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Setting Review Templates/Forms as Graduation Criteria


Review Templates/Forms can function as thresholds for idea graduation. The current release calls them Review Forms.

How to Set a Review Template/Form as a Graduation Criteria

1. From the Administration page, click Idea Management > Graduation Workflow.

grad (1).jpg

2. Select the stage for which you are setting graduation criteria.

3. Scroll down to the Review section.


4. Click +Review to add a new review requirement to graduation thresholds.

5. Enter a number in the Count/Review Count field.

6. Optionally, set a due date period. This is the number of days from when the idea reaches this stage that the criteria is due to be completed.

7. Select a Review Template/Review Form from the drop down menu.

8. Designate the Role or Roles required to fill out the form.

  • To select multiple roles, use the <Ctrl> and <Shift> keys while selecting roles. Use the<Shift> key to select multiple contiguous roles, and the <Ctrl> key to select multiple non-contiguous roles.

    Note that permission to post a given review may include other Roles besides the designated Role, but the task is only considered complete when the designated Role(s) post the review. The default value is Administrator.

  • Click Update to store your changes.



If you change the weight of the review criteria after tasks have been assigned, the incomplete reviews will pick up the new criteria. The completed tasks will have to be redone to pick up the new values.