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Idea Expiration


Planview IdeaPlace can be configured to automatically close ideas after a set period of time. This is commonly used with longer term challenges (such as Always On Challenges) where many ideas need to be managed on an ongoing basis without administrative intervention. 



If ideas that were expired are reopened, the expiration clock resets to a new time counter.


How it Works

Ideas are configured to expire after X days in a particular stage. Reminder emails are configured to be sent to the idea owner and additional roles if needed, X days ahead of expiration. If an idea graduates to the next stage, a new timer is started, and the number of days can be configured separately from the previous stage. When an idea expires, it will be closed and moved to the last stage. In that case, owners and selected roles will be notified via configurable email templates.  

How to Configure Idea Expiration

  1. A ticket must be submitted to the IdeaPlace Support team to enable Idea Expiration.
  2. Navigate to the Idea Management page and configure the Expiry Notification Roles, adding the Role IDs for those who should receive the automated emails titled: Idea Expires in {N} Days Notice and Idea Expiration Notice. By default, the idea owner will receive these emails unless you enter a "-2" in this field.
  3. Configure the Idea Expiry Due Period by setting the number of days prior to ideas expiring, you want the Idea Expires in {N} Days Notice email template to be generated and sent to the indicated roles. For example, if ideas will expire in 30 days per stage, and you want the reminder email to be sent 7 days prior to the idea expiring, you would set the Idea Expiry Due Period to 7 days.
  4. Next, determine the number of days, per stage, after which ideas will expire. Days are entered into the fields under the Idea Expiry Duration: configuration, starting with the first active stage on the top field. You may add additional fields if needed. If an idea graduates to a new stage, the timer is reset and begins counting again based on the configuration for that stage. For example, if I want ideas to expire 45 days if they remain in any single stage, I would set all fields (1 per active stage) to 45. 
  5. Navigate to the following email templates and customize the content if desired: 
    1. Idea Closed Unsuccessfully Notice (sent when the idea expires).
    2. Idea Expires in {N} Days Notice (sent when due period minus expiry duration is met).
    3. Idea Expiration Notice (sent when the idea expires).