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What is IdeaPlace?


IdeaPlace is an Innovation Management platform that provides an ideation solution for crowdsourcing winning ideas. This occurs through an Innovation Event; either a corporate challenge that may or may not be time-bound, or a smaller-scaled Tap, via IdeaPlace's TeamTap module.

What does this all mean?

You, the end user, are part of a community that will be asked to provide ideas to solve a problem, posed by a question. For example...


Fig 1 - A Challenge and its various counters, icons, and idea entry field

It's fun!

You can even use IdeaPlace and TeamTap on your smart phone. Here's more information on IdeaPlace Mobile and TeamTap Mobile.

You'll get to comment on and vote on others' ideas, using IdeaPlace's Pairwise, Star Rating, Like, and Comment features. IdeaPlace's gamification lets you track which idea is winning on leaderboards. And, if enabled, you can even buy and sell stock on ideas, using IdeaPlace currency (redeemed for prizes). You can also use IdeaPlace 's Prediction feature to guess what it would take (time and money) to make your idea happen!

What's in it for me?

When the winning idea is chosen, its originator can be rewarded with various incentives such as an Amazon gift certificate, lunch with the CEO and a chance to move one's career forward, and more!

OK, how does it work?

Each challenge is composed of several stages. Your idea needs to meet certain requirements before graduating to the next stage. These requirements are preset by the IdeaPlace Administrator. Once a critical number of ideas accumulate and pass these requirements, voting begins. Pairwise comparison voting allows you to express your preferences for different ideas through iterative idea comparisons. 

If you want to jump right in and see all the nuts and bolts, here's how to Participate in a Challenge. But you might want to see Professor IdeaPlace's two short videos below first to get a full view of what you can do with IdeaPlace.

Professor IdeaPlace's videos on Pairwise and Predictions

Professor IdeaPlace explains Pairwise in the video below. 




Professor IdeaPlace explains Predictions in the video below. 



Next Steps

What Makes a Good Idea? Duration 2 min.


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