with notifications, messages and tasks while you are working inside IdeaPlace. The inbox itself receives messages that follow the same format as the email templates that the system sends within a challenge.

The inbox, as a rule, is updated immediately when any email is sent, irrespective of an individual user's email preferences. Given the subtle nature of the inbox, it allows for more of a self-service approach to platform communication rather than a firmer email approach.

The key benefits of the inbox are:

  • The inbox offers access to platform communication, no matter where you are within the IdeaPlace platform.
  • The inbox tracks not only communication but also tasks. These tasks can be accessed from any challenge using the inbox Tasks tab.
  • A notification bubble attracts attention to any new notifications, messages, and tasks that a user receives.
  • The inbox itself can act as a type of activity stream for each user. It works well to summarize the My Stuff and Following tabs inside one Notification tab.



While emails and inbox content may be linked to the same templates, turning off platform email will not affect inbox notifications. They are designed to operate independently of one another.

Reading an email in your inbox will not remove the notification inside IdeaPlace for the same notification. They, again, operate independently.

The Summary of your Activities email is a compilation of other email templates, generated when a user's email preferences are set to Daily. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does setting instance-wide email frequency affect the inbox?

A. No. Setting IdeaPlace email frequency for all users to say, weekly, will not restrict or prevent notifications from appearing inside the inbox.


Q. Do the same notifications appear in the inbox, no matter which community or challenge I am logged into?

A. Yes. The notifications are global and represent notifications happening across all challenges and communities that an individual user has access to.


Q. Does the inbox adopt site-level permissions for accessing links?

A. Yes. The links contained in the notifications are inherently linked to the permissions set for Challenge, Category, Idea, Comments and task levels.